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I'm trying to read the manga/watch the live action of a series called "Dolly ♪ Kanon". It's about a girl who dresses up her boyfriend so that he can make his debut as a female idol! I can't seem to find even raws. Appearantly it's published in "Ciao" magazine, and it's big enough to get a live action series and a 3ds game, and yet, I hadm't heard of it until yesterday!

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Doesn't look like anybody's scanlating it. Maybe Hachimitsu Scans would consider picking it up. Try running it by them.

Pic unrelated.

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That series is currently licensed to Shogakukan. There would be a risk scanlating them and the current situation is its raw sharing have been constantly removed by DMCA.

It was published on Ciao magazine. It's a shoujo manga. Might not be suitable to our landlord's taste.

The picture here is the translated licensed copy have been published in Traditional Chinese for selling in Taiwan. If you can read Chinese, you can pick one at YesAsia.

FYI, there is also a 3DS game and a live action of this. The game is similar to The Idolmaster but have a somehow different gameplay.

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My "taste" has nothing to do with this thread. Just because a /tr/ooper is into something that I'm not doesn't mean I won't try to lend a hand if I can.

Also, Ai no Shintairiku was also a trap shoujo manga and it was amazing. So yeah, that's a thing.

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