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File: 1271179604641.jpg -(239.8 KiB, 700x933) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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So conversation has been whirling about on IRC about how to improve Desuchan. Whether or not you think that the quality of the site has been getting better or worse lately, all of us can probably agree that we could handle more traffic (which, hopefully, would translate to more donations/ad revenue, etc--but that's secondary to the point).

All of us have good ideas for boards to add or remove (we've gone over that thread before-->>71), and we have /sandbox/ to try out new ideas. This thread is for more than just board suggestions though; what we're wondering, more generally, is: how can we make Desuchan a more attractive site, and a worthy alternative to the major/minor *chans out there (4chan, 7chan, 420chan, 2chan, whatever else)?

Questions to ask:

  • Who makes up our current userbase? What sort of niches/groups should we be targeting?
  • What are our current offerings (boards, irc, radio/tv) providing to our userbase? Are there ways we could improve and develop these offerings to better meet the needs of our userbase?
  • What are our strengths as an online community? How can we capitalize on them? What are our weaknesses? How can we compensate for or get past them?

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>Are there ways we could improve and develop these offerings to better meet the needs of our userbase?

I know this has been suggested tons of times before, but how about an actual board for discussions about our radio and tv channels. Could help Desuchan and get rid of all the threads about it already too.
I mean, how many chans have their own tv channels and radio station?

Last edited 10/04/13(Tue)20:43.

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ATTN: Weedy
I did not pay him to post that.

Besides that, A few words about strengths and weaknesses: a lot of people on IRC have been noting how popular /tr/ has become, so much so that Desuchan seems to have become a go-to destination for traps among *chans. Whether or not any of us likes traps, that's a pretty big strength; maybe one thing we need to do is support /tr/ and make it easier for people to find it, even reaching out to other online communities to make sure they know of /tr/ and are taking part in discussions there.

Conversely, a lot of people have noted how /rp/ seems to have fallen into relative disuse in the past couple of years. Again, whether or not you like RP, that then becomes a weakness we have to intelligently consider: Why are less RPers coming? Where are they going instead? How should we deal with it--try and recover the lost audience, or give up and focus on a more rewarding demographic?

Last edited 10/04/13(Tue)21:08.

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File: 1271187170373.png -(96.7 KiB, 200x339) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

May I say something? I can see why advertising our trap board is good for business, but it's BECAUSE we have a trap board that "normal" people don't want to come here. Just sayin'.

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File: 1271203382336.jpg -(32.1 KiB, 640x602) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hopefully I can contribute some thoughts on this.

Been around since that shitstorm in late-07 now and I still rarely bother to tune in or get involved with tv/radio. It needs to be clearer and easily accessible for new users. Broadcasting timetables and such shouldn't be on a different board.

As for niches and userbases. It should be pretty obvious. Moar dolljoints. That's our thing... so the latest /do/ bashing I've seen around lately is pretty stupid.

As for the /tr/ board. I see no reason why it should be deleted or why it would cause problems. If it attracts users, that's cool as long as they keep to that board and don't spread any cancer. If any particular board isnt to a user's liking... he isn't forced to view it.

TL;DR: more dolljoints, no e-drama

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My opinion is that the quality of users is more important than the quantity.

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File: 1271251624368.gif -(662.5 KiB, 426x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Though that statement alone is pretty vague if you don't follow up with some form of explanation as to what qualifies as a "quality member".

My interpretation would be that a quality member would be one who regularly contributes and engages with the other members on the board. Is willing to donate and support administration of the board and doesnt get butthurt by other people's interests.

Quality does not equal actively trying to drive people away and trying to appear "cool".

>> No.1330   [Delete]   [Edit]

The thing with Desuchan is that most of us are former trolls who've grown beyond trolling and now look at the /b/internet with disdain. Or something like that's what I gather anyway.

Like, in /ot/, someone will post a meme from /b/ or 4chan or whatever, and someone will promptly call them a faggot. I agree, of course, but that's not exactly the friendliest way to greet the obvious new comer.

So... I know every *chan has one, but what about a /b/? Seperate from /ot/.

Also, you should have a link somewhere in /irc/ that will open up in IRC clients, rather than the java, that way lazy people with mIRC/whatever have less work to do.

Something that'll attract members to desuchan is the friggin' huge variety of boards to choose from. However, this will only work if each board is active. No matter how many people go 'oh, cool, a /lit/ board', no one's gonna stay and check every day for new posts when it's at like, what? A post a week/month? That's why /tr/ is successful. /tr/ has a community. Or it did, I got bored with /tr/ after they got into the RL traps a little too much.

But uh... There's no real way to fix that except to post, I guess.

As for this being a Rozen Maiden board, we've obviously kind of grown past that. Sure, back in 2007 we were a Rozen Maiden board. Most active boards were the doll boards and /ot/. You may have noticed, though, that Rozen Maiden is dead. And if we were a Rozen Maiden board, we'd be dead too. We're what we are now because of, mainly, three things:

  1. We're a Meme.
  2. We have a lot of faggots sticking around for the long run, i.e. /irc/fags. Our IRC is really the only reason I stayed past like... early 2008, however spotty my appearance has been lately.
  3. We're our own *chan.

Now, you might say that being our own *chan entails trying different things from 4ch, 7ch, etc, but it really doesn't. We have an off-topic board. We have an /a/. We have Oekaki, Media, Request, hell even Wallpapers. Why? Because those boards are what *chans have. Look at, say, 1chan. You could say they're successful. They talk about trains a lot. But that's all they do. If we -really- wanted, we could be a Doll ONLY board and we'd be successful for what we're trying to do here, which is talk about dolls. But come on, no one really wants to hang out on a board dedicated to only one thing.

And, uh... That's about it I guess.

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File: 1271275784870.png -(69.3 KiB, 351x284) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I couldn't agree more about

>As for this being a Rozen Maiden board, we've obviously kind of grown past that.

We need to expand on what kind of user base we have and get publicity in the right places (i.e not attract trolls, etc). I wish I could provide better help...

>> No.1334   [Delete]   [Edit]
>Our strengths as an online community

Our userbase is very diverse in interests, passions and ideologies. We've got people interested in lolis, traps, video games of all genres, dolls, figurines, Touhou, et cetera. Desuchan has been offering niches for all of our users. However, this also leads to...

>Our weaknesses

...because we just can't get along with each other. I mean, users with a common interest in something will band together on one side, another set of users with a common ideology sits in another corner, and with no linkman for any of these so-called "cronies" to work together, we're faced with a lack of unity. Sure, we pride ourselves at being a community-based *chan, but we're faced with internal alliances here and there and sometimes it leads to animosity between these alliances.

We need to work out how we can defuse such animosity between alliances, and then unite Desuchan into a strong cohesive community-based *chan. Only then, we can all work out how we can improve Desuchan for the better.

>> No.1335   [Delete]   [Edit]

Desuchan : Come for the desu~, stay for the traps!


>As for this being a Rozen Maiden board, we've obviously kind of grown past that.

It's perhaps not on the same level as Cowboy Bebop, but RM will always find an audience, it definitely is unique. I found desuchan via 4chan desuspam, of course and then the anime/manga. So I think you'll always get some traffic in here for that, and I think it's a type of person that desuchan would want to attract.

That said, since it doesn't appear that Tales will ever get an anime, the board does lack an active focus, apart from /tr/. I actually think the /a/ board is a less 404-prone and less troll-filled version of 4chan's, although probably gets too little traffic now. desutv/radio is a good effort...but I have to say I tired of the endless fail of Failstream which made it difficult to watch without ending up with a rageface.

The other issue I would say is the definite sense that we have absentee landlords here; /sugg seem to take weeks to get noticed.

Anyway, tl;dr. Like any board, live and die by traffic - I personally would like to see more /a/ctivity, the discussion of the desutv airings would be better off there than in /ot, for example, since that is definitely on-topic for /a/.

Or we could just wait warmly for the inevitable next v& which seems to generate a lot of traffic for Hugachan at least....

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File: 1271341963243.jpg -(71.4 KiB, 750x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There have been some excellent points in this thread so far.

  1. Haters need to hate less, and learn to live/let live more.
  2. Link in navigation frame that opens IRC client to #desuchan <a href="irc://irc.irchighway.net/desuchan">Desuchan IRC</a>
  3. Specific board for desutv / desuradio (like /broadcast/ for instance)
  4. rather than /sandbox/ have the test boards appear as what they are going to be called, just with the link to them in the nav frame in /itallics/
  5. Consolidate some boards.

Since Rozen Maiden is dead (FFFUUUUUUU) to combine all the dollboards into /rm/ ... except of course we need to keep /desu/ seperate since this IS DESUchan.
This should result in more recent posts. /kanada/ hasn't seen traffic in quite a while ...

