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I recently had my heart broken by my ex girlfriend. It was mutual since she is going to the Navy in 2 months. I felt like trash for the past 4 days and I couldn't get over it. She was my first ever girlfriend. I am actually "good" looking to some girls due to my toned body but I never had any type of relationship before in my life. I am 20 years old right now and I am completely shy when it comes to socializing. Again, I was heart broken and felt like dying.

However, I came across this anime again and this was my childhood. I remember watching this with my relatives every Friday night after school where we would order pizza and wings. Those were good memories. I started binge watching Rozen Maiden and it actually cheered me up from Hinaichigo's upbeat/positive attitude to Shinku's determination/nobility. "To live is too fight. Is that not true?" -shinku
Those words had hit me hard. It made me realized that we all go through tough times in our lives and we can't change that. The only thing we can change is how we react to it. I seriously love this anime.
Who would have thought that this anime would have ended up saving my life? (Yes, I was considering ending my life for 2 days after the break up but don't worry..I am not anymore :D).
Just want everyone to know that don't give up in life no matter what happens. Just keep on fighting as you live on.

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Original Poster here
Thanks everyone!
Its not like we broke up because we lost interest in each other... in fact, we both confessed that we deeply loved each other. However, with her going to the navy for 8 years its wasn't going to work out. It hurts that we love each other but its pointless since we can't have each other. Its like a forbidden love... a love that we both could never have with each other. it still hurts as of right now, but I am glad that our relationship ended on good but unfortunate terms. We both agreed to leave our love to the hand of fate. If fate brings us together in the future, then its true love. If fate doesn't bring us together, then I am fine with that... it just wasn't meant to be.

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