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PIC UNRELATED (See bottom.) This is a shot in the dark since I don't have any pictures from it.

I'm leaning toward it having been a game, but I am by no means certain of that.

I remember that it involved an unseen guy and two "catgirls."

I also remember how it wasn't apparent from just looking at one picture in particular, but it slipped by unnoticed to a LOT of people that one of the "catgirls" was actually a boy. I don't think they were from anything so that's why I'm thinking it was a game.

I'm pretty sure there was more than one pic, (Had to be if it was a game I suppose!) but the one I think I remember involved the guy getting a blowjob from one or both of them. One of them could have been doing something else, my memory is fuzzy on this point.

Pic unrelated except in that without additional knowledge of the source you can't be sure what genders are involved.

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