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File: 1244267594029.png -(54.3 KiB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
55560 No.10595   [Delete]   [Edit

I apologize if this is too similar to the "are you gay?" thread, but I just wanted to start a thread on this topic without using the poll-style OP, and I think this is worth writing about.

I believe that fapping to traps does NOT necessarily make you gay/bisexual. Bisexuality implies being sexually attracted to both genders for what they are. Now, unless you're actually gay/bi, then this would of course not apply.

It's a fetish, plain and simple. There are two parts to my argument. First of all, you're attracted to the feminine aspects of a trap. The penis is just something extra, and takes less precedence/is mentally blocked out over the feminine parts. "OMG there's a dick, he's definitely gay." That's nonsense.

But here's the kicker. Even though it takes less precedence, I contend that it's precisely that 'something extra' that feels taboo/novel to you, and so you feel excited, yet confused at the same time, but it doesn't matter because the it is the COMBINATION of the feminine parts + taboo-ness that both sexually overwhelm and stimulate you. And that's why you fap to traps, even though you're not gay.

You know it to be true. I hope this clears up a few things for some of the sexually confused anon out there.

>> No.10599   [Delete]   [Edit]

That's nice, but those who care already know that, and those who don't, will turn this into a debate that has been done thousands of time before everytime someone brings up the topic.

>> No.10601   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yeah, I agree. I mean, if I saw some guy who was really feminine and cute and such and the opportunity presented itself I'd take it, but I wouldn't get down with, say, a female weightlifter.

>> No.10604   [Delete]   [Edit]

Fact: All men are a least a little gay; it's a matter of degrees.

For example, no matter how straight you are, you're at least gay enough to want a bigger dick.

>> No.10605   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yeah, OP did put it nicely though. I do think it's the taboo of it all that I love so much. My biggest fetish used to be futa, until my girlfriend discovered my porn stash. She was a little weirded out, but after some discussion, she was fine with it. Almost immediately after that, traps became my biggest fetish. It's as if keeping it a secret is part of why I love it so much.

I usually sum it all up as "I like girls, and I like penises" though.

>> No.10607   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, I already like the ballet, so liking cocks in very specific situations doesn't make me that much gayer than I was before.

>> No.10610   [Delete]   [Edit]

How pathetic. The fact that there's a taboo element in the trap fetish does not negate or explain away the homosexual attraction involved. It does not preserve your straightness. With the possible exception of breast and ass fetishes, all fetishes have an element of the taboo. In fact, there are other fetishes out there that are even more taboo than traps and they don't require a homosexual attraction. At the end of the day you like traps for their dicks. And if you're a guy that means you aren't straight. Does the rationalization ever end with you people? Do you ever actually come to terms with who and what you are?

>> No.10612   [Delete]   [Edit]

OP makes an interesting point. Which, as >>10599 enumerated, any guy who's insecure or confused about their sexuality in light of liking traps has worked out for himself.

It's still pretty gay, though. Your post requires pretty specific, explicit definitions of "gay" and "trap" - neither of which is so clear-cut. The debates come up time and again on this board - are 3D transvestites traps? What degree of femininity or female clothing is it that defines the "line" between shota and trap? What about genderswap stuff where a guy, male mind intact, gets fucked by another guy? What about a trap fucking a guy? A shota? The permutations and niggling questions in clearly defining any of it are infinite, so I say why bother.

You're jerking off to a drawing of a little boy in a dress. Deal with it.

And "bisexuality" is a farce anyway, because sexual attraction isn't binary in the first place. Calling yourself bisexual is like declaring yourself an oxygen-breather.

in short: >>10610 plus more words.

>> No.10613   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh boy, it was inevitable.
I'm not sure people here are having problems dealing with it... It's pretty damned obvious what this board is about.
Nobody's trying to rationalize their fetish by hiding behind a blanket term. At least, not that I can see.
Also, troll every day.

Since we're reinventing the wheel here, let's go to another arguable point:
being gay means you like men, can we agree on that? None of the traps (aside from the joke ones) here are manly, can we also agree on that?
tl;dr: shades of gray, etc.

>> No.10614   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1244281920503.jpg -(94.1 KiB, 845x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm bisexual, more leaning towards the gay polarity... I've trapped before and I guess I always visualize myself as the trap when i'm browsin' and fappan. It is a common fantasy with gays to mess around with a straight guy. I guess the reason why traps appeal to me is that it allows for the fantasy to be more realistic and lets me get in touch with my feminine side. I like being a boy though :]

I'm just a slutty boy at heart >:3

Last edited 09/06/06(Sat)12:55.

