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> Suigintou SS is a band from Brooklyn, New York by a man who goes under the pseudonym 'Kirakishou'. They play a style of Black/Death Metal in the vein of VON and Mortician. This band is full on Rozen Maiden worship.

Does anyone have any albums by this band beside "Devastation for Suigintou"?

You can download said album there: https://yadi.sk/d/Kng5dY8uLIeKqQ

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You probably have to go make a request to a Doujin Music Community. Some of them shut down their forums and moved to Discord though.

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Not OP but I looked there and a few other places I know and no luck.

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There are Doujin Music websites like DoujinStyle where you can make a request and you just have to wait until someone responds but there is also the chance that nobody ever responds to your request.

If all else fails, you probably have to go to another imageboard like 4chan since that is the only other website I can think off, that at least still remembers Rozen Maiden and still has the occasional Rozen Maiden thread.

Either the Rozen Maiden fans on /a/ might help you or the Touhou Project fans on /jp/ since those are the only two groups on 4chan who would ever bother downloading Rozen Maiden music in the distant past and may have heard of this Suigintou SS rock band.

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There is another option if all else fails. If someone has an account on Redacted.ch they could always look and if it’s not there then request it. Unfortunately I’m not on that private tracker myself, but if OP is absolutely determined and nobody has an account with them he could always take the interview.

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If you're still interested I still might be able to get hold of these, I used to be in contact with the dude who made this; this would have been way easier if I checked this board when this was posted.

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