Also, I plan to start threads (not trolling threads, and not pure spamming threads) other places in an attempt to attract attention to Desuchan.

>> No.1337   [Delete]   [Edit]

Let's see....

I'll second Nameless' suggestion to start consolidating the Rozen Maiden boards.

We could do well to get more /touhou/ activity since the fanbase keeps growing exponentially.

Also seconding the multiple sandbox-board idea.

I suggest that we sandbox /tg/ - Traditional Games for one, because if we bring in some gamers we can set up games on IRC, and create a snowballing effect. Another good one to sandbox is an /irl/ - Adventures in Meatspace for when Desuchan gets up out of the basement and ventures outside. That's a large part of /ot/ right now anyway.

>> No.1338   [Delete]   [Edit]

Lots of awesome idears here.
I'll vouch for a /tg/ board. There seem to be enough supporters of The Emperor to make it work, at least. I'd be all for some board-run TRPG sessions too, if that would be at all possible.

Not much to say about the other boards, but obviously I have some stuff to say about /tr/.
I've been hearing more and more often lately complaints about RL traps. Multiple threads pop up despite efforts to keep it corralled in one thread to be hidden easily, and /cd/-like threads come about even though a few minutes on the board makes it obvious that's not what it's for. Yes, it has some minor cancer spots, but that doesn't make all of /tr/ a problem.

While I can't say I'd be a big supporter of the idea, I have to bring up the possibility of a /cd/ board, for consideration's sake. This would allow for a "purer" /tr/, and give an outlet for camwhores and the like. Obviously this could be just as much of a problem as it would be a benefit, but I think it's worth some debate.

>> No.1339   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1271460913367.png -(492.3 KiB, 639x545) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Obviously, we should spam 4chan!

Really, though, the suggestion regarding less intracommunity squabbles was a good one. Haters are gonna hate, but that can be dealt with. In the mean time, less hating on boards you don't like, fellow Desufags you don't like, and all that sort of thing would be a good idea.

A minor suggestion which sort of corresponds to the 'reduce the doll boards' thing would be to increase the presence of Desu. That way when people say "Why's it called DESUchan if there's only one RM board and it's shoved off in the sub-basement hot water room?" we can say "Well, we're all united by our love of DESU, you see." Or something like that.

Just redecorate the homepage with a red/green theme and lots of lace.

>> No.1341   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1271485585666.png -(522.1 KiB, 1252x1594) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

make an unique built in theme that no other chan has. pic is an example, it the one i use via user styles / stylish. If it is wanted, I can post the code. ( someone on desuchan made it a long time ago, inb4 the wipe and site death last year)

edit: ok, using photo shop for image stitching leaves invisible blank space. >.<

Last edited 10/04/17(Sat)09:31.

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File: 1271485960695.png -(317.3 KiB, 1252x594) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


example pic one

>> No.1343   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1271486015225.png -(139.8 KiB, 1250x580) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


example pic two

>> No.1344   [Delete]   [Edit]


Since Rozen Maiden is dead (FFFUUUUUUU) to combine all the dollboards into /rm/

how about no. leave the doll boards alone.


Last edited 10/04/18(Sun)10:44.

>> No.1345   [Delete]   [Edit]


Hey, that theme actually looks really good.
o.o I'm surprised. No eye-rape anywhere to be seen.

Eh I'm kinda torn on this honestly. The various Maiden boards seem to enjoy being seperate. Plus, imagine what a consolidated one would look like. D: And plus, people coming to this chan for the doll pix will rage at having to surf through one board for every doll.

This is only vaguely related, but 7ch's menu has the - and + thing goin' on. That could help now that we seem to have three more boards on top of our already kinda assfuck huge list. I never go to maiden ones anymore so a nice - button would (almost) eliminate my need to have an additional scroll bar.

That's only a minor annoyance, though.

>> No.1347   [Delete]   [Edit]


Compromise with /desu/ - Rozen Maiden

>> No.1348   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1271576875314.png -(7388 B, 166x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


a (+) and (-) would be fine, and it would make everyone happy.


>> No.1349   [Delete]   [Edit]


I was just now on 4chan's /g/ - Technology, and every thread is being flooded with Suigintou Pic's

Last edited 10/04/18(Sun)13:06.

>> No.1350   [Delete]   [Edit]
>consolidate RM boards

Then we're just an imageboard with a rozen
maiden board, not a rozen maiden imageboard. I don't see the point.

>> No.1351   [Delete]   [Edit]



>> No.1352   [Delete]   [Edit]

you know what we really need?
the ability to save images with there original file name, not a random number. like what 4chan has.

>> No.1353   [Delete]   [Edit]

Indeed. We already have a Touhou board AND a Higurashi/Umineko board. If we were to reduce Rozen Maiden to a single board, then Desuchan would be just as much about Rozen Maiden as Higurashi and Touhou, with only the name suggesting otherwise. And we do not see Pooshlmer turning from a Touhou board with RM elements to an all-out joint RM/Touhou board, for example. Rozen Maiden is part of this Imageboard's identity, and that is not something I'd want to see lost forever, since it was founded for Rozen Maiden fans, by Rozen Maiden fans.

>> No.1354   [Delete]   [Edit]

do not want your shitty naming system

>> No.1355   [Delete]   [Edit]

Great, then we'd be flooded with green_lex_luthor and all those other 'hilarious' misnamed reaction pics.

>> No.1356   [Delete]   [Edit]


OK FINE.....

I would like some of my Suigintou pic's have real names and not numbers.

(I just can't come up with names)

>> No.1357   [Delete]   [Edit]

Just sort them by subfolders.

>> No.1359   [Delete]   [Edit]


yea I tried that.... too many folders and no idea whats were

>> No.1360   [Delete]   [Edit]

oh heres some ideas. 420chan and really revamped there site. lots of cool menus and and other features.

I'M NOT SAYING that we should become drug related, just the IDEAS that they used are something to look at.

>> No.1363   [Delete]   [Edit]

I know nothing of coding, but 1b4f's "download images as zip" feature is fucking awesome. Would that be possible at all?

>> No.1364   [Delete]   [Edit]


do want

>> No.1365   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1271775264224.gif -(54.0 KiB, 300x431) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Lots of fair, balanced, mature discussion in here. what the fuck is going on?!

Ha ha but seriously folks. Imma try to sum up what's been said so far to identify issues, and hopefully we can use that to come to a common understanding and move forward from there. I'll just post the outline here, and post some more comments in a new post.


  • Diversity: We have a very diverse userbase with lots of different passions and interests; we cater to a lot of niches, touch a lot of bases.
    - We have a very high proportion of tripfags, and only a few genuine "anonymous" -- tripfags of course post as anons too, sometimes.
    - Should we consider having a /b/ or Thunderdome-type board so people can cut loose and act like asses? This might draw in more people, but it would potentially create a LOT of cancer.
  • Dollfags: RM fans keep coming at a steady, though decreasing, rate.
    - We are, by name and by history, a Rozen Maiden chan, but the facts are that RM is dormant apart from manga. The RM boards have been floundering and will continue to do so unless another animu comes out -- the manga on its doesn't seem to have enough fans to sustain the community.
    - Desu is a venerable meme, and probably won't die for a while, even if it's old.
    - It needs more DESU.
    - Dollfags will never go away, and new people will always keep discovering RM (and /do/ for IRL dollfags). RM is fairly unique and will always have its audience.
    - Should we consolidate the RM boards into fewer ones -- maybe just /rm/ and /md/? Should we keep the current boards and simply add the ability to hide boards in the left menu, a la 7chan?


  • Boards: We have a diversity of boards that cater to a wide audience.
    - See above for RM discussion.
    - /sandbox/ is good, but we could do well to have multiple sandboxes at a time, like a Trial Boards section; this would help things move quicker, as
    - /vn/ is currently in trial phase; other suggestions are /tg/, /irl/
    - Create a unique Desuchan theme -- or pick one from among the offerings in /pro/?
  • Traps board: /tr/ is a fucking Mecca. 'nuff said
    - Pretty much consensus that /tr/ has to stay, although it may be contributing to the alienation of more "normal" users; still, people aren't forced to visit boards they don't like.
    - Complaints about RL traps are rampant; should we consider a /cd/ board simply to keep cancer out of /tr/?
  • Radio/TV/broadcasting: we have a few motivated people who have been broadcasting and attracting a smallish audience.
    - Again, pretty much consensus that this is a Good Thing[tm]
    - Should /broadcast/ be a separate board, or should there just be a thread on /ot/ or /a/? Separate board would allow for a lot more discussion, but would be less clear and accessible for new users -- whereas everyone reads /ot/ and /a/.
  • IRC: We have a shitload of oldfags and newfags on an IRC channel (or network of channels) that regularly gathers 50+ people a night.
    - Make it easier for people to join: have irc:// link as well as Webchat.
  • Ventrilo: Not really used very often, but it is there.