>> No.10615   [Delete]   [Edit]


This implies that there's something to come to terms with. Why should I feel bad for being aroused by a boy who looks like a girl? It's the feminine aspects you're attracted to, not the fact that the creature you're looking at has a vagina. I still like vaginas, but I prefer that they're attached to girls who, you know, look like girls. Preferably cute ones.

Now, if some people here feel like they have to come to terms with their fetish or whatever, that's their problem.

>> No.10617   [Delete]   [Edit]

bridget and jun are mostly indistinguishable from females

but when characters like kei and len are involved one can't think but help that things are getting a LITTLE gay here, considering those two are visibly male

and if you feel a need to rationalize your jerking to anime characters for any reason you have some pretty serious problems

>> No.10618   [Delete]   [Edit]

If it's pretty, fuck it; there is no gay.

>> No.10621   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.10626   [Delete]   [Edit]

I find traps the apex of human evolution.

You still have your cock, but you look like an angel, so cute some people won't even dare to want sex with you, just love you unconditionally, women clothes fits you better than on actually women, etc.

Must be fun.

>> No.10627   [Delete]   [Edit]

Psych student here; OP is pretty much right as far as attraction goes. Sexual orientation inclines one towards an attraction to the SECONDARY sexual characteristics of the opposite gender, not the primary.

>> No.10632   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1244312624022.jpg -(66.2 KiB, 610x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Psh, hogwash. Not all guys find secondary sexual traits attractive, see /loli/ for a clear example of this.

Of course, central dogma writes this off as paraphernalia but honestly, there are no specific set of traits to which everyone is attracted. Basically, everything you learned in psych class concerning human sexuality is a lie, written in the interest of being politically correct rather than objectively accurate.

Personally, I find loli to be the most attractive and youngish-looking traps to be secondary to that. Both have DFC and are extremely girly, which lends credence to OP's theory about traps.

>> No.10633   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1244313483269.jpg -(137.7 KiB, 1070x898) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


What are primary and secondary characteristics of a person? Looks precede gender ala >>10618?

>> No.10634   [Delete]   [Edit]


>Nobody's trying to rationalize their fetish by hiding behind a blanket term.

Really? Because that seems to be exactly what he's doing here

>it is the COMBINATION of the feminine parts + taboo-ness that both sexually overwhelm and stimulate you. And that's why you fap to traps, even though you're not gay.

His whole post is an attempt to reconcile liking dicks and being straight. Unfortunately for OP those things are mutually exclusive (if you're a guy, anyway). It's really sad that people go to such great lengths because they're insecure.


>It's the feminine aspects you're attracted to, not the fact that the creature you're looking at has a vagina.

If that were the case, why like traps at all? It's not like it's hard to find pictures of attractive, feminine women. The liking of cock is an essential and irremovable aspect of liking traps. And I agree with you, people shouldn't feel bad and there should be no reason for people to have to come to terms with themselves. But as this thread clearly shows a lot of people have hang ups that they need to deal with.

>> No.10635   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>10612 here


>tl;dr: shades of gray, etc.

This was my point. OP's argument is that liking "traps" can be neither "gay" nor "bisexual." It would take a hell of a limited enjoyment of traps not to ever cross one of those gray shades, and at the point where one likes a trap who isn't absolutely and totally feminine, you're in bisexuality.

And, seeing as he starts the thread off with a picture of Kei, ignoring his excellent taste, he's already crossed that grey. Kei is reasonably masculine for the majority of Moyashimon, and drawn with both masculine and feminine features in most of the porn.

I'm all for psychologizing trap love, but it should be done in light of the fact that sexuality and sexual attraction are in no way polar.

>> No.10636   [Delete]   [Edit]


I agree with this post. In the end, they're still drawings of hyper feminine males in drag.

>> No.10665   [Delete]   [Edit]


I disagree that simply being attracted to something with a cock but that's otherwise very feminine makes you not straight, but I also don't see the point of these hard and fast labels. If I were to get it on with a really convincing trap (not that I've actually met such a person) and you want to call me gay because of that, that's fine with me. It doesn't change the fact that I'm not attracted to 99.99 percent of men.

Last edited 09/06/07(Sun)03:46.

