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While it's a cool box set, the game itself is only good for fanwank. Not that I was expecting anything more from it.

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hello have you a pics of touhou in gender bender?

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Go ask /touhou/, /v/ is for non-specific games.

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original character do not steal

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Rage thread, shitty OC thread, or Deviantart quality thread? I'm not exactly sure which way to go.

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Herp derp thread most liely.

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I'm fine with all of the above, would make for a fascinating thread

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help me /v/. i decided to replay FO3 some days ago, trying to get another build. but unfortunately i ran into the same problem like last time. While doing the mission "Blood Ties", you have to search for that boy at either of the three locations provided by that gramp, but... i can't find anyone at neither of said locations. i only find those crackhouse-ghouls at seneca station, the hideout is full of scorpions and 2 or 3 raiders and the open air cinema is completely empty. am i experiencing a common bug? that would suck because i know that after some time those Arefu-retards declare war for a failed quest.

furthermore looking for "optimized interiors"-mod. it's currently unavailable on nexus.

pic unrelated.

Last edited 10/01/21(Thu)00:55.

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I think its the underground station with the ghouls just use your local map to find your way through. Shit sux man but you'll eventually find the kid in some room

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ditch that, i found out. nice job distracting the player bethesda. "wtf do those ghouls here? [...] a manhole? probably just their storage or some something..."

still looking for the optimized interiors mod though

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Yeah if you talk to those ghouls they give you a hint that the gang actually passes through there regularly.

There's also another way in through meresti trainyard near the batshit violin lady.

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Armored Core 5is (hopefully) gonna be out this year. Only change they stated so far is the mechs are down from 10 meters to about 5.

Any haters or fans of the series have opinions on building big robots? Customizing is fuuuuuuuuuuuuun

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My AC:FA mech goes at around about 3600mph without overboost according to the ingame speed measure, so long as they make it possible for me to go even faster i'm happy.

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It is OK http://www.taleworlds.com/index.html

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Would you please show me on a historical map where these empires actually existed?

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Think he meant that its actually designed to play like a historical war (Humans, Horseback fighting, die in a few hits etc..) rather than a fantasy (Elves, magic, orcs, furries, potion spamming and such..)

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tl;dr realism, not WoW-faggotry.
i'll test it out.

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I can't siege worth a shit, with only 41 guys max and my preferring fighting method being with horsemen, it's too hard to take on castles. Even with only like 35 guys, my weekly costs are in excess of 1k denars, I pretty much HAVE to pillage towns to cover my expenses. However, my 35 guys can rip apart larger groups on plains. Thank god for level 6 surgery :V

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>I pretty much HAVE to pillage towns to cover my expenses.

Wow, that is realistic... I'm gonna have to look into this more.

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Uh this post will remain for a few days and be filled with great justice!Unless it is deleted.

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I'm usually above this sort of thing, so I'll make it short.
I need some good San Andreas mods, to pass the time away trapped inside whatever boring pit I've put myself into.
Preferably, the more Moe~ the better.

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have fun

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Obviously you didn't read the post like three posts above yours.

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opz, should've linked to the skinpackage of one of the users there.

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Thanks for the links, now if only San Andreas wasn't an absolute fucking nightmare to mod.

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It depends on what you're modding. It's easy as shit to replace the models of the other characters permanently, both in cutscenes and normal gameplay, and vehicles are easy to change too, as is weapons. Changing CJ's model, for some reason, is a real bitch. You can use scripts to change models in normal gameplay, which is a real blessing, really, but changing his model in cutscenes is a real bitch.

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another rip-off from famous korea: Avalon (Heroes)
looks, plays and almost feels like Warcraft3. only difference is that it's more based on training your "hero(es)" and making a strategy with your teammates rather than creating millions of soldiers and then ZERGRUSHTIME! i'd say it's 80-20 based to your hero and it's items, the rest is some simple coordinating (lol, say that again when playing with 3 noobs on your side)

btw, just like WC3, there are two modi:
Battle, the normal player versus player
Adventure, remember that mode where players only controlled one hero, fighting through the dungeon? exactly.

also there's some kind of story mode, but that sucks balls, as it's "good prince vs bad prince, who gets the throne?" faggotry.

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Here's your chance to show how stingy you are.

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bought for 7.5 dollars

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Well, either way it's a pretty fun game, double so if you play with a tablet.

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i love this game

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