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File: 1263531874010.jpg -(266.7 KiB, 1030x986) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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List of English Trap Doujinshi

Since there were so many requests specifically for translated traps stories, I've compiled a list of them for convenience.
I've excluded western comics, and non-H manga/doujinshi. Also, if you want information on the specific doujin listed, you'll have to look through the thread it was posted in; it would take up too much space and time to try and fit a brief description to every doujin here.

Feel free to let me know if any links no longer work, or if I've made any mistakes. I'll try to update this often, but I may miss a doujin or two; chew me out if I do. ;)


Anal Angel - Kamirenjaku Sanpei
Chapters 1-5:
Chapters 6-6.5:

Avatar Transform! - Katou Jun
Chapters 1-3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:

Bait and Attack - Suemitsu Dicca

Baka to Josou to Shoukanjuu - Petite Cerisier
Mediafire link:

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu dj: Actors - Sugashi

Be Honest - Royal Koyanagi
Mediafire link:

Because You're So Cute - HeMeLoPa

Bloody God Child - Luciferhood

Boku no Kareshi
Chapters 1-5:
Chapters 6-10:

Bokutachi Shotappuru

Boy Meets Angel - Tachibana Momoya
Mediafire link:

Boy Meets Rape - Cannabis

Boy Soprano - Wanyan Aguda
Rapidshare link:

The Boy With Intense Smelling Slippers - Kishisato Satoshi

British Fairy - Kirshi Engine

Cat Boys - Orimoto Mimana

Charging Mama-tank (Idolmaster) - Nekomata Naomi

Chapter 2:

Colorful - Abgrund
Chapter 2:

Confidence - Milda7

Crimson Coil of Fascination - Hiiragi Masaki

Cross Dress - Chaos Graphixxx

Cu-little XX
Rapidshare link:

[Digital Lover] D.L. Action 52 - Yuka Nakajima

Disguised Confession - Tanimura Marika

Eien - Abgrund
All 3 parts found here in the entire Abgrund scanlation collection:
Link to a blog containing a spin-off:

Emerald Cage

EXP.01 - MDO

False Girlfriend - Inochi Wazuka

Fuck/ero - Cannabis


Gitei Otoshi - Cannabis

Happy Order Maid

Hideyoshi Kouishitsu

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

Hypo Catalogue - EGOISM

I Can Do It All By Myself!
Chapter 2 + Comic:

I Need Your Love - jaMiko
Posted page by page:
>>45716 to >>45731

If I Lived With A Brother Like This... - Cannabis

Indecent Doll

The [email protected] Deculture Stars 2

I'm a Trap - Juan Gotoh

Sendspace link:

Junk Siblings - Mikami Hokuto

K.O. Round 5 - Gonta Kahoru

Karupisu Gokko - Mizukami Ranmaru
Mediafire link:

Kazu Mania - Ash Wing Makuro

Kazuma-kun's Gangbang Book - Syumatsusyorijou

Keiko and Manabu

Kiddie Hospital - Kasukabe Akira

Koushoku 4

Laura is My Wife
Mediafire link:

Laura's Anal Sex Training - Kirshi Engine

Little Brother Cafe - Narusawa Sora
Rapidshare link:

The Lust Labyrinth of the Faun

Maniac Job System - EGOISM

Mariya-sama is watching (Maria Holic) - Scotch

Mega Mixa - Gravitation EX

Mist of Tears

Moho Love

Moyabon - Heppoko Koubo


My Boyfriend - Masaki Makita
Posted page by page:
>>5787 to >>5794

My Little Brother - Masaki Makita
Posted page by page:
>>5767 to >>5786

Narcissus Cinderella

Next Door's Pants - Euda Yuu
Rapidshare link:

Nipple Boy Fragments - Kikaider Reijhiro

Nippon Syounen Princess - Niku Ringo

Nurse Ga Oshigoto
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

Oh Imoto, Girl-Boy

Oh My Maid - Itsuki Kaname

Oh!tintinIdol Ryo's squirt show

The Old Enough Adults Are White! And Black! - Yurikawa

Olimpos - Aki
Posted page by page:
>>7490 to >>7520

Oni no Yo de Ichiban Eroi Chishou

Order Maid (Baka to Test)

Otoko no - Ueda Yuu

Otoko to Ka, Onna to Ka - Eri Kougami
Mediafire link:

Otonyan - various
Yamada's Mediafire folder:

Personal Interpretation - EGOISM

POISON-XXX - Musashi-dou

Project Len-kun
Link to a blog it can be found at:

Promiscuity Classroom - Po-Ju
Posted page by page:
>>11993 to >>12003

Rinjin (neighbor) - Gura Nyuutou

Rinkan FUCK - Cannabis

The Rose Garden - Mitama Kei

RuttaRutta RyonRyon! RuppyaRuppya Kyu~n!
Mediafire link:

Ryouchan to Shiyou Yo! - Honey Bunny

Shouneen Fetish - Kishisato Satoshi
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Shounen Shikou
Josou World:

Son becoming a wife - Po-Ju

Sniper Excellence - Manzou

Space Cumboy - Saigado

Steam Trap

Steel Mayonnaise - Higuchi Isami

Stupid Hideyoshi and the HMK Conspiracy - Shibusawa Hayato

Subarashi Sekai [THE [email protected]] - Bronco Hitoritabi

Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice (Horou Musuko)

Summer Girls - Nekogen

Tatoeba Bokuga (Moyashimon) - Ura Uretan

Tieria ga Hallelujah no Hi

Together with Oni-chan
Rapidshare and Megaupload link:
(Pages posted afterward are a joke.)

Transition After School - Tachibana Momoya

Ura Mahou Sensei Jamma 8 - Sou Mikagami

Usagi no Risu - Ash Wing Makuro

Wonderful World - Bronco Hotoritabi

Yadokari FUCK!! - Cannabis

Younger Brother-In-Law - Cannabis

Yui - Abgrund

Last edited 10/01/15(Fri)00:04.

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Recent Updates:

Just finished updating the entire list. Nearly everything changed.

Last edited 10/01/15(Fri)00:35.

>> No.24226   [Delete]   [Edit]

And /r/ing Index unlock so I can add this.

>> No.24260   [Delete]   [Edit]

Actually, I suggest you just become a mod so you can do that at will.

>> No.24261   [Delete]   [Edit]

What? No :O
I'm good the way I am.
I do feel it might be a burden on moderators to unlock that thing every time I want to update though. Perhaps it would be easier to just leave it open and clean the useless posts every now and then?

>> No.24268   [Delete]   [Edit]

What's it take to become a mod anyway? Just ask on /ot/ like loliBM?

>> No.24271   [Delete]   [Edit]

what h-manga/doujinshi is that from?
the cute fem-shota trap with the talking penis

>> No.24273   [Delete]   [Edit]

That pic was part of a joke rewrite sonikku did.
The actual translation was uploaded at >>20390

>> No.24274   [Delete]   [Edit]

try IRC instead, bug weedy or DMS

>> No.24275   [Delete]   [Edit]


>try IRC

Ah, nevermind then. Unless I find a way around the company censorware, that is.

>> No.26312   [Delete]   [Edit]

Bumping to remind Hojo of the updated list.

>> No.26356   [Delete]   [Edit]

I never forgot ;P

>> No.26411   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1266521583462.jpg -(901.8 KiB, 1115x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

lol i didn't think anyone actually saved that.

>> No.26439   [Delete]   [Edit]

EDG, do you think it's time to get a home computer yet? : )

>> No.26442   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm pretty much living from-hand-to-mouth... Don't have the dough for anything that's not a life necessity, really.

>> No.26966   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1267212920165.jpg -(40.4 KiB, 401x412) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

BMUP'ing for proposed corrections...