>> No.10669   [Delete]   [Edit]

OP here. Plenty of good discussion going on here; couldn't expect anything less from /tr/

I agree with a lot of you, it's far too difficult to put labels on these things, as clearly nothing in this world comes in black or white. And so I concede that my argument is too sweeping a generalization.

Perhaps what I said applies to a few of you trap-lovers out there. I know for myself, that what I say does strictly apply to me, but may not be the case for everyone else.

Still, I don't feel that I'm in denial when I say fapping to traps is not gay/bisexual. Some might think it makes me slightly gay for simply accepting the presence of the dick. Then again, that dick could be another random object for all I care. The very fact that it's DIFFERENT is what arouses me, not the DICK in and of itself. That's JUST ME.

That's the final word from me, glad everyone's sharing their own opinions on this.

>> No.10672   [Delete]   [Edit]

its not bad to be bisexual. it just means that you have twice the chance of getting laid, and a hole is a hole amirite?

>> No.10673   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.10749   [Delete]   [Edit]


I am 100% straight and yet I still came to this picture and for some reason I am browsing a forum full of dicks.

>> No.10774   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think we've got a problem with the way we're analyzing things here. You seem to be saying there is either "Gay" or "Straight" and nothing in between; save for Bisexual which I'm sure you lump in with gay anyway.

The gay folks I know would laugh at me if I told them liking traps makes you gay. To quote one, "It's just a girl with a penis."
On the other hand, you'd be hard pressed to find any straight guys who don't find this gay to some degree. At least, not after they know what lies beneath the skirt.

I really don't think you can define a trap fetish as exclusively Gay or Straight. Liking traps doesn't make you gay, but I don't think a single one of us has a problem admitting that it is not straight. Yes, we fucking know it's a boy in a dress.

I don't see this going anywhere, unless some new sort of classification of sexual preference were coined; but I don't see that being followed through.

>> No.10799   [Delete]   [Edit]

Its pretty obvious you can be completely into traps and want to do all everything with them, find women to be incredibly attractive too, and have no interest in men who aren't traps.

For the purposes of being straight, a bisexual who was equally attracted to men and women (although not all bi.s are) could function as completely straight.

Its pretty clear if you like traps you do like that they're actually very feminine and effeminate boys or otherwise you wouldn't be looking for pictures of them on purpose.

I would call this mostly straight or basically straight, like a 1 or 2 on the Kinsley scale. Having a fetish for traps won't diminish your lust for women, you can lust after both if you want.

Sure I've read a few personals from guys who want to go out with crossdressers and some of them want to do some stuff that seems "gay" to an effeminate crossdresser. Its funny to me though, because these guys seem completely straight and normal regardless, that's the way they view themselves, and they're not exactly gay. They're just a little bisexual, but only for traps, interesting, n'est-ce pas?

>> No.10800   [Delete]   [Edit]

traps and dickgirls are outside of the gender spectrum in their own gray area

everyone here is now a pansexual

>> No.10801   [Delete]   [Edit]

Text threads on an imageboard are terrible. Repeats of text threads on an imageboard are a shit sandwich.

>> No.10804   [Delete]   [Edit]

Gay people like manly men.

traps try to be feminine thats a difference

im straight but traps make me hard too.

its because they act so feminine ..

Once an for all this the truth

If fap to traps its doesnt make you gay

>> No.10816   [Delete]   [Edit]

As a trans girl I'll throw in my 2cents.

In my opinion if you just like 2D traps that's probably impossible to say if you're gay or not, because really it's just a drawing. In the same respect as someone pointed out earlier if you like lolicon/shota that doesn't mean you're a pedophile on the hunt for little girls/boys.

However if you like real life traps simply because of the trap aspect (aka they have a penis) I'd say you are at the very least bisexual~ which of course there is nothing wrong with at all!

I've noticed the argument that traps aren't gay because gay men like manly men (which is very untrue, not all gay men like burly bears some love the effeminate men) and that you are only attracted to the feminine aspect. Really this argument makes zero sense to me because if you were only attracted to the feminine aspect why not just look at genetic women? Someone made this point earlier too and someone else responded that it was because it 'different' that lay the real attraction. Again makes little sense because there are soooo many fetishes in anime that you could have some furry girl, amputee girl, 4 tit girl ;x etc that are quite different yet arent gay (though you'll still have some unique tastes lol)

Imo the only time liking a trap/trans girl irl is not gay is when you honestly don't care about the penis at all and view that person as female completely (which is obviously not the case on this board since everyone has much penis love~ [though I can't blame them cocks are nice :3])

So I guess if you find a hot real trap/trans girl, hook up, and then think 'hell yes Im gonna fullfil my trap fantasy here and sleep with a girl with a dick' you're probably gay but if you think 'this girl is pretty awesome and no matter what she has down there I still find her really attractive' you're probably still pretty straight~

Again this was just my 2 cents and I dont know if it means much because really I like cocks on traps but plan on having srs myself - of course Im also attracted to regular girls and guys soooo maybe my tastes are just too broad lol.

