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you're welcome

thanks to rawrs for actually finding it, i just helped a little

follow the readme. if someone could reupload this to megaupload, etc as mirrors, that would be appreciated, as megaupload seems to be giving me issues atm, as well as this would not be a RS premium...10 downloads and that's all.



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Jiub dropped his trousers preparing for the initial pinch. His lover, Ricardo the Mudcrab, raised his barbed mudcrab cock from it's slimy carapace. It's multipronged head thrust into Jiubs tender shit filled fartcave. "Oh you filthy n'wah!" Jiub screamed, biting into a sweet roll he had been rubbing against his rock hard green nipples. "Fill me with your spongey chitin!" Ricardo the mud crab thrust in deeper, pinching Jiub's intestines with his hard dagger like penis. Ricardo then retracted sharply, tearing Jiub's colon out of his anal cavity. "You nasty little thing!" Jiub screamed. In anger he projectile shat all of his blood and feces and spinal fluid and finger nail clippings out of his anus and onto Ricardo's face. Ricardo was killed with the impact and Jiub was granted 1 level increase in unarmored, 1 mudcrab chitin, and 4 gold.It was the best sex he ever had.

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hey can someone make the mod from picture File: 1290959236304.jpg for elder scrolls skyrim

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Remember when Jiub wakes you up and says "Even last night's storm couldn't wake you."? "Last night's storm" is what he calls his dick. He raped you at night.

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All the files are unavailable, since megaupload was taken down. All the other links seem to be dead too. Can anybody who has the files please, please upload them for me? especially the naked boy bodies. I would be eternally grateful to you.

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Can you tell us please how to do that? How to edit esm, esp files to make them nv compatible?

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is there any shemale body with flat chest, not shojo or child body just normal skinny flat chested body with dick

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January is almost over and they still haven't released the mod tools for skyrim? I wanna be a cute trap dragonborn damn it

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there are some tutorials on youtube how to port fo3 mods to fo nv.

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for example this one:

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porting angel trap mod from fo3 to nv seems to be more difficult than i thought. Because it is not a single item, like a weapon or piece of armor more things has to be altered.
Someone posted here earlier that he could make a basic port successfully to fo nv. I would be grateful if someone with higher skills could give me some hints on how to port this mod to fo nv. If i could succeed i would share it.

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by the way... there is a lolita mod for new vegas called Angelica. you can download it at loda.jp/falloutnv/. i wonder how to turn angelica into a cute trap. i didnt try angelica out yet though... but i will give it a try.

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there is another thing that worth a try. attach the penis part of Angel's syotabody.nif to Angelica's body. to do that i need a nif editor and blender.

anyway no one else is interested in this topic anymore? no one else wants a cute trap for fallout nv?:)

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I sometimes chuckle to myself when I imagine what a soulless, not-trap-loving person would be thinking as they read a thread like this.

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I think people who don't like traps don't commonly read such a topic. Or if they do it means that they love traps just don't dare to admit it. :P

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Oh i forgot this:
I can not install nif scripts for blender. It says it cannot find blender's scripts directory. I have uninstalled blender and re-install it but it didn't help. So i cannot attach angel's penis to Angelica's body. But i really wanna try it.

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a kingdom for a working angel mod link. My fallout 3 isn't quite trappy enough

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Anyone got a link for this? Anyone know what mods are needed if a link can't be provided.
Please Help. >:)

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Megaupload is dead, Loda is dying and I need links!
anyone have new links to all the loli/shota mods with giudes/

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None of the external links seem to work anymore. I've seen the odd Angel V2 link and I KNOW it exists. Can someone post a link for the V2 mod to either mediafire or in as many parts as is needed in Desuchan? All I seem to find through google are dead links or scams...

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Any update on how to get nude loli mods for New Vegas Yet?

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File: 1330751842009.png -(1.5 MiB, 1143x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Can someone tell me why, no matter what I do, the clothing is fucked beyond belief? Not to mention, I can't change into "angel race" that the thing came with.

