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I came across this particular game watching videos from Youtube and found that there is i guess you can say a trap sorta in this particular fighting game.
Now i don't know Chinese so i don't know the title of this Game, but i just would like to share my findings and see what you all think

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Maybe you should try linking to the fucking YouTube video.

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The game is called 炫斗之王(King of the Shine Fighters), A KOF-like online FTG.

Some description about this character from the official site( xd.qq.com ):
Chinese Name: 蛇吻(Kiss from a Snake)
English/International Name: Sheva(This sounds like its Chinese name)
Sex: X (That means this one might be a trap...)
Nationality: Eastern Europe(No country specified)
Birthday: Unknown
Job: Make-up artist
Hobbies: seducing handsome guys, collecting perfumes
Dislikes: People who don't understand others' feelings

He battles using purfumes in the game.

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