>> No.11678   [Delete]   [Edit]

I haven't really read through this thread, so if someone already said something about this then sorry. I talked to my older brother, and he said that you're not quite gay/bisexual if you simply enjoy the sex with another of your sex. To be bi, it would mean that you can find love in both male and female, and not just love them for their parts.
So if you think that you turn gay or bi for fapping to traps or even men in general, then you should try to think if you can fall in love with them or even just date them.
I guess if you had to category a man fapping to a trap for the first time, they would be simply bi-curious, or just really horny so they'd fap to anything...
God I just really want to write tonight. That's my third word heavy post tonight. God sorry for those who just wanna fap scratches head and blushes

>> No.11704   [Delete]   [Edit]

I could fall in love with a trap, but not with a guy

>> No.11706   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sage for stupid thread.

>> No.11723   [Delete]   [Edit]

So what if I like reverse traps?

>> No.11724   [Delete]   [Edit]

This picture makes me feel bad about my interests.;_;

>> No.11744   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1245718348039.jpg -(41.2 KiB, 258x391) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

2 : of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between individuals of the same sex —compare HETEROSEXUAL

If you're using "gay" as in homosexual and not this gay identity thing, it's gay to have or want to have sex with anyone of the same biological sex as you, regardless of what they look like or what their gender identity is.

I'm a transsexual who's had sex reassignment surgery, but would still describe sex between me and a man as homosexual. This is because I'm biologically male. I don't know... I think the whole idea of gay/straight/pan is silly, because "homosexual" should maybe be a word to describe an activity. I don't really see why it needs to be something a person becomes.

I would even describe sexual interactions between myself and my boyfriend as homosexual. This is despite the fact that he was attracted to me prior to me telling him of my status and who has no over arching attraction to transsexuals.

I am deviating from the point and these are just idiotic ramblings. Yeah.

>> No.11751   [Delete]   [Edit]

Having sex with someone who has a penis(if you're a male) is gay, period.
Having sex with someone who has a vagina(if you're a male) is straight, period.

>>Gay people like manly men.

So men who are into GAR, are gayer than men who are into traps. I'll take note of that, and remember to tell them. I love to get on the nerves of GAR obsessed homophobic men.

>> No.11978   [Delete]   [Edit]

im stupid tell me what GAR means?

>> No.11984   [Delete]   [Edit]

The last stage in hot-blooded manliness, GAR is a natural quality gifted to a few men who, by their legendary status, render hordes of fanboys in a state akin to homosexual for them. "I'm GAR for X" indicates that X's raw manliness inspires feelings of love and worship from otherwise straight men.

GAR occurs when a man's strength, courage, and all-round badass quotient are too high for ordinary mortals to resist. Even admitting willingness to take it up the ass from a GAR hero is not gay, because compared to such men, we are all women.

Examples of characters you are gar for:

Gurren Lagann: Kamina, adult Simon, Garlock
Captain Harlock: title character
Getter Robo: Ryoma
Lucky Star: The comic book guy (forgot his name, parody)
Nadesico: Gai Daigouji (parody)

Originally starting on 4chan's /a/ applying solely to Archer, a character from Fate/stay night, due to the harmony of the two words (Gay for ARcher). Allegedly derived through a typo by an Anonymous expressing love/admiration for Archer after his gutsy last stand in episode fourteen of Fate/stay night. That Anonymous intended to say, "I'm Gay for Archer," but mistakenly typed "I'm Gar for Archer."

Last edited 09/06/25(Thu)04:16.

>> No.11987   [Delete]   [Edit]


K well, preferences.

You wouldn't do it with a fat chick(no offense to anyone) or anything like that. But... I guess it matters what you fall in love with.

I think if it's a trap, you probably didn't know at first. So you fell in love with the girl, and traps have a penis, but that has nothing to do with love, it's just the sex.

