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It's finally ending after all

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Well that's something I didn't expect.

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Well, it doesn't say the series is over, just 0, so there's always hope. after 7 years of wait for season 3, hope never dies for more Rozen Maiden

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If a new Rozen Maiden manga appears it could probably even become anime and revive the fandom for at least the next 5 years

Sometimes I wonder how optimistic I can become when the talk is about RM

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File: 1552977810150.png -(275.0 KiB, 362x629) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

it may be over, however i will still have hope for some sort of new release, even without i feel the fanbase will live on, patiently waiting or just keeping spirits high.

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did Megu died?

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This last bonus chapter was nice. it was strange seeing Kira and Shinku appearing at the same time.


I want a S3, but i can't see of where they can take the series.

They left S2 in a weird place. With the Alice game concluded, there's no more doll conflict. And with a happy Jun wanting to go to Africa to get rocks to make a new Rosa Mystica. If they pick up RM3 there an African setting won't suit rozen maiden well.

It would have been nice if they had ended RM2 with a bitter sweet ending, and left out the whole open ended african rocks thing. Having an unwound Jun with a useless doll would have been a nice touch. Having the reader wonder if he was imagining it the whole time due to severe social isolation would have more of a punch to it.

Rozen Maiden works well with an underlying physiological void that the themes are extracted from. Having RM3 start fresh, or a spin off, would mean they could take more creative liberties. They could have Jun making dolls of his own, and this could be the basis of the next series.

Or a massive fuck you volume where they start killing off more dolls.

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interesting views. i think they could expand a bit more on the metaphysical topics of the series. all this about n-fields, the laplace demon etc. these things have always been just taken as granted and that's it. well but it will take aeons, if it should ever happen. if at all, they will first make an anime of the rest, then some day an anime about 0, maybe then a continuation.

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I used to really want a conclusion to the main manga, but as you've said, it left off on a strange place. The most they could answer with it is if Jun succeeds in making Shinku a new Rosa Mystica. Although, I suppose, they could also get into what the humans did after the game ended and what exactly the dolls are doing now that the game is over. Overall, it had a good run and I can at least imagine what ended up happening. If the bonus chapter is to be interpreted this way, then it seems Jun did make Shinku a new Rosa Mystica after all.

However, and I won't get into it much due to translations being behind so I do not want to spoil much for anyone, but I think between the manga continuities I would rather RM0 get a new manga. RM0 is apparently a prequel but so many of the details contradict what happens later on in the main manga. I would like if Peach-Pit could at least better connect it to the timeline, new manga or not, because as it stands right now, you can skip reading RM0 and miss out on literally nothing relevant to the manga later on.

>an African setting won't suit rozen maiden well

I disagree. We've already had some fairly strange settings happen: 1920's Japan (Rozen Maiden 0), 1890's Britain (Rot-Schwarz lightnovel, although this is an estimation), and late 1500's Holy Roman Empire (Zwillinge lightnovel, an estimation as well). Peach-Pit could totally do a modern day African setting and still have it be the introverted Rozen Maiden that we know if they wanted to.

>Having RM3 start fresh, or a spin off, would mean they could take more creative liberties. They could have Jun making dolls of his own, and this could be the basis of the next series.

This would be good. The only issue I can think of with Jun making his own dolls is Peach-Pit's inability of not being able to handle having large casts well. The modern era already has the largest cast and having more characters while also catching up with the old would make events slow, I think. Although, a fresh start would probably be better in the long run since it could bring in new fans.

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I bought the two novels, though i don't speak moon speak. I hope to scan them and translate them.

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