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As you may know, dx and I have done work on an new software named Wakarimasen, which is essentially an improved, Python-based Futaba-style imageboard similar we have right now on the front-end. However, I am interested in what post formatting language you guys would like to see. I have designed a simple system for converting a defined user input into HTML output and vice-versa, but I'm interested in your preferences and experiences to decide which formatting language to implement. Here are what I am currently considering:

  • Wakabamark, the current system
  • a subset of BBCode, which has very mixed reception among people
  • a subset of HTML
  • a subset of Markdown
  • Wiki-style syntax

A WYSIWYG formatter will not be likely unless widely requested.

If there is a particularly good comment formatting language you prefer, by all means share. Note that if my new system works well enough, it could very well support a user-selected formatting. Thank you for your time.

Last edited 11/01/13(Thu)20:46.

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WYSIWIG formatter plox.

Seriously, generally I want to <b> and <i> in a post, and that's it, and typing extra tags is a hassle. So something with two buttons to apply those styles on highlighted text would be enough for me. Extra credit if it can center text.

If you provide general formatting capability, faggots will make posts looking like 1997 Geocities sites and cause endless eyecancer.

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> WYSIWIG formatter plox.

OK, I'll put it down on my mental "possible features" list. On the back-end, it will still be using some sort of formatting language, though.

> If you provide general formatting capability, faggots will make posts looking like 1997 Geocities sites and cause endless eyecancer.

My intention is to provide color formatting and the like only to moderators since they like to red text and are not W3C-humpers like I am. I'll leave it to dx if he wants to employ some sort of formatting limiter (e.g., a heuristic measure of font style abuse).

I would like to implement tables and lists especially, but I need to further develop my system. The craziest extent I would be willing to consider is implementing a LaTeX-based <math> tag a la Wikipedia, but it would not be necessary for Desuchan since I don't see much rigorous mathematics talk going on.

Last edited 11/01/13(Thu)23:40.

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I like what we got right now.

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And after all this time, I still wonder how that one guy got Wakabamark to do bold and italics at once.

You think you could do ***this*** or *__this__* but ***it doesn't work*** *__very well.__* And I've looked over the regex, too.

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Yo u mad or

**you jelly**?

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File: 1295361907623.png -(76.1 KiB, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'd like to see a WYSIWYG editor also. Although I can code HTML, the only way I currently have to post that is in Manager Mode.
Also, my vote goes to a subset of HTML. It's been around forever, and examples abound on the internet.

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Ooh, that gives me an idea.

This is a test!

AHA! I used a simple Unicode trick by adding a zero-width character that did not match to \s.


Noted. I'm leaning toward circumsized HTML, too.

Last edited 11/01/18(Tue)21:53.

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nice trick, I forgot about that~

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