So loving traps is like a gateway drug. You find out you like the penis, thus more comfortable with general homosexual things, thus have a more open mind to being bi/homosexual.

To put it simply: Traps = Marijuana and Manly-man = Acid 'cept not bad for your health, just your butt

>> No.11989   [Delete]   [Edit]

it's gay to a certain degree. i mean come on traps were born with a fucking penis ffs

but i say it's only to a certain degree because i really think there's a distinct difference between liking traps and straight up male-on-male.

and this is why sexuality will never be simple

>> No.12014   [Delete]   [Edit]

Pansexual, gender-queer trap here. Define your terms. You are arguing about which behavior would be "gay" but your definition of gay changes with every post. Liking traps obviously indicates you have some interest in penises... otherwise, as has been pointed out, you would be looking at GG porn. The issue goes deeper than has been discussed thus far though... Are you getting off on the "male" role, or the trap role? Are you more aroused be consensual, or by the forced sex? Is it a situation where the trap is really a surprise, or where it's a known dress up game that turns you on? This whole fetish is so complex, and the motives behind the enjoyment of every facet are so different, I don't know why a bunch of chan-tards think they can analyze the ramifications. I think really what happens in these threads is a bunch of people try to claim they are still 100% "straight" and the openly gay/bi/pan among us try to convince them otherwise. There's no real logic to be applied here... unless you apply arbitrary static definitions to terms like "gay" and "bi" and try to assign meaning based upon those terms. At which point the meaning becomes arbitrary as well.

>> No.12731   [Delete]   [Edit]


>Gay people like manly men.

uhh, no they don't. i know becuase i'm gay and i hate manly man. there's nothing sexy about them. simply put, they disgust me. feminine traps and boys are sexier

>im straight but traps make me hard too.

yet your fapping to traps, guys dressed as women

>If fap to traps its doesnt make you gay


>> No.12732   [Delete]   [Edit]

Love is free.

>> No.12943   [Delete]   [Edit]


Weird analogy. But maybe a good one, because just like I'd never do acid, I'd never want to do anal with a manly man.

>> No.12972   [Delete]   [Edit]

hey faggot their just cartoons. And any anime trap can be converted to dickless and breasted girl!

>> No.12975   [Delete]   [Edit]

I only like traps when they're tucked and they pass well. I love the concept of cute boys who can be cute girls.

>> No.12994   [Delete]   [Edit]

Dont you mean the concept that any woman can be a man. Sarah Palin is a trap and so is ever other hot female celebrity. Janet Reno a reverse trap? yeah right I know she is just a man in a dress. any one of you gay guys have the hots for Janet Reno or Buck Angel(man with a pussy)?

>> No.13006   [Delete]   [Edit]


It's the concept of liking femininity, not masculinity. Secondary female characteristics.

>> No.13244   [Delete]   [Edit]


"sex" not "biological sex"

–noun 1. either the male or female division of a species, esp. as differentiated with reference to the reproductive functions.
2. the sum of the structural and functional differences by which the male and female are distinguished, or the phenomena or behavior dependent on these differences.
3. the instinct or attraction drawing one sex toward another, or its manifestation in life and conduct.


What if you accidentaly fucked a t-girl, or a trap cause they were soo good at hiding it you though it was a girl. Would that make you gay?

>> No.13245   [Delete]   [Edit]

Also, I fap to whatever I want tg, dg, tr, girls, and hetero porn included.

>> No.13246   [Delete]   [Edit]


Exactly. Another example is if you get raped by a man. That wouldn't make you gay either.

Further, two straight guys can have sex without fear of being gay provided they say "not homo".

>> No.13254   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1247371483707.gif -(26.9 KiB, 200x228) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>two straight guys can have sex without fear of being gay provided they say "not homo"
>> No.14149   [Delete]   [Edit]

thats true only if it was a straight man disguiesed as confincing trap and gets butt raped by another man who thinks he's just fucking some woman in the ass and doesnt bother to feel for the pussy.

>> No.14158   [Delete]   [Edit]


Okay, but that's not what he was saying. He meant two regular straight guys who have consensual sex.

>> No.14189   [Delete]   [Edit]

ok agreed thats completely illogical that two straight men would agree to concenual sex.

What about prison where the other guy is coerced into butt rape or take turns raping each other.