  • Diverse userbase: see above. We're home to many different types of users, each with their own interests, talents, and so on.
  • /tr/ is successful because it has a community -- a strong, unified one.
  • Radio/TV has good potential, with some committed individuals.


  • Rozen Maiden has gone flat (see above). How do we adapt?
  • The diversity of interests in our userbase means that there are often conflicts of interests, and that means a lack of unity; there isn't really one unifying element that brings us all together as one community, and that can cause us to get at each other's throats.
    - "Haters need to hate less, and learn to live/let live more."
  • 'Absentee landlords': Changes tend to happen very slowly here; there's a feeling that admins don't seem to read or respond to feedback (/sugg/).
>> No.1366   [Delete]   [Edit]

As I said earlier with reducing the amount of Rozen Maiden boards, we will lose part of our identity. As to this, merging of the boards will probably be a bad idea, since then we have compromised Rozen Maiden to a single board, which really makes it just as much about Rozen Maiden as Touhou and Higurashi to new users. In attracting new users, we don't have to reduce the prominence of Rozen Maiden, but rather add more appeal to several interests. There are some users on the site who haven't watched Rozen Maiden at all, and attracting people who haven't watched it yet may increase the interest in it, and make more people fans.

As for right now, a good portion of *chans are dedicated to anime and manga, and in that regard, Desuchan is not unique. Many boards are dedicated to anime or Japan-related subjects, or boards that can be linked to Rozen Maiden fandom (/vic/ and /do/), and there are relatively few boards that are not related to these subjects. For instance, if /vn/ should be a successful board, we really only have /v/, /ot/, /media/, /o/, /pro/, /gif/, /tech/ and /arrrrr/ that don't nessecarily relate to anything Japanese or Rozen Maiden, some of these more related to artistic pursuits rather than general interests. I deliberately left out /rp/ since these guys never visit the other boards anyway, and barely any ACTUAL desuchanner ever visits it.

The userbase around here is first and foremost anime fans at the moment, but there are several people who have other interests over anime too, to which we can try and appeal to. Besides the common /tg/ suggestions, we can appeal to other interests by adding a /tv/ - Television and movies board or a /wa/ - Western animation, for example, or an /s/ - Real porn (of course highly moderated in case of CP) would attract some people.

Now, as for Rozen Maiden itself, it is mostly due to the lack of a new season in the anime that it has gone so flat. If not for the manga tales keeping the franchise fresh and going, there would be even less activity in the boards. As to this, it doesn't become more interesting unless we make it so. We already have Hamuleen, which is good for activity, but the problem is that it is only for about a couple of month, with the nominations and votings. And, while drawing events are a good idea in itself, it only involves drawing the maidens (and with the changes DA made with the rules and that, it's no longer even maiden-restricted), so we need some other things to do. For instance, one reason I got the Rozen Maiden TF2 models commisioned was to get something new going for the franchise, and I definitely want to see more such activity. It can be a game mod (like GMA's Rozen Fantasy project) or a completely original RPG made in RPG maker or something. Indeed, many anime and manga depend much on it's fanmade content, so that is a perfect way to keep the franchise interesting.

>> No.1367   [Delete]   [Edit]

lets just keep the doll boards, and add a (+)&(-) thing to keep the winery at bay.

>> No.1368   [Delete]   [Edit]

This is a software-heavy idea that doesn't address the community issues, which are much more important. However, it would be kind of neat.

One of the big inconveniences of an imageboard is the inability to easily find things. This is especially important on Desuchan because of its infinite retention. This could be improved with a *booru-like interface alongside the regular board for viewing pictures that have been posted on the boards. A user could e.g. search by tags for an image instead of hunting through all the boards. The user could also be linked to the thread that image was posted in.

Another possible benefit, though this could probably be implemented purely with the regular board, would be the ability to repeat pictures. Instead of having to slightly alter a picture to post it years later if it became relevant again, the board would simply link to the first file when someone tries to upload a duplicate. Obviously there would have to be some control to prevent spamming (only once per thread, no more than x times in x amount of time, etc), but this would be a nice feature.

>> No.1369   [Delete]   [Edit]

Speaking of software, a search function would be great too.

>> No.1370   [Delete]   [Edit]


Google has an embeddable search box that when used makes money for site owner.

>> No.1371   [Delete]   [Edit]

How about a /c/-cute? It comes up every time we talk of new boards, and would be awesome.

>> No.1372   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272051483801.jpg -(118.6 KiB, 600x518) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Most of what I'd want to cover has already been mentioned. Core points are as follows:

While /tr/ is indeed active, it IS putting off new users; lately IRC has had an influx of people who don't lurk and leap straight in thinking the place is #trappics, which causes issues of its own.

/c/. Has excellent support all-round, and 4chan's /c/ is one of the few decent boards still left. Definitely a source of quality users.

/broadcast/ - Desuchan has both a radio & TV stations; having somewhere central to organise that would greatly help. Related, but when casting it would be handy to advertise such on 4chan /a/, it has met with great success previously.

Technically speaking, searching would be nice, but tricky/expensive on cpu. There is also the risk that certain third party sites will use it to further their deep links to hosted content (especially mp3 files), which steals bandwidth.

When MANGOS is done, that'll be pretty unique... I won't say more as Weedy will fillet me with a rusty spork, but it'll help draw people in.

Most important change imo is /c/, it's got massive grassroots support, and can easily bypass sandboxing.

>> No.1374   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272097354324.png -(180.1 KiB, 329x293) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>I deliberately left out /rp/ since these guys never visit the other boards anyway, and barely any ACTUAL desuchanner ever visits it.
>Implying I don't exist
>> No.1375   [Delete]   [Edit]


back in your cave, you. we already fought this battle.

>> No.1376   [Delete]   [Edit]

Speaking as an ostensible mod who is nearly entirely based on IRC, and as someone with an obvious bias re: finding /tr/ a little bit scummy...

If we don't wanna be The /tr/ainstation, we gotta expand a bit. Given we've grown about thirty new boards since last I came holy shit wow I have to say that as long as we have /tr/ we're basically stuck as "the imageboard with the community that faps to little boys dressed as little girls."

I think a good start might be to offer trapfans their own IRC separate from Desuchan's IRC. On one hand it means that we call out our /tr/ popularity, on the other it shows that there's enough going on Desuchan aside from /tr/ that we want pure trapspeak going on elsewhere. Perhaps a couple of other IRCs devoted specifically to interests like Touhou or dolls or whatnot might show we're more diverse than little boys dressed like little girls.

A year ago I'd suggest we'd emphasize the creative output of our userbase, but those times seem to be a bit past as of recent... Really, that's what I came to Desuchan for and that's why I'm still in IRC. We can be severely creative folk when we need to be.

>> No.1378   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272140731375.jpg -(332.4 KiB, 1000x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

For actual board suggestions, I think a /moe/ (for moeblob goodness) and an /rx78/ (for Gundam)would be excellent additions.

I can see WHY some of Desu's oldfags wouldn't be comfortable with having /tr/ as a main draw, but look at 7chan -- not counting /b/, its most popular boards are /fag/ and /men/. I think that Desuchan's staff should concentrate on building cohesive communities on the other boards so there will be more to draw people here besides pretty things with dicks.


As a former 7chan mod, I can say with all certainty that /vip/ is one gigantic joke played on the userbase. It was originally intended to con suckers into making paypal donations, but none of the admins ever went through with that plan.

>> No.1379   [Delete]   [Edit]

Right you are. I'll just go back to my topics on other boards.

>> No.1380   [Delete]   [Edit]


>I think a good start might be to offer trapfans their own IRC separate from Desuchan's IRC.

Yeah, seconded. If it were up to me I'd want to actually separate /tr/ and /loli/ (and /rp/ too) onto their own site, but I can see how this could be seen as a bad idea for those who want to simply increase traffic to our other offerings.

>> No.1381   [Delete]   [Edit]

#traps <--- My idea. Please direct any traps to this channel. Same network.

>> No.1382   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'd also like to propose a /science/ board, too. I know there's a lot of us interested in it, whether seriously or just for fun.

Last edited 10/04/25(Sun)21:22.

>> No.1383   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272230188748.jpg -(72.7 KiB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Already made my points, but I'd like to support these two ideas. Whilst not aiming to try and segregate the community, I think having extra channels for these interests are a good idea.

