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Been looking for a specific loli comic and I figured this would be a good place to check. It was released some time ago so it's hard for me to find.

Plot goes like this: Two girls visit a boy they like to celebrate his birthday, thing is, the girls hate each others guts. Everything goes alright until the more assertive girl starts flirting with the boy. The second girl starts to restrain her, they fight and first girl gets cake all over her. She starts to take her clothes off, second girl gets jealous and does the same and they keep trying to one up each other to get the boy's attention. Gets to the point where they're both naked and the first girl demands the boy make a choice on who to have sex with. Boy can't decide so he does them both at the same time. Big climax is when the two girls pussy rub the boy. Next day, girls are on their way to school and decide to call a truce for the sake of the boy's affections. Both get super pissed once they realize the boy has the hots for their homeroom teacher.

That's all the info I have; don't have a title or artist. Hope you guys can help.

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