>> No.14195   [Delete]   [Edit]

The story of my life

>> No.14199   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1248488195944.jpg -(140.6 KiB, 600x501) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

no homo

>> No.14275   [Delete]   [Edit]

Why are some of you confused by the "no homo" concept? It is like a get out of jail card. It is short hand for any excuses that are necessary. It's very simple.

>> No.14289   [Delete]   [Edit]


It's an agreement on the part of both parties to deny/forget about what happened between them. If that works out for them, great, but it doesn't change the fact that they did in fact jerk each other off or whatever.

>> No.14291   [Delete]   [Edit]

What happens no homo, stays no homo

>> No.14292   [Delete]   [Edit]


Fine, if you say so.

>> No.14299   [Delete]   [Edit]

fag in denial

>> No.14301   [Delete]   [Edit]

As the OP and various other people said, it's the feminine aspects of the trap that you're attracted to, however, it's clearly not straight since it has a penis. I don't believe that straight, gay or bi are adequate to describe the fetish and it should actually be a new sexuality of its own.

So /tr/, enjoy your Trapsexuality.

>> No.14451   [Delete]   [Edit]

Haha, yes exactly :D

(But I think some other people need a sense of humour)

>> No.14513   [Delete]   [Edit]


>Fact: All men are a least a little gay; it's a matter of degrees.

Fact: There are always exceptions to rules*. I'm the one who started the Hanaukyo Maids-based (which became a general 'crossdressers in anime; usually forced into it') thread and recently the Nakuru Akizuki/Ruby Moon thread. 'Traps' simply hold no interest for me, sexually/fetishistically or otherwise. I merely contributed to this section with threads started that I thought would be of interest to some here.

Some may troll/flame/accuse me of being in denial/whatever, but the facts stand. Just because you're not straight, doesn't mean everyone else isn't. If this is what you think, and project upon others, then it could mean you're latently heterosexual and are merely in denial about it.

Works both ways, eh?

>For example, no matter how straight you are, you're at least gay enough to want a bigger dick.

I'm content with what I was born with. Besides, try telling that to John Wayne Bobbitt. >_<

*- There is NO porn/hentai featuring Alv & Dvergr ("Kiddy Grade"). Believe me, I've looked (although by all means I'd welcome anyone to try and prove me wrong!). Thus 'Rule 34' is contradicted. Ergo, that meme is DESTROYED. QED.

>> No.14514   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh you people and your quaint little sexual labels.

>> No.14801   [Delete]   [Edit]


I refer you to the infinite wisdom of Ron White.

As for being satisfied with what God gave you, no you're not. You won't be satisfied until you have a 15-foot monstrosity you can chop down trees with; You know it to be true.

>> No.14825   [Delete]   [Edit]

Related to OP post, does anyone have any good doujins with Kei they can deliver? I will praise your name if you do.

>> No.14830   [Delete]   [Edit]

There are six doujins in the Kei thread.
>>414, >>415, >>416, >>417, >>2628, & >>5019

(The index is your friend!)

>> No.14835   [Delete]   [Edit]


I forgot about the index, but thanks.

>> No.14842   [Delete]   [Edit]

fag in denial

>> No.14844   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1248888467810.jpg -(55.5 KiB, 711x599) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>You won't be satisfied until you have a 15-foot monstrosity you can chop down trees with; You know it to be true

In your dreams, perhaps. That's YOUR dreams, not mine.


>fag in denial

I'm not a cigarette in the river in Egypt, but thanks for playing. Nor am I a pork meatball.

>> No.23092   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1261596697103.jpg -(285.0 KiB, 524x688) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I fap to traps because i like femdom (or to be more precise i like to be dominated), and that kind of material, especially the kind to my liking is rare.. I put myself in their shoes because they tend to be really submissive.
Another reason i think i like traps is because i was never sure what girls find sexy in guys. And traps are sexy to me. And i want to feel sexy so you compute that on your own.

Apart from that cross-dressing and gay stuff dose nothing for me. So i don't think im gay. Yet.

>> No.23285   [Delete]   [Edit]

There's no solid line between gay and straight. We're simply closer to the gay side of the spectrum.

>> No.23320   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1262097478612.jpg -(81.7 KiB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I always refer to this macro when someone plays the sexuality card.

Also, I don't know what is up with the women bashing. Femdom is pretty hot too IMHO

>> No.23324   [Delete]   [Edit]

I used to like femdom a lot until I saw it in live action porn. Then I realized its only the facesitting and pussy worshiping that turns me on. The other stuff in it like bondage, leather, insults, spanking, strap-ons, whips & chains, etc are fucktarded and cheesy. IMO they don't need all that extra crap to exhibit power. The woman just needs to be in control for it to be hot.

