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how to use this forum,what subject shall we discuss

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like 4chan?

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kinda yes

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Subjests on here are usually rozen maiden. 2hu, dolls, and how to get new people to post.

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Unfortunately, a lot of former Touhou Project fansites in the form of forums are dying like shrinemaiden.org who had its admin pass away and it took a while for everybody to find out.

And then Discord emerged which started killing a lot of fan communities as Discord started absorbing different fandoms, which include Touhou Project.

However, if you dislike Discord but like the imageboard format, the oldest chan outside Japan to discuss Touhou Project has always been at 4chan

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this place looks like /jp/ without the idol/virtual youtuber crap and a lot slower. I like it already.

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Welcome! We have been slow for quite a while, seems like the imageboard phase is pretty much over. Oh, and the mods keep the place nice and clean, too - which is nice!
If you're feeling froggy, post something kero~

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