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Hina dying in HD! welcome to S3 /Nano/

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Told you it was going to happen.

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It's kinda confusing though. If it's a reboot, why would they show something that happnes at the end of manga series? And if it isn't, where the scene from the beginning (one where Jun and Nori open Shinku's case) would be in that PV too? Although I'm pretty sure it rather will be a reboot, I have a bad feeling that they could try to do something "between" reboot an continuation of Traumend, and that would be, well... bad.
What do you think about it? Sorry for not keeping it unyuu-related.

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Maybe they will just rush things that were already animated in S1 and S2, so they can follow the manga and animate tales.

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/ro/ here

it's a recap.
calm down.

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