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It's hard to describe this, but I'll try to do my best.
Well, I have been playing Touhou (to be more specific: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil) for not so long time, but I made a progress. At first I couldn't pass 6th stage without loosing too many lifes, but almost every other stage became easy for me after some time, just the last one was still too difficult. And now, when I finally learnt how to play to pass 6th stage without problems, suddenly I realised that I can't deal with first stages (1st, 2nd, 3rd), as well as with 5th stage. Previously 4th and 6th were these the most difficult which seemed to be unable to pass without loosing all life. Now these are the easiest for me, the rest - which was easier earlier - is more difficult. ;/ I don't know how it happened. I know every single detail of each level, how to move, how to aim, etc., so I could even play it sleeping. But somehow each time I play I screw up. That's Touhou so I can't afford loosing lifes at first stages. Just not so long ago I was able not to loose any life through three first stages, now it seems to be impossible.
I know it's stupid, but I don't know how did it happen and what to do now. I love this game but I become more and more frustrated rather than entertained. I just wanna pass it and try to play extra stage, but I simply can't because of failing each time I play. ;_;
Make me happier, /touhou/ - maybe you felt similiar in past?

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This happened to me too. Being able to play the first 5 with ease or not even loosing a life but could never get past stage 6. Practiced and practiced and was finally able to finish stage 6 with no problems, but now I have trouble with Meiling and Sakuya for some reason. Exact same thing happened in Mountain of Faith too.

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And what did you do? Took some rest of Touhou for some time, or just practiced more first stages? Well I simply don't know what's better, because if I won't be playing too long, I could become screwing up more, but if I keep practicing, I could just become tired of this and fail even more often. Or maybe both - not be playing for some time and then try train harder?
I just feel so pathetic that I must ask for opinions about such a thing, but I'm a bit desperated right now, because it's not like failing from time to time anymore, some days I simply can't go further than to 4th level without loosing so many lives that I can't even get "continue" at stage 6...
Of course if you managed to deal with it somehow, if not, well, we'll be suffering together.

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When that started to happen, I played some of the others. Subterranean Animism and Imperishable Night, to be precises. Playing those for a while then going back to EoSD and MoF kind of fixed it. Having trouble on the 6th stage bosses again, though. Maybe you could just practice? I forget which have them, but some of the games let you practice the boss fights after you've beaten them once. Unless it's the stages as a whole you're having trouble with.

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Well so far I played just EoSD and tried Perfect Cherry Blossom, even passed second one (with continuations ofc...) but during playing it it happened again, I just couldn't defeat Chen without loosing life, and I was failing soooo hard fighting with Poltregeits (is that how it's written?). But maybe you're right, it could work both ways - now I would be able to deal with Perfect Cherry Blossom better, and when I'll be fed up with it, I return to EoSD... Nah, that's a good idea. I'll try it tomorrow.
Even if it won't work - thanks for advice.

>I forget which have them, but some of the games let you practice the boss fights after you've beaten them once. Unless it's the stages as a whole you're having trouble with.

First: I have troubles with both stages in general and bosses. Second: that's EoSD, well, and PChB too, and they haven't such option to just practice boss, and I didn't tried other Touhou gaems yet (I'm begginer, remember).

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Good luck. It takes some practice, I know, but you'll get it.

I just looked through all of them and all the games are like that (practice the full stage). The exception with this is Imperishable Night. You can practice spell cards for each boss you beat.

Like I said, just try another game. If you feel one is too hard or you don't like the how something is in that one, maybe another one will better fit your fancy. For example, Undefined Fantastic Object has a rather different way of collecting bombs and lives. Some like it, some don't.

Also, who are you using? Try changing the character or the spell type. I usually use Marisa in all the games but Reimu seems to be easier.

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>If you feel one is too hard or you don't like the how something is in that one, maybe another one will better fit your fancy

But you see, I want to pass EoSD and unlock extra stage. I know I'll propably never pass it, but I just can't live with feeling so it suddenly became too hard for me so I can't even pass it without loosing all lifes. It's rather some kind of honor matter rather than this game doesn't suit me some way - I just hate dropping games uncompleted.
When I say "completed" I mean "passed without using continues".

>who are you using?

Marisa in both The Embodiment and Perfect Cherry Blossom, I used to use Sakuya in second one but she seemed to be too, hmmm... easy, I mean - like she was playing this game for me (I didn't even need to aim to hit bosses, and I find it a bit lame).

>Try changing the character or the spell type.