For example, this week alone has had convos about subjects like cosmology, the concept of morality, the universe and lucid dreaming. Pretty interestign stuff that fuels good conversation, but likely out of place for other members.

A place for everything and everything in it's place :3

>> No.1384   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'd like a /science/ board, too :)

>> No.1385   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's done, try it out.

>> No.1386   [Delete]   [Edit]

That's something that hasn't been addressed yet... what should happen to /rp/? It's hardly getting one-tenth of the posts it used to get, and most of its traffic seems to have been absorbed by Aurorachan. Is it really worth keeping /rp/ alive here?

>> No.1387   [Delete]   [Edit]

It costs nothing to leave it alone. Unless I get asked by the mods of /rp/ to close it, it will be left alone.

>> No.1388   [Delete]   [Edit]


>While /tr/ is indeed active, it IS putting off new users; lately IRC has had an influx of people who don't lurk and leap straight in thinking the place is #trappics, which causes issues of its own.

I know it's impossible to know how many new people have been "scared away" by /tr/, but do you have any anecdotal evidence to support your claim? A few persistantly raging oldfags isn't the same as large numbers of new users being turned away. As for the picture links, this "influx" in my experience was one person, who stopped posting them when we told him to. It would be hypocritical if the rest of us were always posting porn links, but we aren't so it isn't. I think that's the best way to deal with this sort of thing. If someone does nothing but spam links, they can always be banned.

As for a separate IRC, if the /tr/-fans want it that's fine, but it would be a shame if people stopped coming to the main IRC. It also sets a precedent for separating out any common topic of discussion, leaving an even deader channel. IRC has always been our greatest strength; it would be a shame to see it splinter into oblivion.

I've always admired Desuchan for being a little more accepting than other *chans; it would be a shame to throw a large chunk of our userbase under the bus just because they make a few of us uncomfortable.

>> No.1389   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272313023341.jpg -(29.8 KiB, 400x373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm not a fan of splitting up into subgroups either, but in this case, it seems like /tr/ really could use its own IRC channel. Much like we already have #desutv for DesuTV, #desugames for games (mainly bot games like rpg and hangman), and #rozenmaiden for bot testing and programming (wtf at the name, but hey), /tr/ could have #traps for traps discussion, posting links to trap-related media, and so on. It'd be annoying for people in the main channel if all the DesuTV-fags started spamming the channel with YOU WA SHOCK and talking about things that don't relate to the topic in the main channel; that's why we created a new channel. It doesn't prevent us from using the main channel as well, we just (most of the time) confine our DesuTV chat to the #desutv channel. I'm pretty sure there's a manga scan channel too that's related to Desuchan; same concept, they use that channel to talk shop and carry on along their own topic without disturbing whoever may be discussing something else on #desuchan. IRC has channels so that whenever someone has a particular topic they want to discuss, they can do it without bothering or being bothered by people who want to discuss a completely different topic. (That's the idea, anyway.) Rather than creating disunity, having different channels could actually contribute to greater unity among Desuchanfags, by allowing everyone a space to discuss what they like.

I agree, of course, that it would be a shame if everyone stopped coming to the main IRC; still, most clients nowadays support autojoining multiple channels at connection time -- I usually have it set to #desuchan, #desutv and #desugames. I discuss TV stuff on #desutv and derp derp in #desuchan. It should be relatively easy for someone to power up #desuchan and #traps on connect and follow the same pattern. Really, since desuchan has a number of different niches attached to it, we could potentially stand to have even more channels: one for each substantial community we host, like /v/, /rp/, /a/, /pr0n/, etc.

and have some saberlion for your trouble.

Last edited 10/04/26(Mon)23:23.

>> No.1390   [Delete]   [Edit]

I like it! I like it a lot!


>It costs nothing to leave it alone.

I'm gonna have to second this. I'm no Einstein, but attacking Desuchan's two largest boards doesn't seem like a reliable method of improving Desuchan. They're part of Desuchan, no matter how you look at it.
The IRC thing sounds just fine though, I'm pretty sure both parties would be happy with a channel just for trap discussion. It's a good compromise, one that's optional in any case; it's not like we'd be making people sit in the back of the bus or anything.

Edit: Can't get the Desudesudesu theme on every board, or on the left-side bar. Amidoinitwrong? Or is it still a work in progress?

Last edited 10/04/27(Tue)01:46.

>> No.1391   [Delete]   [Edit]

Like I said, I wouldn't mind there being a separate #traps, as it might cool the tempers of the ragers. It would have be done carefully, though, as we wouldn't want to feel like we were chasing them out. Discussion of anything not directly related to traps should be confined to the main channel, and discussion of gender issues, traps in the abstract, etc (e.g. not trap links or trap media) need to be allowed in the main channel as well. We don't want to split the community, just give a separate space for a common topic that makes a few people angry.

I don't see a need for other alternative channels, though. Yes, some people are more interested in video games than others, but if you make a separate channel for every popular topic of conversation you're going to end up with a very dead main channel, even if it's full of people.

>> No.1392   [Delete]   [Edit]


very nice. but i'm posting the code anyway. the coded one includes the sidebar and has thinner margins.



>> No.1395   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272382565571.jpg -(156.6 KiB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I want to mention something else that's been lightly touched on by a few people so far—the difference in attitude between the Desuchan userbase and most other *chans. Correct me if I'm wrong, but, despite having our bullshit herp derp and drama moments, Desuchan's userbase seems genuinely more accepting, more welcoming, and even a little more mature than most other places. I guess people usually call that being relatively cancer-free. People come for the dolljoints, or the traps, or whatever else, and they stay for the community, for the fact that, on the whole, we're better behaved than on a lot of other sites. Maybe it's the fact that tripfaggotry is so rampant here; maybe consistently putting a name to your posts tends to lead to more self-censorship, to thinking twice before posting something that's inflammatory, insulting or degrading. Don't get me wrong either, I'm not saying that people here don't troll or flame others, either -- but overall, we seem to be a lot less, well, /b/ than most places.

I really don't know what to make of it, either, or how that relates to our efforts to attract a wider audience. As it's been said already, the quality of contributions (users?) is important to our community. We tend not to tolerate cancer, and we cut it out pretty quick when we see it, which is key to preserving our character. Maybe I'm a little too optimistic, but I think it's possible, and indeed reasonable, for newcomers to get used to certain restrictions on their posting conduct, to the higher expectations we have for the quality of contributions. So far we've seemed to do a lot of self-correcting, thanks to good modding.

Regarding some of what's been posted above, I don't really know how I feel about having a /b/ or Thunderdome board: part of me wants to cut loose and have a little more derp, but another part wants to uphold the high standards we seem to have on the rest of the site, as I see it as integral to our image and character as a community. If we could prevent a /b/ from spilling over onto other boards, then great, but seeing other boards' experience with it, it doesn't seem so easy, and just the fact of having a /b/ does seem to attract a different kind of person, one that really doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of us.

No real conclusion or salient points to make here, just wanted to say that.

pic unrelated

>> No.1396   [Delete]   [Edit]

In theory, /b/ is actually /ot/ in a sense, as in, a board where you can post anything you want as long as the rules allow it, a jack-of-all-trades board which doesn't specialize in anything. This means that in theory, /ot/ already fulfills that kind of role.

However, /b/ has a meaning to most *chans that literally translates to cancer, spam and trolling, something that is caused by giving /b/ a notable exception to the "no trolling" rule, which gives people far too much freedom to post bullshit. If we allow such a thing in Desuchan, the cancer will quickly spread to other boards, and what I personally love about Desuchan will be gone.

As to this, /ot/ clearly fills the role that /b/ fills on many other boards to the most part, so it neglects the need for a /b/ board, and it is not excepted from the "no trolling" rule, which indeed prevents cancer from taking over out board.

>> No.1397   [Delete]   [Edit]


Exactly. There will be no /b/.

>> No.1398   [Delete]   [Edit]

This is half the reason I've practically made Desuchan my home. I love this place and the community.
The other half is obvious, I'm sure.

>> No.1399   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yea, no /b/. I come here to avoid that stuff.

>> No.1403   [Delete]   [Edit]


Nobody is being thrown under a bus. The simple point is that lately a lot of new IRC users are A: from /tr/ and B: failing to lurk to observe the culture. There is a separate IRC for trap-specific stuff now, as there are for other niche topics, so that should help.

And yes, I've had a lot of people tell me outright on other imageboards that they'd come here if it weren't for the /tr/ stuff... maybe a little shallowminded, but my point is that the prevailing impression of desuchan seems to be that we're the gay village of the intertubes, and it puts people off from the get-go.

