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File: 1262007774804.jpg -(17.7 KiB, 240x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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so guys, i'm about to repair my XP Pro install using a disc and there instructions: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/How-to-repair-Windows-XP-t138.html

will I have any problems after the repair?

pic unrelated

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I have personally never had success / good result from the XP Repair tool.
I have tried to use it ~5 times (various systems, once on my own) and every time I had to finally resort to format / reinstall anyway.
I guess I never had to deal with any issues that repair could fix.
Your Mileage May Vary
Good luck - it's worth a try.

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thanks. befor I try it on a system that matters, I'll try it on one that is just for testing stuff on.

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File: 1259540283648.png -(18.3 KiB, 224x152) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Anti Explorer is a small piece of code you can place in your site's HTML which stops Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE / Explorer) from rendering your page. Along-side this, a notification alerts the user he is using MSIE and prompts him / her to download Firefox instead.


Spread the word! Post this in other boards! Help kill Internet Explorer!

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File: 1261418264740.png -(24.3 KiB, 297x245) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ah, it's the little things in life like this IE ad that make me chuckle.

Aaand then I remember that it is bullshit like this that got my sister's credit card details stolen, and her bank account emptied...

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File: 1261644234829.jpg -(128.0 KiB, 854x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




"From the perspective of a web developer", discussions about the merits of IE are irrelevant. Except in specific ecosystems, IE's capabilities still define the practical limits of a developer's client-side toolkit.

I'm not a web developer or web designer, but I play one at work sometimes, and the web applications we maintain have over 90% IE usage, almost half of which is IE 6.

From the perspective of a hobbyist or power user, IE is ass, I'll give you that much.

Also, OP is bad and should feel bad.

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Lets face it, 90% of people that use IE6 are browsing from work.
Even one of the biggest ISP's in the UK (Orange) are famous for encouraging customers to update to FF/IE8, but they force employee's to use IE6.

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Don't I know it. At work we use one app in particular that depends on some VB 6 ActiveX components that are older than most people's cars. IE 6 time :(

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Shut up Bish, stop being stupid.

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File: 1261522492956.png -(1000.7 KiB, 1280x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hey, need some help with activating my Windows 7, it expires in 18 days.
I downloaded a loader, but when I try to install it/activate it, and after restarting my computer, Windows 7 still isn't activated? What do I need to do to get it working?
Thanks in advance!

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I had that issue using the 7loader and in the end just downloaded a pre-cracked windows 7 iso. For some reason when I installed the pre-cracked it came up as unactivated until I wiped the drive using a live ubuntu cd. Seems the Win7 format wasn't enough? Either way it worked out in the end and that's all that matters.

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Use RemoveWAT instead. Worked like a charm, I'll see if I can upload it to /media/.

Edit: Uploaded to /media/.

Last edited 09/12/23(Wed)02:40.

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Niceee, it worked, thanks a lot!

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File: 1261569176770.jpg -(126.7 KiB, 598x471) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You're welcome.

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File: 1260574920364.png -(467.8 KiB, 956x514) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I want to upgrade my video card and i am confused about the performance of some cards over others. So what do you all think i should buy? I was thinking about getting a gtx 280 on ebay for around 200 USD since its performance is closer to the gtx 285 .My current rig is as follows:

xfx 780i motherboard
4gbs of ozc platinum ram
1TB Hard drive
8800gts ;_; sad edition

Also, inb4 ATI VS Nvidia flamewar

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Eh, I use the same vidya card. Tis only a year old, what are you playing that you need to upgrade for it?

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everybody here hates the new dx11 cards from ATI?

what I heard at least was pretty impressive

>> No.1273   [Delete]   [Edit]

I wasn't aware there was any dx11 specific cards out yet, but then I don't wanna upgrade yet so I'm not really keeping track.

>> No.1282   [Delete]   [Edit]

OP, you're not going to spark an nvidia vs ati flamewar because you posted an nvidia card. Had you posted an ATi card though, your ass would've been burnt.