Problem isn't in spell card, because I fail at these easy stages becose I most of the time I get hit even before bosses, and I'm a bit slow in general so I usually don't use bombs to avoid death because I realise that I need to do this too late. And if we talking about characters... Reimu is even harder for me to play, she's just too slow (yep it's good when you need to graze carefuly, but for the rest of the time it just pisses me off how slow she is). But now when I'm playing Perfect Cherry Blossom maybe I'll pick Sakuya again, I guess it will do if it's just to get some rest of EoSD. Yeah, I guess I need to take some rest of Marisa too. Well, maybe it'll work. Thanks again for advices.

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File: 1288543813408.jpg -(124.4 KiB, 400x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ooooone last question. You said you were a beginner, and that's the only reason I'm asking, but do you know how to focus? It took me a couple days after I started playing to even realize you could do that. It helps a lot.

Also, I should have said that differently. I said "spell type" but I really meant the way they attack. (see image)
Marisa A - "Magic Missile"
Marisa B - "Illusion Laser"

Last edited 10/10/31(Sun)21:06.

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File: 1288551001105.jpg -(300.3 KiB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeah I'm beginner but I already know how to focus. Without it I wouldn't pass 6th stage, would I? Well I think that's kind of impossible to do that. ;]

>said "spell type" but I really meant the way they attack

I know but what it has to do with bumping into bullets? Also, I think second spell card sucks (at least for me, I just can't play with it), because these lasers distrupt me even more than it's worth to have them, and I just think that spell card sucks anyway. I tried to play with it and not only it didn't help my anyway, but also I couldn't focus at the game with these two fucking lasers near my character.
And I see Marisa B has better range (or does it just like that on pic?), but I already learnt how to play with narrow range, so it doesn't make any problems. The problem is bumping into these motherfucking bullets.

But just a few minutes ago I passed Perfect Cherry Blossom twice without failing so much (yeah I needed lots of continuations but at least I passed further than 1st stage). It looks it works because earlier I has the same with that game, I mean I eventually couldn't pass first stages without loosing lots of life, now it's better. It looks like it will also work with EoSD. Thanks for good advice. ;]
Here, have some cute Marisa and Alice.

Last edited 10/11/01(Mon)16:18.

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Good job!

>but what it has to do with bumping into bullets?

Well depending on the attack type can change how you play. For example: if you use Marisa with the Illusion Laser, you're going to have to sit under the boss the whole time to hit it. If you use Reimu with the Homing Amulet, you can move around as much as you want and dodge a lot easier. Of course, you won't be doing nearly as much damage but you'll still be evading death.

Also, it's "Poltergeist". Or you can just call them the Prismriver Sisters.

>> No.7923   [Delete]   [Edit]
>Well depending on the attack type can change how you play

So first Marisa's spell card is best for me then, it easy removes all bullets, and even though I have to approach to boss very close to hit her with my bomb, by doing that I clean all bullets while approaching. So I think it wouldn't change anything if I started to choose another spell card (I don't even count Reimu, like I said - she's too hard for me to play, and it's not like I didn't play her - she was my first character I played, but I started to choose Marisa when I've found out she's too slow for me, playing her was just uncomfortable).
By the way, so if I already play Perfect Cherry Blossom (I think I will be doing that for this week at least before I return to EoSD), I have a question about Prismriver Sisters. I heard that I can choose somehow which one I will be fighting with at the beginning, but I really don't know how. When I play Marisa, somehow I always fight with Lyrica, when I play Sakuya - with that in white dress (what was her name again...). So it depends which character I currently play or is there any way to choose particular Sister to fight with?

Last edited 10/11/01(Mon)16:30.

>> No.7924   [Delete]   [Edit]

The one in Black+Violin is Lunasa, the one in White+Trumpet is Merlin and the one in Red+Keyboard is Lyrica.
I'm pretty sure it depends on who you are playing as. If you play as Reimu, you fight Lunasa, fight Merlin as Sakuya and fight Lyrica as Marisa.
And yes, I did just play through as Reimu just to get this answer. Haha

>> No.7926   [Delete]   [Edit]

So Merlin sucks ;< well, it seems to be the only bad side of playing Sakuya (well maybe this auto-aim when you focus sometimes isn't particulary good thing when you just want to focus and shoot straight but you aim to some chick on the other side of the screen, where you can't go to gain point items).
But the longer I play Perfect Chery Blossom, the better that idea seems to be. Now I almost passed it (just didn't pick "continue" before killing last boss) and I needed one less continue than last time. It's strange how easy it seems to pass this game without loosing lifes and how difficult it's in fact.

Last edited 10/11/01(Mon)19:54.

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You'll get it. Just keep trying! It's only a matter of time, now!

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File: 1288636849924.jpg -(181.0 KiB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ya, I guess you're right. I just passed PCB with 3 continues, not 5 as usual. My, I hope I will make similiar progress when I return to EoSD.
Thanks for advice, it really works. You helped me alot, really.
Here, another cute Alice.

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