>> No.1404   [Delete]   [Edit]


>There is a separate IRC for trap-specific stuff now

There's a separate channel for bots, too, but all the bot-owners still shit up the main channel with it. Splitting up our userbase isn't what we should be trying to do anyway.

>> No.1408   [Delete]   [Edit]

Bot development, yes. I'm not suggesting splitting the users, it's just a niche subject that most of the existing users aren't interested in, and a number outright dislike... same as if /rp/ descended and started in-character conversations, it's just something different that is best discussed elsewhere.

>> No.1410   [Delete]   [Edit]

Do you really think we're losing a mass of potential visitors because of /tr/'s existence (or perhaps popularity)? It sound more likely to me that the people you mention wouldn't visit Desuchan regardless, and are using /tr/ as an excuse, or they're just too stupid to realize you can avoid boards you don't like. If it's the latter they wouldn't do this place any good anyhow.
And maybe it's just me, but I don't really care about the instanet's opinion; of myself or of the site.

Why is /tr/ being vilified so frequently? My opinion may be a bit biased, but I've never thought of it as a problem for Desuchan.
It may be for the IRC - I've only been able to get on it three times and it was pretty dead, so I wouldn't know if /tr/fags are spoiling your fun or not. However, I don't see /tr/ messing up the rest of Desuchan (except that one thread on /touhou/). Usually if anybody's being gay all over the place it's me.

>> No.1413   [Delete]   [Edit]


>Why is /tr/ being vilified so frequently?

It's jealousy, yo. They wish their Rozen Maiden boards had 30,000+ posts and a small army of dedicated, quality posters.

>> No.1414   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272616404506.jpg -(22.1 KiB, 294x291) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>I've had a lot of people tell me outright on other imageboards that they'd come here if it weren't for the /tr/ stuff

Who gives a shit? :3

>> No.1415   [Delete]   [Edit]

man, you just like, summed up my entire point in four words. fsdargeg

>> No.1418   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272716295282.jpg -(163.7 KiB, 627x684) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Usually if anybody's being gay all over the place it's me.

hahah, aww.

Anyway, that said. Remember back on /b/ in like, late 2007? Also, /a/ and... was it /v/? You'd post loli material, you'd have fags from every direction telling you to gb2/desuchan/. Never complained about that, and CP spamming pedos seem to be more of a problem than a couple of penis loving dudes hanging out in IRC. Besides, what do you expect with all the Penisspam in IRC anyway? Bound to get gay sometime. I mean, look at vonturm. And ahmad (<3).

The point I'm trying to make here is that at least the /tr/apfags aren't trolls. I'd rather have a few /tr/ faggots than one meme spouting nigger. Or the nigger-formerly-known-as-soulreaver. Yeah, that's right. I'm looking at you. >:|

I forget what I was trying to say, but uh, haters gonna hate. Hornet's just butthurt. If he's going to determine who can be in irc and who can't then why isn't he just +ao? :| (or is he? whatever.) We can call it #hornetchan. For non-fags.

Edit: Funny story, though. Back in early 2008 when I started dating my girlfriend, she had a conversation with a friend about me. She revealed that I was, indeed, a former /b/tard. (Don't judge me. So were you.) Anyway, her friend reveals her hatred for all things 4chan, then comments "at least he doesn't go on desuchan." A further reveal and now the lady and her friend haven't talked since, or something like that.

The moral of the story is, fuck you.

Edit x2: My number one suggestion for desuchan is to make me mod. >:|

Last edited 10/05/01(Sat)15:18.

>> No.1420   [Delete]   [Edit]

Lolijoke, you should reread what I said... why does everyone hop on a high-horse and assume I'm gaybashing? I'm not saying anything about who can be where and who can't, just that there's a specific channel for trap-specific links and discussions etc. It's been discussed on IRC and that's what's happened, seems the best solution.

As for the pre-deadsuchan posts:

>Do you really think we're losing a mass of potential visitors because of /tr/'s existence (or perhaps popularity)?

In short, yes. Longer answer: people become members in a community through gradual immersion; if they're put off from the outset they're significantly less likely to view the place in the same way, due to cognitive bias. It doesn't matter what the obstacle is - in this case it's /tr/ - something that the populace at large is (usually) actively conditioned to dislike by their culture and the media at large. Imagine if desuchan had a massive board devoted to something like guro, furries, or necrophilia (ick, those three do NOT make for a pretty mental image), it'd significantly put you off the place even if everywhere except that one place was kosher.

I'm not blaming /tr/ for the state of affairs, I should point out, it's just that in the situation we find ourselves in, the prevailing reputation is a self-perpetuating problem.

>Why is /tr/ being vilified so frequently?

/tr/ is a nest of people fapping to boys in dresses. By just about every culture on the planet, that's discouraged to varying degrees... if this were a real community rather than a digital one, depending on locale you'd be socially shunned, lynched, or stoned by the government. Imagine we had a board full of people devoted to something like necrophilia, you'd likely be repulsed by it for much the same reasons.

>Who gives a shit? :3

Anyone who wants desuchan to survive. Unless you think the coders, mods and admins all want to stick around, keep the place running & pay for the server when the place is basically one white elephant board and everyone else has gone, it's a problem that affects everyone - even if you never stick your nose out of /tr/.

The most important thing to any community is the people within it; without a healthy flow of content the place will quickly stagnate, people will stop visiting as there's little/no new content, and as they then aren't contributing ... the problem gets worse.

>> No.1421   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272777522544.jpg -(82.8 KiB, 359x359) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

People can ignore /tr/. I do it all the time. It does not affect me! Imagine that!

There are two kinds of people it DOES affect: Homophobes and people who simply use the board as an excuse to leave the site. Do we really want either of these groups? The former are just going to cause trouble and the latter don't have enough interest in our other 41 public boards or the site's community to overlook one board they don't like.

>why does everyone hop on a high-horse and assume I'm gaybashing?

I'm assuming so because each of your posts in this thread are blaming /tr/ for everything that is wrong with the community.

>> No.1422   [Delete]   [Edit]
> People can ignore /tr/.

Not when it's thrust upon them in irc, which is the whole reason for the specific subchannel.

> There are two kinds of people it DOES affect: Homophobes and people who simply use the board as an excuse to leave the site. Do we really want either of these groups? The former are just going to cause trouble and the latter don't have enough interest in our other 41 public boards or the site's community to overlook one board they don't like.

Very wrong, as I said, just about every culture on the planet passively (and actively) conditions people against this kind of stuff. Imagine there were a famous bar in your city, that's known for having a large private basement where people can roger corpses; even if the rest of the bar was a decent establishment you'd very likely not stick around to find that out. Same goes for the community, if people are put off from the offset by reputation alone then they'd not have a chance to experience the community. The way we gain members is generally due to people lurking, then posting anon, then joining in regularly, often as a full tripcode user. If users are all put off from the first lurking stage then obviously we lose the rest of the chain. Take Aurorachan for example, it might be a fine place on the whole, and we have a convenient link on the left, but I've never gone there as I know it's a hive of furries. It's not any kind of homophobia (although doubtless in a few cases it is), on the whole it's just something that most people find either distasteful or repulsive, and everything in between.

> I'm assuming so because each of your posts in this thread are blaming /tr/ for everything that is wrong with the community.

You need to reread my posts as well then. All I've talked about in the /tr/ department before my last post was just to point out the IRC issues, and the creation of #traps solves those; a solution which most people find agreeable. In my last post I explicitly spelled out that I don't blame /tr/ for causing the problems. The reputation it's giving us IS putting new people off, but the overall slowdown we've had is due to a complex mass of sociological issues, not something /tr/ should take sole responsibility for.

>> No.1423   [Delete]   [Edit]


>Very wrong, as I said, blah blah
>very wrong

Why aren't you arguing against me then? You're arguing the same point with looser analogies.

>> No.1424   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272824495936.png -(23.8 KiB, 899x463) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


And to think your post started so well!

>/tr/ is a nest of people fapping to boys in dresses. By just about every culture on the planet, that's discouraged to varying degrees... if this were a real community rather than a digital one, depending on locale you'd be socially shunned, lynched, or stoned...

Then you lost me. And you continue:

>every culture on the planet passively (and actively) conditions people against this kind of stuff.

And other assorted crap. So your entire argument basically boils down to "society tells me [insert subject] is wrong. Therefore I'm going to bash [insert subject]."

Sorry, I don't buy that. If we're going to go on percieved status quo, then we might aswell delete /h/, /loli/, hell even /a/ and /v/.

Tell ya what, lets delete all the boards and replace them with /football/, /celeb gossip/ and /Fox News/?

Honestly wasn't going to get involved any further in this debate, as most topics and suggestions have been covered and good points have been made on all sides.
However, I think it's clear where your motivations lie and surely I am not the only user who can spot the REAL faggotry here.

