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Found this, anyone got more?

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<--- This is what some traps do when they're too poor to afford chocolate for the guy they like.

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Yummy. I'd take my favorite trap's delicious cream filling any day over chocolate. They might be poor on the outside but they're rich on the inside. ;)

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File: 1329335054772.png -(1.1 MiB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh, this is old, but it's from the beginning of last year so it's likely there's people who haven't seen it. A Valentine's Day themed one-shot called Chocolate de Cousin, scanlated by WOW!scans back when they were around.


Pic related to thread but not to the one-shot.

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Too short, no sex, what a shame. Would have been amazing if it didn't end at the best part.

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A wannabe writefag belatedly appears!
Inspired by >>58347, this took about ten minutes.

It… It wasn’t that he didn’t like him, but unfortunately, with the painfully obvious lack of any valentine’s chocolate, it would seem that way to his crush, who'd be sorely put out and would surely think the worst because he couldn’t even scrounge up enough money to pay for chocolates from a general store.

Which is why he came up with an alternative. His crush wasn’t a big fan of white chocolate, but he absolutely loved milk chocolate. He had come up with a plan that made him proud, bringing a smile to his face after he tried and failed to pull the bright pink dildo from his then bewildered butthole (which was squeezing it to a new shape), panting after the lasts of his moans melted away in the cold air of the kitchen. His copious load he spilled into the little heart shaped tin can like a thick cream, spilling over to the edge and splattering on to the ground when his little cock started to drool whatever he had left in his pouch. It was a shame that some had spilled onto the floor, his stomach when his dick had bobbed during the first burst, and on his stockings too, and even some on his face, but it was okay. There was plenty enough to keep his crush pleased, hopefully, and as long as he kept his secret ingredient handy, the one he planned to dump into the mix with a bit of sugar and a whole lotta love after his balls were emptied out, there would be no worries.
But when he found out he ran out of chocolate mix his plan had fallen to pieces. His load sat in the heart and he pitifully sprinkled sugar into it, reforming his plan with the hopes that, even though his oblivious crush might not like milk he might like his sweet homemade cream.
“Uuuu…” He sobbed a little, ringing the last few drops from his shrinking dick, not noticing the drooling crush behind the kitchen arch, giggling maniacally to himself.

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File: 1329356255611.jpg -(680.9 KiB, 1000x1028) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If Dostoyevsky wrote Valentine-themed trap fiction...

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