>> No.23342   [Delete]   [Edit]

I have the same situation with erotic lit - I like reading stuff where the woman is in control, or even just happens to be the more aggressive, but you only ever find that theme in stuff where the woman is beating the shit out of the man, berating him, torturing him, etc.

I'll admit I'm a fan of light bondage, though. I'm just not into the brutal CBT and orgasm denial <.<

>> No.23354   [Delete]   [Edit]

I like traps because I'm gay, and I like all men from girly boys to lumberjacks

>> No.23366   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm usually only turned on by girly boys or boyish girls, but in this latter case I usually try not to think about the fact that they have a vagina, because I find it pretty gross.

>> No.23393   [Delete]   [Edit]

I can't say I'm not turned on by strap-ons.

But yeah that whole leather stuff is all thrown together with femdom just because 90% of porn is already maledom.

I can't seem to go in search of strap-on with seeing men's dicks getting stomped on. And I can't seem to go after girl on top and in control without seeing a bunch of strap-ons.

If it weren't such a minority I could go for whatever shades I want easy, but no. And they got their leather in my cowgirl because of it.

For the large part.

>> No.23405   [Delete]   [Edit]

(You are a gay)

>> No.23410   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.23416   [Delete]   [Edit]

Tell me something I don't know...

>> No.55022   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'd fuck anything that looks cute enough. That includes 2D traps because they look just like little girls.

If 3D traps looked as good as 2D ones, i'd find them fuckable.

>> No.68643   [Delete]   [Edit]

Fapping to traps makes you no more gay than a woman masturbating to another woman who looks like a burly biker dude would make her straight.

And anyway, NOTHING is black and white. We're all gray. It's just some of us lean towards the lighter spectrum, and some are darker. White and black are absolutes that are virtually impossible to achieve. So go easy on yourselves.

>> No.68645   [Delete]   [Edit]

This entire thread implies there is something intrinsically wrong with being homosexual, bisexual, pansexual or anything other than heterosexual/asexual. Ergo, most of you come across as having a fundamentalist morality, which there is absolutely something wrong with (not the least of which it makes you out to be quasi-fascist). Congrats, idiots.

>> No.68646   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1362430566456.jpg -(156.5 KiB, 1000x749) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Pic related to pansexual trap. You can tell because of how much he loves bread.

>> No.68649   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1362434908454.jpg -(55.7 KiB, 550x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

How's the view from up there?

>> No.68654   [Delete]   [Edit]

androphilia and gynephilia

>> No.68663   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1362464041673.jpg -(283.9 KiB, 1500x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Traps are boys with girly look. If you are sexuality attracted to traps, then you are sexuality attracted to BOYS with girly looks. The penis is not an "extra", is just the entire core of this fetish.

Being gay it doesn't mean than you must be attracted to every kind of men out there. There are boys that are attracted to bears (masculine, hairy men) or chubby guys. Others like twinks (slim and young, but not necessary girly men). Others like drags, tranny and/or girly men, traps is just another definition of that kind of man.

So if you are on traps that means you are gay or bisexual. Denying just because you can't accept you don't are 100% heterosexual is just ridiculous IMHO.

The only exception I see is that you like traps because you want to be one. That not necessary means that you are attracted to men.

>> No.68664   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sauce? It looks a little like Cuteg to me :B

>> No.68665   [Delete]   [Edit]



Here ya go.

>> No.68697   [Delete]   [Edit]

Does no one remember that this has already been addressed?

And quite entertainingly so, right here.

>> No.68791   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1363343071069.jpg -(175.3 KiB, 704x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Bit different when you self insert as the trap. Although, it's even more different when you're trans.
I'm dickssexual.

>> No.68793   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1363367234885.jpg -(275.2 KiB, 1000x1417) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Self insert as the trap

High five me, sister!

>> No.68799   [Delete]   [Edit]


Yep, I am primarily interested in women. And I find traps attractive because they are typically girls in looks at activity. I don't actually think the dick is the core of the fetish for me, because being a trap myself, I usually put myself in the traps place. Of course, eventually, I do not plan to have a penis, but in the meantime, I find traps (at least drawn ones, anyhow) far closer to my mental picture. I do like guys, although my experiences have generally not lived up to my expectations.

tl;dr I like traps because I am a trap.

