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Is that first part about those clerks in Lucky Star that always act like they're in a Gundam show? (I dunno if they are from anything...)

But TBH, if this even goes through and there is a Touhou anime, it's most likely not gonna be as good as people hope. People who don't know about Touhou will be less judgmental, though.

Side note, why the heck is it in some city? Real world? I know Gensokyo shouldn't look like that...

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Yes. Yes, that is Anime Tenchou. Seems to me this sill be some kind of crossover with that guy fighting alongside Touhou characters. That would explain why there's the Touhou characters are in an urban setting.

Sounds interesting, in my opinion, and I'll give it a shot at least.

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Me thinks it's a movie.

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Actually, Ufotable is planning/making 2 OVAs ft. AnimeTenchou and Touhou charas.
Google it.

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>People who don't know about Touhou will be less judgmental, though.

And you found the problem.

and also... so this is from the people who brought us lucky star? oh god its going to be a western 'otaku' fangirl pandering shitfest.
Get ready for a shitton of fangirls to know Alice, Marisa, Reimu, Flandre, Cirno, Ran, and Yukari but look at you funny if you talk about any other touhou character

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Pretty much this.

Also, they better add more characters. I'd actually like to see Chireiden, Eientei or Hakugyokurou...

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I'm surprised ZUN agreed to this....

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Who says he did?

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> Update 2: On Friday, Touhou Project creator ZUN posted on his Twitter account that the "Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project" anime is a derivative work, so he does not know the details about it. Later on Friday, a Twitter user named show_fb asked ZUN about the "Ikebukuro Hakurei Jinja" entity that is listed in the copyright notice for an image of the "Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project" anime. ZUN replied that he is not involved in that entity, and added that he thinks it is a pen name for the people drawing art in the derivative work.

Ah, I see.

I'm pretty sure ZUN stated that derivative works should be released "non-commericially" (i.e., for free or in doujin markets). This does not seem to fit that criterion.

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Yeah in fact HE doesn't care at all.

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We have replaced these magical girls with the cast of K-on! Let's see if the viewer can tell the difference.

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"We have replaced these magical girls with the cast of K-on! Let's see if we can get the old fans to ragequit and open up the market for weeaboo's"

Last edited 10/10/22(Fri)17:14.

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Not surprising, really. ZUN comes across as a very laid back gentleman.

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I'll pass on the old master race line, but you're going to have to walk me through the weaboo argument.

We're known for playing a series of games based around every part of oriental mythology turned into convenient "kawaii uguu" girls that after you defeat them you invite them for tea. The main hotspots for Touhou fans are here, the internet apathy machine, and /jp/. I sincerely doubt we're so divorced and unstable that an OAV will actually change anything.

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File: 1287939496649.jpg -(489.2 KiB, 640x2460) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

My whole thing is that it's probably gonna turn out like when CNN showed off Bad Apple.
Then people will go ape-shit crazy over it but NEVER even glance at the original sources, the games.

Last edited 10/10/24(Sun)19:59.

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Well if they are to even google the word ''Touhou'' then there is bound for them to find the games, not saying they'll all read every word on Touhou Wikia but at least in whatever forum/board that discusses about the anime should contain the source (as there will be people who knows about it in such places).

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True but there are those kids that just sit on Youtube all day like "OMG I LUV CIRNO" but all they know about Touhou is Cirno is ⑨. These are pretty much the kids I was talking about before.

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Yet strangely enough the lands where actual fans stay have seen little of this thing. Perhaps it's because YouTube is a black hole of intelligence to begin with.

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So...it comes out today.


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What, you saying you don't like Cirno?

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Now I never said that. I just hate how there are those people who have never even played the games, or care to look up that there are any, and still go gaga over Cirno just because they saw "Perfect Math Class" or "Chirumiru".
I know it's a stupid reason, but if you're gonna be a fan of something, at least play the games that you're a fan of. Or movies. Or music. Whatever the subject.

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I don't know how they got this.

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