1) Ouroboros should have "- Po-Ju" added... I mean, come on, it's PO-JU!

2) Magic of Skirts should have chapter 2 noted
either by:
a) note that it is included in "Josou Destiny" at >>24592
b) directly to >>24740

my preference is option 'b', but either would be nice... specially since the existence of chapter 2 has been asked before.

>> No.27008   [Delete]   [Edit]

I've been pretty sick lately, so I haven't spent much time at the screen. I'll have to come back and scour the board once I can think straight again.

>> No.28574   [Delete]   [Edit]

I just jumped the watchman, right outside the fence.
Took his rings, four bucks in change, ain't that Heaven sent?
Hurts my ears to listen, Shannon, burns my eyes to see;
Cut down a man in cold blood, Shannon, might as well been me.

bamp 'cuz I updated the list. Found quite a few.

>> No.29895   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1271109825190.jpg -(18.1 KiB, 500x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.30664   [Delete]   [Edit]

Is there any way you could mention which doujins you added when you update the list?
It's kinda tedious to go through the whole list guessing what's new and old every time you update.
Kudos either way.

>> No.30670   [Delete]   [Edit]

That's a really good idea, actually... I'll work something out and start doing that now.

Edit: I'll keep the post under the list updated with recent additions.

Last edited 10/04/23(Fri)05:49.

>> No.30702   [Delete]   [Edit]

Speaking of Doujins, I'd have to update my thread of trap doujin findings.
I know Conan and desudesu released some doujins lately but I've been busy.

>> No.32214   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.32289   [Delete]   [Edit]

Thread this important deserves a bump.

>> No.32297   [Delete]   [Edit]

The weekly Visual Novel News thread on /jp/ has a good idea for indicating updates.

>have a > at the beginning of new updates like so.

The different color makes it easy to spot when you scan the OP for changes.

Edit: also Desudesu released yet another straight trap manga. http://desudesu0.com/?p=6778

Last edited 10/05/21(Fri)21:59.

>> No.32310   [Delete]   [Edit]


>The different color makes it easy to spot when you scan the OP for changes.

Ooh, another good idea. Implementing!

Edit: I can't access most blogs from my connection, so I can't really do anything about that. :( If anyone uploads it directly I'll be sure to add it, though.

Last edited 10/05/22(Sat)05:22.

>> No.42482   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.48395   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1305296699499.jpg -(419.7 KiB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Updating again... slowly.
Bear with me, gotta do it with my phone.

>> No.48408   [Delete]   [Edit]

I love you.

>> No.48409   [Delete]   [Edit]


Also, I noticed a lot of doujins linked in Hideyoshi's 3rd thread are dead. Some of mine too... If anybody wants to help out by pointing these out, it would be great. Even better, find the doujin and upload the .rar to /tr/ directly.
I'll do that myself eventually, but it'll take time.

>> No.65936   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1354128574899.jpg -(31.6 KiB, 212x309) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Alright, I am now unemployed and with a computer. Time to update. This will be a long process, but I'll keep my updates in the second post.

Just a quick note, over half of the links were dead, so we lost a lot of doujins. If you notice one of your favorites is not shown here, then it's either in a different thread I have yet to get to, or it is no longer available on /tr/.

>> No.65938   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sause? Moar?

>> No.66476   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1355871527741.jpg -(39.2 KiB, 255x243) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I finally finished updating the list. Lots has changed over the (far too long) period of my absence. In fact, nearly the entire list had to be redone.

Just an FYI folks, we can upload archives directly to the board, thanks to the generous and benevolent DMS. Links die and blogs disappear, but the stuff uploaded here is almost concrete.

That being said, I just spent considerable time sorting through tens of thousands of posts looking for translated doujins. I guarantee I missed a few, and made a few mistakes. If you spot anything out of sorts, please let me know so I can fix it ASAP.


>> No.66498   [Delete]   [Edit]

Hail to the king, baby.

>> No.87682   [Delete]   [Edit]

thank you

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