>> No.1286   [Delete]   [Edit]


Also, i was thinking at first to buy another xfx 8800gts and sli them but most people expect like over 150 USD for them and for that price i can buy a GTX 260 or ati equivalent

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File: 1260873751680.jpg -(43.0 KiB, 537x723) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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>Two European designers, Dries Verbruggen and Lucas Maassen, became enthralled recently with the idea of neuro-feedback in which a patient—say, someone with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder—observes his or her own brain waves on a video screen and tries to alter their oscillations through mental effort.
>Electrodes attached to the head transmit patterns of neural activity that can be nominally altered to produce focused attention, a calm outlook or some other state of mind. Whether neuro-feedback is an effective treatment, however, is still an open question.
>But, even if it is just a slightly more dynamic form of phrenology, the oscillating signals inside your head hold an undeniable attraction to some people. For Verbruggen and Maassen the ups and downs of the alpha waves provided inspiration for their design work, which ultimately resulted in a piece of furniture, the Brain Wave Couch.

I'd get one.

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File: 1260566277228.png -(29.0 KiB, 365x205) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Who wants to build one? If this works it will be awesome. Really awesome. Consider that nearly all of a rocket's mass comes from reaction material... eliminating the need to fling mass out the ass would make propulsion a lot cheaper and easier.

Last edited 09/12/12(Sat)00:19.

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it works great. I'm powering my own flying saucer with it now.

my cup keeps falling off though.

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File: 1259533139205.jpg -(12.5 KiB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I have 20 more Wave invites to hand out, first come first served. Poast your emailz

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I'm actually interested with all the [FUTURE OF WEB2.0] hype and all.

>> No.1223   [Delete]   [Edit]

Count me in, the e-mail in my name is indeed real.

>> No.1227   [Delete]   [Edit]

I've got 26 invites if anyone wants some.

>> No.1235   [Delete]   [Edit]

Many thanks!

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Still haven't figured out what this is useful for. Seems sort of...unnecessary.

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File: 1260109869680.jpg -(180.4 KiB, 1020x695) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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i'm having trouble with the HD TV I'm using as a monitor. i have been googeling this all night but no luck. When I tern off the tv my pc no longer sees the TV and disables it. im useing a dvi to hdmi cable to connect it to my geforce 9600 with the latest drivers. so far all i figured out is that if i can some how disable the DDC/EDID i can get it to stop changing. anyone got any ideas how to do that? I think i read somewhere you could remove the #12 pen from a vga cable to disable that but that probably won't work with a dvi to hdmi cable.
Also i thought maybe disabling PnP monitor detection would stop it from detecting it was not available. but I'm afraid that may also prevent it from detecting a monitor at all. leaving me without a monitor. Anyone know if that's correct or not? or would that just prevent it from detecting any different monitors. leaving it with the old monitors settings?

Any ideas welcome.

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Sorry about all the errors. I can't edit my post.

>> No.1231   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sorry not sure what your problem is, I have GeForce GTS 250 and I have my monitor connected with dvi and my HDTV is connected using hdmi-dvi but I have a hdmi-dvi connector on my computer.

Also are you turning the TV off completely or just 'stand-by' mode?

>> No.1236   [Delete]   [Edit]

When I tern off my TV the PC thinks it has been disconnected. So it disables it and makes my secondary monitor the primary. I have to go back into the display settings and re-enable the TV and reset the resolution settings to get it to work again.
I just need a way to stop it from disabling it.

Also when my pc sleeps the TV sets there with a black screen (but still emitting light) and a box that says hdmi1 up in the corner.

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File: 1260477565843.jpg -(11.6 KiB, 283x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Horrible tech support calls thread.

Saw this exchange happen via email today at work.

From: Ms. IDontWannaLogIn
To: HelpDesk

I can't get access suddenly for some reason. It worked this morning. Then I used the "edit" feature [Note: "Edit" link displayed at the top of pages that users are allowed to edit via the CMS] to make a change, and now I can't access any members-only pages.
Can you help?

From: HelpDesk
To: Lvl2Support

Can you check this account to see if she locked it out.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 09/12/10(Thu)23:41.

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File: 1260011157774.png -(868.0 KiB, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hay /tech/! I need some help! I had some software before to do this, but recently I've reinstalled my system. I need something to "manage" my wallpapers, like in this case, I want to push this picture a bit upwards. Any suggestions?

>> No.1215   [Delete]   [Edit]

well, it is windows... (XP.. i think.. friggin heavily modified theme) you can open the image in paint and crop the top off, i'm sure some people in /w/ can help with photoshoop work if it's required.

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