>> No.1425   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think allot of you miss the point Hornet is trying to make or are just focusing on the parts of his post that can be made into trolling.

Desuchan now has a fame of being /tr/ap-su-chon. And whether or not that is a good thing it is what we are now. We are a chan about /tr/aps with some RM/doll and other random crap mixed in.

When we were first established (and RM was popular) we were a chan about RM/dolls and other random crap mixed in. Then /rp/ was born and go popular, thus came the "a chan about /rp/ with some RM/doll and other random crap mixed in". Which started a /rp/ hate campaign which I am seeing repeated today with /tr/ as the new target.

Don't hate /rp/ for it's success in the past (lol dying board is dying), and don't hate /tr/ for it's current level of success and notoriety. Hate yourselves for letting whatever corner of the board you call home go unnoticed. Maybe if you put the same effort into content and spreading the word that /rp/ and /tr/fags have your corner of hell would be what we are known for.

Maybe if you tried like they do your corner WILL be what we are known for going forward.

>> No.1427   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272868513131.png -(2187 B, 202x58) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

ive been to /tr/, its the same as /d/.

what we need is a switch for Show work-safe / Non-Work-safe

>> No.1428   [Delete]   [Edit]


>what we need is a switch for Show work-safe / Non-Work-safe

Desuchan has no worksafe boards.

>> No.1429   [Delete]   [Edit]

How about non-worksafe/more non-worksafe? Porn/not porn? Seems like a good idea to me.

>> No.1430   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272872378660.jpg -(40.0 KiB, 562x437) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Holy shit. This reminds me of when /rp/ and Dramafags were constantly trolled on Desuchan. (/temp/ anyone?)

I'm not really sure what the problem with having a /tr/ is. How the fuck does it "scare" newfags away when you have to fucking click on it to get in? It's not like pictures of traps are rampant all over Desuchan; they're relatively easy to ignore. I'm actually surprised at how the trapfags diligently contributed into /tr/ to bring it to its current fame. If some newcomers can't tolerate the existence of /tr/, then let them leave. (And nothing of value was lost...) Who knows what they'll bitch about next.

Having a separate IRC channel for traps is a good idea, but I think restricting trap discussion from the main channel is a bad one. If people want to talk about it, let them. It's not exactly any worse than the penis spam that goes around every now and then. Make a thread about the new channel in /tr/ and advertise it in the main channel.


>pic unrelated

Catgirls are always relevant.

>> No.1431   [Delete]   [Edit]

That would ruin one of the great things about Desuchan.

>> No.1432   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272896696468.jpg -(93.7 KiB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
> And other assorted crap. So your entire argument basically boils down to "society tells me [insert subject] is wrong. Therefore I'm going to bash [insert subject]."

No, as said my point boils down to "we're known as the gay village of the internets, it puts people off". I'm bi myself, it's a bit hard to be homophobic... Only reason I used metaphors is because /tr/-goers see it as perfectly fine, if you swap that with something else that most people dislike it'll help you appreciate my point.

> Desuchan now has a fame of being /tr/ap-su-chon. And whether or not that is a good thing it is what we are now. We are a chan about /tr/aps with some RM/doll and other random crap mixed in.

That. Very much that. Thank you Anonmod.

> Maybe if you tried like they do your corner WILL be what we are known for going forward.

If you build it they will come... (I'd make a joke here but I've used up today's pun quota already). /tr/'s popularity seems to be because there's no similar place elsewhere, or wasn't at the time... it's a pretty niche interest after all (note I don't follow trap boards, so maybe mistaken). I frequently do try to shanghai people into posting here, mostly from /c/ or /w/ boards, but practically every time some fgt chimes up about the place being trapsuchan.

I'm wondering if some kind of recent posts widget might be handy, a bit like 4chan's, or even just some activity indicator widget, to remind people that posts have been made in a board today and they should look? That could cut both ways, as people rely might rely on that instead of browsing boards, which may harm passive posting. Also as any given post could be pornographic, it might not be be an idea to include pictures, especially on the front page.

> Having a separate IRC channel for traps is a good idea, but I think restricting trap discussion from the main channel is a bad one. If people want to talk about it, let them.

We do discuss trap stuff, gender issues etc, had quite a good discussion the other day in fact. #traps isn't #lepercolony, it's just somewhere for heavy /tr/-specific discussions and image links etc, same as the other subchannels, and it also helps cut down on drama in the main channel - short of /ignoring people, users can't opt-out of certain discussions.

Indeed, definitely don't change that.

Let's try to move on from /tr/ stuff though, the thread's derailing into arguments, which isn't what it's here for.

(Catgirls is it? Have a Nyagato then.)

Last edited 10/05/03(Mon)17:28.

>> No.1437   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1272908798645.jpg -(343.5 KiB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm glad I waited a little before posting; I was going to try to go point-by-point and address everything people have been saying recently, but AnonMod and DMS basically stated everything I wanted to state.

First of all, as OP, I want to thank everyone who's posted in this thread for making it (for the most part) a mature, balanced discussion on how to improve Desuchan. *chans being what they are, we can't always expect to have constructive discourse among the community, or at least discourse that leads to positive change. Often enough (as was mentioned before), anonymity ends up being perceived as license to act and speak without consequence, and thus, without conscience. As a result, a *chan's userbase fails to become the protagonists of their community's development. Everyone posting in this thread, regardless of the tone they use or whether offense was taken at any point, is, at the very least, participating in the process and trying to contribute to a making this place better--and not a lot of *chans can claim that kind of victory. That shows the quality of Desuchan's userbase, and that, despite the inevitable drama we go through, we can still work together and be effective when we really want.

We know that /rp/ and /tr/ achieved "success and notoriety" (past and present, respectively) through the commitment of their members to building and maintaining a community. Having tried for a while to maintain activity on the Rozen Maiden-related boards, I know how much effort this can take; nowadays, due to IRL commitments, it's a little more effort than I feel I can give all the time. But I still bump those boards on a regular basis, talk about them, link to them, and so on. Until RM dies for good, until there's not a shred of fan community left, I still will. AnonMod refers to putting effort into content and spreading the word; if we want Desuchan to prosper on more than just /tr/, we have to do that. Then there's the concern that was voiced about /tr/ putting people off: I think DMS and AnonMod addressed this very well and very correctly too. If we want to invite others to Desuchan and they're put off by seeing /tr/, they have the option to ignore it. If they feel they can't ignore it, that's too bad, and, as DMS said, it's most probably NOT our loss. If they can participate in other things (DesuRadio, DesuTV for /a/, steam groups for /v/, drawfagging for /o/) and have no other connection to Desuchan, that's fine--people only need to be as involved as they want or can handle. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of loli, but does that make me ragequit Desuchan? No. Everyone can potentially take part in any number of activites related to Desuchan, and can pick and choose their involvement. Maybe what we can say the next time someone complains about Desuchan being trapsuchan is: The place is what you make it. Don't hang around the boards if it really scares you. We can find other things to do together until you realize that the place isn't so bad--and again, if they can't manage to get over it, nothing of value was lost.

Where I'd like to see the conversation go from here is how to develop our userbase in the areas it's lacking. If we need to create activities that don't involve posting on the boards, then let's do that. Do we have a Steam group? Is it being maintained? What about the last.fm group we had? What about DesuRadio? DesuTV? Should we have regular flockdraw sessions to bring original content to /o/? Can we attract more people to do translation on /moonspeak/? We've discussed how certain parts of Desuchan have succeeded in attracting people--now, how can we take those lessons and apply them to other parts of the site?

And more catgirls are always a good idea. Have a bunnygirl too.

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File: 1272941076234.jpg -(71.3 KiB, 595x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This post made me nipaa~
That is all.

>> No.1442   [Delete]   [Edit]

ily noko.

That said... When Aphex was around drawfaggin' it up, /o/ was one of the busier boards, too. While he was here, we had so many more drawfags pop up it was ridiculous. Something like that would be cool... but I don't know if we can like... make that happen on our own. XD Reason that became such a big deal was probably hamuleen, but again, dwindling interest in RM means dwindling interest in that, too.

What about a desuchan mascot creation contest?

...Then again our mascot's kinda desu so...

Also, /touhou/ having tournaments or some shit would be awesome. And maybe bring some fags over from /jp/ or something.

Our /r/ board is pretty functional...

Oh! Going off that mascot design thing... Maybe have a contest in /arrrrr/ to create Desuchan's theme song? :awesome:

Also, finishing that desuchan VN would be cool. /lit/ is pretty much doomed but it was a fun idea :/ too bad us writefags are kinda perma-afk or something.

I'm still thinkin' but yeah.

