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Can we have a thread where people post trap relevant stuff they made? Be it art, a game character, photoshop sig/banner, fanfiction, whatever. I know 3D traps aren't allowed but this is my pawn in Dragon's Dogma. His name is Poju and if anyone wants to use him my PSN is in the link.

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The game is pretty dark so it wasn't easy to get good lighting at the right angle.

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I'd share a fuckton, but all my fics and art are in the SheZow thread already.

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Ooh, this~ I made my main character trappy. He actually looks a little like Link, but with a few different details~ Hm, I think I seriously need to turn him into an assassin now, because shield, bow and swords... XD
Either way, I spent most of my gameplay looking at dat booty in tight pants I gave him. Quite the sigth... I can redo both my main pawn and main character when I finish the game, right?
Might switch roles a bit :D

Either way, why didn't you get the dress at the black cat? >:3

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I have a series revolving around transsexuality. So far I have 1 male crossdresser, 2 female crossdressers, 1 bigender boy, 2 ftms, and 4 mtfs. It's not in comic form though and neither have I formally written it out

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>Either way, why didn't you get the dress at the black cat? >:3

I don't think I knew about that back then. But I remade my trap, he's just a regular girl now. I wanted to be able to use the sexy female only clothes in the game. And yeah, you can remake your character and pawn as many times as you want in NG+. You just have to buy "Secret of Metamorphosis" from the Rift Shop in The Encampment for 10,000 RC. For 5,000 RC you can get regular "Metamorphosis" which you can use only once, and is not re-purchasable until your next playthrough.

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