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My dream world Lucia is ready! We start in 2218 AD, ending in 2498 AD with seasons lasting 18 turns each in 45 minute intervals. The map will change between a day to a week unless there is inactivity.

Translations only come in if you start the Easter Egg hunt for 80 Intel laptops scattered around the planet (optional). As the game progresses, the story becomes more in-depth to fill in the blanks. This will help future players understand more about the planet's past.

Settings: Two six-sided dice, no over-powered characters, stat scale is 1 to 10 in STR, DEX, AGI, INT, and WIL
Purity: On (your character have only 1 life, so watch their HP!)
Difficulty: The yellow meter itself will gauge the intensity of the game. Once full, a Planetary Crisis event will trigger, all losing factions will declare war on the winning faction regardless of diplomatic status.
Goal: Get 75% of the planet under your control.

Lucians: Blue
Chasers: Orange
Raiders: Dark Red
Dormilians: Purple
Majokka (a.k.a. Mitakihara): Pink
Yan Tribe: Brown
Sun Pirates: Yellow
Monochrome: White

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I saw this somewhere when it wasn't done.
"unless theer is inactivity" - RIP

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