>> No.68815   [Delete]   [Edit]

To throw in my 2 cents, there's a difference between what you're sexually attracted to and what you find sexually appealing. I'm asexual, so I'm not attracted to people on a sexual basis, but gosh do I love sexual stuff for recreational reasons. Having fun with someone I'm in a relationship with is definitely a bonus, but emotional needs and relationships are different from physical, sexual needs. Besides all that, sexuality just isn't black and white for most people! I remember a girl once describing how she was sexually attracted to girls, but emotionally attracted to boys.

To get to the point, traps always had a weird standing with me. From early childhood, I knew I wasn't my assigned gender of male, abut everyone kept pushing it on me. When I started living more on the internet around Age 13, I was able to express myself more freely. Being a girl didn't seem exactly right either, but at the time I believed in the gender binary. Even back then I was panromantic and with a pretty weird pallet of sexual tastes (tentacles since Age 7 - but underwear and big breasts have always made me sick) but I had this "male" stuff shoved on me for so long and by everyone around me that I started identifying as a lesbian. I hated having this anatomy, and wanted nothing to do with it. Thus I became an unwilling, self-loathing trap for most of teenage years, and it lost me more than one potential girlfriend.

Eventually, I lightened up on my anti-penis stance and identified as bisexual, then pansexual as my understanding further developed (properly asexual, but the fine line of "attraction" seemed too confusing to explain to others). Later I would discover that it's perfectly acceptable to be androgynous or gender-neutral, and I felt a huge burden lifted, as I was uncomfortable with being female (male was even worse), but I still hated my own body, and longed to change it one day. Finally, to close the story, I eventually came out to my best friend, and she was very supportive, revealing that she was an avid futanari fangirl. With her help, I started to realise that penises could be good after all, and I've proudly identified as true to myself ever since. Cocks and cute, girly styles make an amazing combination after all!

Since traps represent a pretty big part of my life from a personal standpoint, and I more or less am one (depending on viewpoints of gender identity), so they hold a special, sort of nurturing feeling in my heart. I feel happy seeing traps who happy with who they are, and I want to help those that feel weird about it.
....besides just the normal perverted sense of lust that often accompanies trap pictures because they're just so darn cute.

>> No.68825   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well done OP, I hope you're happy with yourself, repeating the same attempts of self-justification from both sides that's been raging since the advent of traps.

If you truly like something, there should be no "logical reason" for you liking it. The fact you still try to justify your stance shows you're more confused and unsure than anyone deep down.

I've came to to terms with me liking traps a long time ago, and I'm thoroughly happy with it thank you.

If everybody in the world doesn't give a damn, wouldn't that make the world a better place?

>> No.68827   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1363561273441.jpg -(132.7 KiB, 800x697) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Holy crap, this thread's been around for over 3 years. I wonder if OP is even still around. Might've gotten run over by a cliff or something.

>> No.68830   [Delete]   [Edit]

Cliffs can run people over? :p

>> No.68834   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1363590349119.jpg -(126.7 KiB, 724x1020) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Yeah. OP got ran over...by a cliff...off a skyscraper.

>> No.68859   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1363673622000.jpg -(524.7 KiB, 827x1223) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

o.O ???

(Pic = Just found it today on Pixiv and thought it was the cutest damn thing Ive ever seen! And its a TRAP! I just had to share the cuteness!)

Last edited 13/03/19(Tue)02:13.

>> No.68902   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1363829416371.jpg -(168.0 KiB, 400x544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I started reading this thread, and I was about to lay down a god damned novel for all of you about how sexual orientation works, and how that relates to gender expression.

Then I realized this was a hella old thread and my TL;DR megapost would make me feel kind of silly.

I could totally write essays and cite scholarly sources on this shit, though.

>> No.69131   [Delete]   [Edit]

Please do. I'd like to read it!

>> No.70304   [Delete]   [Edit]

My point is drawings shouldn't dictate gender in the first place. It should be based off real life.

>> No.87960   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1461897253077.jpg -(392.5 KiB, 960x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ima simple man. I used to think of myself as macho but then went into traps cuz I like futas and that`s as close as you can get to it. Simple. Pragmatic.

>> No.87968   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm mainly fapping to this stuff for the sub/dom content and the fact that I can feely switch between identifying with either the aggressor or the pretty, pretty princess boy who's being coveted.

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