>> No.1443   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, /lit/ has been pretty much replaced by DeviantArt as posting there give a much larger audience which includes most of us anyway. It was a good idea though.

>> No.1444   [Delete]   [Edit]



>> No.1447   [Delete]   [Edit]

I've got an idea on how to improve Desuchan...

Buy the dsuchan.net domain name so when I type that in by accident you can redirect to desuchan.net.

>> No.1448   [Delete]   [Edit]


Speaking of which, is there anything we can do about Desuchan.com?

>> No.1449   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.1450   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1273122913682.png -(150.1 KiB, 423x395) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Try implementing this!

Pic related!

The pic is of 7chan's multi-pic in one post feature. the max is 5 as far as I can tell.

>> No.1451   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.1452   [Delete]   [Edit]

Fuck no! Multi-image posting clutters up the page and looks amateurish and shitty.

>> No.1453   [Delete]   [Edit]

It DOES look shitty.

But Pixiv's way of doing it DOESN'T, in that it just shows them all in a stack, and clicking the link opens them all on one page. If that is problematic, there should be a "show/hide multiple images" thing

>> No.1454   [Delete]   [Edit]


I do believe we have a plan here gent's.

>> No.1460   [Delete]   [Edit]
  1. Add a 3D MUD, let everyone build, see what sort of weird shit you get.
  2. Delete all the content here, make rules against all of it, ban all the users, and relaunch the site as a destination for over-50 social conservatives.

So can we get that necrophilia board that Hornet was talking about?

I see one possible objection to having a 3D mud being that most people wouldn't know how to build models. Well, you can make it work like Legos. GRIMDARK Legos!

Anybody can stack rectangles together. They start with the bigger ones and move to the smaller ones and before they know it, they are ahtist.

One way to not have the site carry is to not make off-site backups on a regular basis.
Content draws users, who post more content.
If backups are two months behind, the shitheads can get their way.
Merely a reminder.

Last edited 10/05/09(Sun)19:24.

>> No.1474   [Delete]   [Edit]



And I mean that in so many ways.

>> No.1479   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm all for a better backup policy.

>> No.1494   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'd suggest to include in page titles what page of a board you are on.
At the moment, all of the pages in a board have the same title, so all of the windows from that board in your browser's windows menu also have the same title.

/bananas/ - Kirakishou - page 1
/bananas/ - #980
/bananas/ - #46 - Kira Doll Joints

And also it would be nice to have an image-matching feature like the one iqdb.org provides, so you can check if a given Kira picture has already been uploaded without having to go through all the threads.

>> No.1512   [Delete]   [Edit]


usually the duplicate checker does that for us, but your other suggestion sounds cool

>> No.1513   [Delete]   [Edit]


The thing is, I did go through the whole board and there are a lot of uncaught duplicates.

Checksums like MD5 are designed to produce different results if there is even a minor alteration to the file, to detect corruption or tampering.

With images, you end up with a lot of duplicates that are visually very similar or indistinguishable, because of people resizing the images, compressing them at lower jpeg qualities to save space, or just resaving them at the same settings by accident.
Even with a lossless encoding like PNG, there is no guarantee that the resulting disk file will be the same, due to variations in the encoding process.

It takes a long time to check a candidate image manually against every image in the board. iqdb's check would be useful, since it does a good job of picking out images which have been resized and recompressed.

Last edited 10/06/04(Fri)22:47.

>> No.1514   [Delete]   [Edit]


I know nothing of the library IQDB uses other than that it seems to be written in PHP. There is an Image::Compare library for Perl, though.

Implementing it to compare all of the images referenced in a board's database could slow down posting. I have seen such a system implemented at Wakachan long ago, but it was apt to block edits of posted images. Furthermore, I foresee a situation in which a low-quality image is posted, but a higher-quality image is desired but cannot be posted (though this could be partially averted programmatically).

Also, when you say page titles in >>1494, do you mean the literal title that shows up in the titlebar, the header at the top of the page, or both?

Last edited 10/06/06(Sun)07:11.

>> No.1515   [Delete]   [Edit]


I had in mind more of a voluntary system where people could check a particular image against a board to see if it had already been upped.

I meant the title that shows up in the title bar, so that you can easily tell which one of several minimized windows is the thread you want, or pick it out of the browser's window menu instead of digging through all the open windows.

Last edited 10/06/06(Sun)12:57.

>> No.1517   [Delete]   [Edit]

What about a FAQ?

Q. What does 'sage' mean?
A. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/sage

Q. What does 'noko' mean?
A. If you put 'noko' in the Link field when replying to a thread, you will be returned to the thread afterwards rather than to the top page of the board. This speeds things up when dumping a bunch of images to a single thread.

Q. What are those funny letters after peoples' names?
A. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tripcode

Q. Where can I get Tripcode Explorer?
A. >>>/media/>>1774

Q. How do you use bold text and italics in posts?
A. *this will be converted to italic text*
**this will be converted to bold text**
See http://wakaba.c3.cx/docs/docs.html#WakabaMark for other formatting options.

Q. What does GAR mean?
A. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=GAR

Q. Where can I get a program for auto-dumping images to a thread?
A. >>>/media/>>1871 - Desuchan Directory Dumper 2.0 (Windows)

Q. "Is there something for mass-dl'ing images in a thread?"
A. "If you have FireFox get DownThemAll plugin: http://www.downthemall.net/ "

Q. How do I search the site?
A. For the moment, go to Google and try using site:desuchan.net plus your query.

See also http://wakaba.c3.cx/docs/docs.html .

Last edited 10/06/06(Sun)14:39.

>> No.1526   [Delete]   [Edit]

Maybe this has been brought up before, but /md/ seems a little misleading.

It's titled "Manga/Doujinshi" so you'd think you can post any manga there, but it's under the RM boards, so I'm assuming it's strictly RM-related manga then.

>> No.1527   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276698757787.jpg -(177.5 KiB, 800x495) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

New content is what we need
The site is fine, the problem is that nobodys getting interest or showing up to see that the site is nice.
We need content that can be posted on other sites
There are a ton of memes, both 4chan and nico nico douga that do not have any desu, meaning plenty of shooping and pitch shifting oppurtunities that will attract new users
also, YES, new users will probably be faggy and stupid, we just have to fix them into shape (this is what happened with me)
We need new content to show up on other imageboards (yes, 4chan too, preferebly not /b/, but thats how i got here), and youtube and nico nico douga
Problem is, my shoop skills only go so far, we need drawfags to help with this kindof stuff

Also the ammount of users is a problem. When i was talking to a friend of mine who is a channer about desuchanner, he joked how he might visit it it had more than 3 posters, i managed to get him to agree that there are 10 posters on desuchan. once we have some new people, people who already know about desuchan might show up if they hear there are people

>> No.1528   [Delete]   [Edit]


>We need content that can be posted on other sites
>There are a ton of memes

No need to add more. Not trying to be rude or anything, but if you're going to be attracting other uses through memes, then there's no way you're going to end up with a good community.

>we just have to fix them into shape

If you pull people from shitville, banning and other forms of punishment won't work. If you're going to attract more users, it's best to be selective from which place you're going to pull them from.

>Also the amount of users is a problem.

tl;dr this whole thread.

>New content is what we need

I'm going to (for the Xth time) repeat this: Desuchan's fairly unique radio station and tv channels make for an interesting feature, if we had a board for these it might expand even more, and this would be one more entry point for new users.

>> No.1529   [Delete]   [Edit]


>also, YES, new users will probably be faggy and stupid, we just have to fix them into shape (this is what happened with me)


>> No.1535   [Delete]   [Edit]

10/18 people discovered desuchan through the meme / various chans

We need to stop being so stuck up and self rightous about how great of a community we are and welcome anybody, and we can ban the occasional troll that shows up and let the good users show up alongside them
plus we need more people who are here because of desu and rozen maiden itself imo

1.Draw people's attention by them seeing Desu Desu Desu elsewhere
2.They look around and see a large lack of trolls or spam and say hey, this is a pretty cool site
3.They begin to show up regularaly, and things like irc, tv, and radio keep them coming back and staying

We are missing step one, desuchan is great, but if its not seen elsewhere nobody will be curious and come take a look

Shitville is actually a good place to get people from, because there are a lot of good people lurking shitville looking for notshitville

>> No.1536   [Delete]   [Edit]

Maybe an AGIF which is like an infomercial?

"Some chans are pretty plain vanilla. But Desuchan is full of creepy perverts! And we're always looking for a few more creepy perverts.

We've got girls who fap to amputees, boys who fap to penis vore porn, necrophiles, pedophiles, and oh, that's just the beginning!

Maybe you'd like to join us in our /ot/, where right now the regulars are discussing where they sell crack and when they're going to commit suicide.

