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Have you guys seen this?! God, I'm so excited. At first I thought the new character was just some boring ass schoolgirl but nope. She's got a dick bro. The song at the end of the trailer reflect my sentiments exactly. Hallelujah~!

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and its the best route, by far

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Even though (or maybe because?) they are so rare, traps drawn in non-anime style are a huge turn on for me. In this thread i will post all i have, and hopefully learn some new ones.

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File: 1500355426231.jpg -(85.0 KiB, 832x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The artist for the above posts may have been named Silvain Berthier.
Does anyone have any others for this series, especially in stockings or feminine clothing?

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Can we post a list of our favourite artists?
Who can start?

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Most fictional traps are under age 17 and haven't hit puberty hard. Their voices are still soft, very few are tall, and body hair is pretty much non-existent. Many men can pull of crossdressing but it's different then as teens.

Few series actually have this pop up as a point. The only ones I can think of are Hourou Musuko and Lovely Complex. I'd like to see it more; it causes interesting changes.

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i kinda wholeheartedly disagree with the premise of this entire thread. The most interesting otoko no kos IRL are all actually really rather old compared to the majority of 2d characters (often twice, in some cases 3-4x age if your mentioning really young chars) and through a bit of luck but also some damn hard work they pull it off very well, on multiple levels i find that far more interested but similarly its really under represented or atleast harder for myself to find in anime/manga as well as fanart.

and i clearly remember what me and my friends looked like when we where younger, we didn't look like or sound like girls, we looked and sounded like boys

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Yeah honestly? In many cases you can tell even before puberty hits which ones will ultimately grow up looking like impossibly masculine brutes and which ones will have a chance at being able to pull trapping off even in adulthood. Male voices are basically the only dead giveaway that cannot be realistically concealed by 99% of all men, but even so the most androgynous looking males are usually either 5'4" manlets or long and lanky average-height males between 5'9" and 5'11" who look like skeletons with round shota faces. Not even height is actually a big deal if you're at least below 6 feet and have the right body type. Obviously a majority of all straight men lacking in football player masculinity tend to be obsessed with compensating for it in some way, so one of them lifts like crazy and the other grows a beard, and both frequently have bad luck with women who are attracted to big, strong gentlemen with long man-faces who are like animals in bed.

The sexes don't always look starkly and impossibly different by themselves, but you have to just acknowledge that there's a genetic mentality and a naturally dominant overarching culture that comes with being male or female that makes things like traps or men who would want to be traps anomalous.

The truth is if you grew up to have one of the luckier, less dimorphic body types and you want to remain a trap IRL, it's just a matter of taking proper care of yourself to keep up the aesthetic. Puberty stops at 18 and keeping up with hair growth and the risk of weight gain are your worst enemies after that because women age, too, and arguably age a lot worse than men do.

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what is this from ?

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gerudo link

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File: 1512271925599.jpg -(206.5 KiB, 622x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

here you go op hope this really tickles your jimmies

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hello /tr/. can anyone tell me the artist ? you're the best.

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File: 1410980377694.jpg -(42.6 KiB, 288x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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"A story about a crossdressing teacher handling a delinquent class. Based on the same-name seinen manga by Rin Kasahara."

OVA, aired 23.07.1993.


Looks interesting, but where can I download it? No success with nyaa, bakabt, etc.

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And how toget these Sufficient privileges? maybe someone can get them?

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I found a video of it online guys!

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Now if only we could get subs. Or better yet, a dub! Yeeeah~ A dub would be great. Get somebody like Crispin Freeman to be his man mode voice and a total boner killer. And somebody like Laura Bailey to be his girl mode voice for maximum confusion.

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The video is now deleted. Shit, should've webm'd it.

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600 GET!

Since it was the trap that got me into traps, I am making a thread for Poison. Sure, I knew of Bridget and what have you beforehand, but this was the first one I fapped to multiple times before learning the truth...

After that it was all downhill, and a glorious descent at that.

Last edited 09/01/06(Tue)09:44.

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File: 1403500100693.jpg -(235.2 KiB, 787x1154) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Guy who made the Poison documentary made a follow-up video a few months later.

And for people who don't mind dickless Poison, this was a really good read.

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File: 1454267751955.jpg -(1.6 MiB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

New Poison tranny mod (USF4) just released :


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File: 1454267914080.jpg -(1.6 MiB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

New Poison tranny mod (USF4) just released :


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I'm all for shemale Poison but did they have to make her look like a damn futa? That dick is ridickulous. At least make it match her skin tone.

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File: 1505273937683.jpg -(149.5 KiB, 1440x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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link to download pl!

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File: 1299291719877.jpg -(133.6 KiB, 515x711) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Waai! New trap game by Nounai Kanojo ^^
Apart from several doujin games, I think this is probably the first commercial trap-only game since Cage bit the dust.

Title: Josou Sanmyaku / 女装山脈
Release Date: 2011-06-17
Trap Count: As of yet, there are only 3 characters shown.

Josou Sanmyaku translates literally as "Cross-dressing Mountain Range"... bizarre title.
I'm guessing this project was backed by Aogiri Penta (and the scenario writer), since there weren't any traps in the last game and he seems to be trap-infatuated (seeing as how all his doujinshi are only about them).

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I wish someone would translate the VN.

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That is complete and utter bullshit. What happens is when the love between a man a trap is pure and strong enough, the traps butthole ceases to be such, and becomes an asspussy. At that point, the traps, small, pale, cute, hairless testicles start producing eggs. Its a hormone thing, like in Jurassic Park. If a man loves his trap waifu enough, and fucks her REALLY REALLY hard, and cums LOTS and LOTS, then the sperm, reinforced by the power of love, fertilize the trap eggs which are stored in the trap womb located adjacent to the rectum. The trap birth canal of the asspussy can be utilized, but this is very painful so c -sections are advised. With a trap pregnancy, the offspring will always be either a female, or a trap. Of course, this entire process can be postponed until the trap evolves into a true women upon reaching adulthood (as all mortal traps do*) At that point, the penis retracts and folds in on itself forming a vagina, and B cup breasts appear on the chest (also worth mentioning, A cup breasts are not a typical on pregnant traps, again, its hormones)

  • Since immortal traps keep their youthful trap charm, this transformation never takes place
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Finally someone who agrees with me on traps.

They evolve into real woman with boobs and pussy.

stage 1: trap
next stage, stage 2 futanari
final stage, stage 3 dickless breasted and vagina girl/woman/lady.

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