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I just finished reading the manga and it was pretty good. The only thing that bothered me was how Megu actually died at the end. It was pretty sad because I really thought she was going to change and find hope to keep on living. But that didn't happen :(
Also, call me weird but why do the dolls have "female parts"? It was pretty shocking for me to see that a doll has an actual vagina in some of the chapters. I believe in the anime, they didn't have any...well idk, its not like I pay attention to details like that in the anime. ._.

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I would've liked Megu to have lived too but since she ended up getting so little focus overall (before the endgame especially) it left her with so little time to develop for the better. I feel like Suigintou was going to help her had more time been spent between them but the whole kidnapping thing threw a wrench into that. Honestly, I think it was Peach-Pit having way too many characters to have to write about that made them take the death route with Megu. Disappointing, but understandable.
I know what you're talking about on the "female parts" thing but I really feel the need to correct your terminology. The vagina is an internal organ, the part you're referring to is the labia. Personally I have no strong feelings on it. It's just a faint indication of the labia, a design choice even real life ball-jointed female dolls will sometimes have. Depends on how anatomically correct looking the artist wants the doll.

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Yeah I was also really bothered about Megu dying at the end. Like the other poster, I think Suigintou was going to help Megu. Feels like Suigintou never got the happy ending she deserved with a master who cared about her. Suigintou getting revived after she promised to be with Megu in death also seemed a little cruel.

I'm hoping we'd get a continuation that would show us how Suigintou copes in the long run (she'll likely be fine I suppose), but I guess it will be a while before we see anything like that since we've got RM Zero now which is a prequel.

I think that the indication of labia (again like the other poster said, it's not their vagina) is pretty normal. Some real life dolls have that indication, just like some male dolls will have a slight bulge indicated on the front. I think even kids' barbie dolls have that.

Glad you liked the manga, hope you enjoy your stay here desu

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>Suigintou getting revived after she promised to be with Megu in death also seemed a little cruel

That's actually a really interesting point that I've never seen brought up in discussions about Megu and Suigintou's relationship. Granted, none of them consented to being revived, but yeah I could see Suigintou having issue with it.

>it will be a while before we see anything like that since we've got RM Zero now which is a prequel.

I think everyone was expecting a prequel when it was announced because of the 0 in the title but views have changed since. We found out that the 0 in the title was actually in reference to a previously unknown character. There's also been a lot of strange tidbits that do not work if this story is a prequel such as Souseiseki being familiar with the name Yuibishi, Suigintou's personality not being like the ice queen she was in the first manga, and this whole "find Shinku" plotpoint feeling awfully similar to the set-up at the end of the second manga among other oddities. It's not officially confirmed what it is, so I think it's likely to be another stealth sequel.

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Honestly, I am actually glad Megu died. I would prefer that over whatever ass-pull they would have to cure her. Like I'm sorry Suigintou, but replacing a human heart with a stone, no matter how magical, is not a good idea please take a biology class. And having Jun do stuff to cure her would have feel like being in bad taste.
BUT, having Suigintou do the finishing blow to her was a bit much. Having them live together and enjoy what little life Megu had left, would have been much nicer. Our little crow of a doll is kinda just becoming PP's despair cushion to keep the other dolls from being sad unfortunately.

As for the labia, eh, Rozen is a master doll maker it would be weirder if he didn't include it. At least the only time we see it is on headless bodies so it doesn't feel like an attempt to sexualize or give fan-service.

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Damn i thought this manga was gonna get all freaky at some point but i guess i was wrong....RIP Lol

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