Or maybe you'd like to sample our sumptuous collection of porno flashes.

It's kind of like an ice cream - we swirl together a little bit of Fapchan, a little bit of Gurochan and a little bit of /b/.

Let's interview an average Desuchanner..." (cue the boy who was raised by wild pigs and reeducated into a girl.)

Last edited 10/06/23(Wed)00:16.

>> No.1537   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1277257471821.jpg -(62.3 KiB, 384x676) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I officially like you now.

>> No.1538   [Delete]   [Edit]


>we swirl together a little bit of Fapchan, a little bit of Gurochan and a little bit of /b/.

And a planet sized dash of Desu Desu Desu for perfection

>> No.1541   [Delete]   [Edit]


Thanks. : )


"Desu makes the world go round. At the nano scale, everything is made out of nano desu."

...also, using the last 50 posts feature... if the idea is to let people browse huge threads without freezing their browser on a slow system, then there ought to be one page for every 50 posts of the thread, e.g.

No. 1323 [Delete] [Edit] [Reply]/[1][2][3]

>> No.1561   [Delete]   [Edit]

We need moar links, I only found this place through a small link on ED

>> No.1566   [Delete]   [Edit]

Everyone needs to stop lurking >:(

>> No.1578   [Delete]   [Edit]

Get someone to put it on news or something

"Stop Lurking"
Like that

>> No.1584   [Delete]   [Edit]

I also think that irc chat is taking away from the boards. Everyone goes immediately there to talk about random things and barely look at the boards, resulting in less posts

>> No.1585   [Delete]   [Edit]

Seconding this.

We need people to be more active on the boards instead of IRC.

>> No.1586   [Delete]   [Edit]

Thirding this, tbh, disband the irc channel, maybe just make them on occasion for shit like planning touhou turnys and maybe a channel for #tv, but get rid of #desuchan (;_;)

>> No.1587   [Delete]   [Edit]

You know that this suggestion is asinine and has zero chance of happening, right? This is like trying to fix a leak in the ceiling with a band-aid. Also remember that it would be very easy to make a replacement channel for the IRC-using desuchan people - very little to no benefit to site activity would be gained and massive drama would be involved in the process.

Last edited 10/08/09(Mon)19:56.

>> No.1595   [Delete]   [Edit]

I don't use your IRCs


edit: I plan on it, though, once I finally have a stable living condition complete with internet. I also plan on working towards mod status for /tr/. The place could use a good maid.

Last edited 10/08/22(Sun)07:07.

>> No.1609   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1282934001907.jpg -(103.9 KiB, 790x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

the script which lets you read quotes posts (as seen on http://boards.fightingamphibians.org/ )

also a board for cats

>> No.1611   [Delete]   [Edit]


> the script which lets you read quotes posts

Give me a bit. I should have a new alpha release of Wakaba Extension that does that up eventually.

>> No.1612   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1283170469047.jpg -(41.4 KiB, 263x368) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

oops quoted*


thanks :D

>> No.1623   [Delete]   [Edit]

I've been visiting desuchan since mid 2007 on and off-- I'm not quite a regular but I've been following the site and posting silently on occasion. While this thread may not be watched, I have noticed a few things that I'd like to share.

I think the most important thing to realize is that desuchan will never be as big as it once was back in its peak. There's not much that can be done about this; even S3 wouldn't bring it back to its old level-- unless someone wants to revive the practice of spamming desu everywhere, of course.

Boards need to be cut. Unless you are a behemoth like 4chan that will garner traffic irregardless of how many boards are in place, a *chan should not be overly saturated with boards, eg: iichan. The less boards there are, the more the traffic can be condensed; the more condensed the traffic is, the more active the boards appear to be. Having the illusion of "more traffic" compounded with having a more condensed list of boards attracts new posters and brings out lurkers. Just skimming through the list, I see many dead boards that have topics that could fit elsewhere: /peach/, /md/, /c/, /yan/, /pro/, /gar/, and /vic/ among others. It's nice and all that there is a /sandbox/ to try new board ideas, but it's important to trim what there is currently before adding anything else.

For the record, consolidating the maiden boards into a singular board is a horrible idea-- as said, they are part of the site's identity. On the same page, a Peach-Pit board isn't as much (unless you really want a Shugo Chara discussion that badly).

Get rid of "srs shit yoYou guys DO remember we have a /sandbox/?!?! RIGHT?????srs shit yo
Donate over9000 today!". Keep that type of stuff on the front page.

Update the front page news more frequently. It's not only shows that desuchan is active, but it also gives the regular users some affirmation that the site is still alive with progress.

Add a FAQs, and perhaps a short history (not that horrid one on ED). Desuchan has taken a few interesting twists and turns and has played the part as one of the bigger *chans. I believe it would benefit new users to have these.

...and that's all! It's been fun visiting this board on and off for the past few years, and I hope it stays alive.

>> No.1624   [Delete]   [Edit]

well-though out, and pertinent.
I support all these ideas.

>> No.1625   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>1623 here. Forgot something.

Remove desuchan from all of those topsites listings-- this isn't 1999, and that's probably the area where the lowest-level users will be pulled in. Maybe I'm overstepping here, but I feel that desuchan is both more historically important (lol) and classier than to be listed amongst high-class sites like "ichan" and "The Pussy Channel". Certainly there are better ways to ramp activity here than that.

>> No.1626   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1285724438217.gif -(5396 B, 304x224) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well spoken!

>> No.1935   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.1978   [Delete]   [Edit]

Remove link to /loli/ from the frame index.
Ez improvement.

>> No.1982   [Delete]   [Edit]

I want to use desuchan more, but it is in serious need of less boards. Most of the boards on here have very little traffic. Maybe you could combine some or add to what's allowed on them?

For example...
Can't Rozen Maiden stuff be combined on one board? Idk.
Maybe the lolita board could include cosplay and Jfashion as well? Like /cgl/?
Maybe dolls and figurines could be combined?

>> No.1984   [Delete]   [Edit]


Definately agree. This amount of boards is almost 4chan-tier. We should have less of them. On-topic discussion is ensured while centralizing the posters, thus having a more active community. Having 38 boards while looking for new posts is overkill.

>> No.1985   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.1986   [Delete]   [Edit]


You need not to elaborate, I can guess why you disagree. Still, the ultimate choice is this: Should desuchan become a lively imageboard or remain a museum?

>> No.1989   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's pointless because there wouldn't be any difference. It would make it seem like there's mre activity, but it'd really just be the same people who have stayed here.

And drawing a too many new users is never a good thing for any community.

>> No.1993   [Delete]   [Edit]

What's happened to /loli/?

>> No.1994   [Delete]   [Edit]

It was removed because of location of hosting company - they think cartoons hurt kids. Idiots cant even tell fantasy from reality.

>> No.1995   [Delete]   [Edit]

As long as you don't remove the hentai board, it's all gud.

>> No.2009   [Delete]   [Edit]

I have some suggestions.

  • Can the desuchan menu change theme like the board pages? It's strange to have the board with the Tomorrow black theme and the menu in Burichan.
  • Also since the /loli/ board is deleted, you should remove it from the menu.
  • Lastly, the image source site is umprotected. My dumb browser keep asking me if I should proceed and it's annoying. Why is this happening?
  • Also when I try to open an image 99% of times it returns a 503 error, even if the image is there. I have to reload it until it appears. Why?

Thanks in advance for listening to my babbling.

>> No.2010   [Delete]   [Edit]

I have some suggestions.

  • Can the desuchan menu change theme like the board pages? It's strange to have the board with the Tomorrow black theme and the menu in Burichan.
  • Since the /loli/ board is deleted, you should remove it from the menu.
  • The image source site is ''not secure''. My dumb browser keep asking me if I should proceed and it's annoying. Why is this happening?
  • When I try to open an image 99% of times it returns a 503 error, even if the image is there. I have to reload it until it appears. Why?
  • Is the anti-spam Boku question been disabled? I posted this without answering it and it went through without problems. Maybe there is a bug or something.
  • Finally, posting takes a lot of time. The server takes minutes to respond. Is that normal?

Thanks in advance for listening to my babbling.
Also ignore the post above. I posted it by mistake and now I can't delete it.

Last edited 16/07/28(Thu)06:34.

>> No.2017   [Delete]   [Edit]

Does this script is dead?

>> No.2019   [Delete]   [Edit]

Same asking. Recently I tried to install it, but it has a bug in installation. After installation, I can't log in admin account which I created before. How can I contact with developer. Thanks.

>> No.2039   [Delete]   [Edit]

Upgrade to vichan now! It‘s very easy to use and got many features Desuchan needs.

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