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looks like you over wrote the cloths textures with zombie skin textures

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Thank you, that helped me loads. I know exactly what the problem is now. |:

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Please, re-upload file, the link is dead!
Пожалуйста, перезалейте файл, ссылка мертва!

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Hello to everyone, I keep trying to get this to work, I only did it once along time ago, no matter how many times I try to get it working it fails, sure I can play as Angel but the hair is still glitched along with a few other things, I doubt anyone will make a step by step guide or upload their folder(s) making it easier for everyone to get this working.

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any trap skyrim mods yet? I've found a few loli ones but sometimes I want my character to have something extra, ya know?

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If there are loli mods for Skyrim, allowing me to bare and/or marry some of them, I'm interested. Any links? :)

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loverslab has a few different ones. I prefer this one http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=4367

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These are meant for the player character and/or an additional raice if I follow well. Can some texture sets be used on the actuak game kids?

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File: 1333528928073.jpg -(719.2 KiB, 1152x864) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Fallout 3 - The Best

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Please Reupload Angel mod!

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помогите!! не получилось у меня. может кто нибудь объяснить, для чайника?!
Help! did not work for me. explain to the kettle!?
Может кому пригодится если выше ссылки умрут
Мод fallout3_angel (пароль 12345)
Другие моды что тут есть "живые когда качались от сюда" (пароль 12345)

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Что именно у тебя не получилось?

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ну я покопался и вроде все правельно с делал, но теперь не могу найти этого ангела, что бы точно знать получилось или нет? где его искать? там написано что он на каком то ( Ангел находится в самом конце вечнозеленые заводы базаре, в запертой клетке) че за завод такой? на карте я его не нашел... а так может и все правильно с делал, ток надо теперь найти его что бы убедиться. подскажи где его конкретно искать если знаешь?

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переводил переводчиком от гугла

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чтоп пoчтинг ин русский, фаггoц

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File: 1333742526059.gif -(260.3 KiB, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Место где держат и трахают Ангела называется Еvergreen Мills, большая котловина с железнодорожным путём, там на территории в клетке у рейдеров сидит супермутант-бегемот, пройдёшь через завод в пещеры до конца, на верх там обычные комнаты, в камере сидит Ангел, диалог очень важен, ты должен выбрать фразу, что ты его новый хозяин (slave master) имей ввиду он одет, в инвентаре забери его одежду и дай хорошее оружие, он кстати отличный напарник.

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File: 1333743227104.jpg -(513.4 KiB, 1152x864) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Вот Ангел после освобождения, идём назад к выходу, и благодарю за ссылки.

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спасибо за нормальное пояснение где его искать. нашел его) теперь доволен))

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а как те извращения делать))) что описаны выше?))

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does anyone have a link to V2 of angel mod? I've been checking filestube, youtube, nexus mods. Getting nothing...

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Hope you're still around to see this :)

You should find everything here:


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You can move the angel of the new mod on fallout Vegas?
Можно перенести ангел мод на фаллоут вегас?

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bumping in hopes that someone still has the AngelRaces mod for New Vegas.

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Now that's an archive; kudos to you, fellow internet pervert.

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File: 1357767109937.jpg -(33.6 KiB, 694x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Holy shit, that's wonderful. Thank you good sir or madam.

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So, I ported the Angel mod to FONV, but I'm pretty inexperienced.
Don't have any of the special hairs or anything, just what was in the archive, I couldn't figure out how to add other hairs, like from the shojo pack, and similarly don't know how to drop clothes in the world.
Edit and Note: The Broken race crashes the game on clicking, dunno what was up with it, I didn't want to delete it, just in case.
Furhter Edit: I'm dumb, I forgot. Password is muffiny

Last edited 13/01/26(Sat)02:54.

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There was actually a good NV port of Angel and Angelraces. It was on mediafire for like a month and then it disappeared. Maybe someone over at honorhall has a copy.

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Locking this thread because spambots and general lack of activity...if someone wants to continue the topic with some sort of contribution, feel free to make a new thread. I'll let this one hang around (at least for now) since I'm sure there's some useful resources in it.

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