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ITT we discuss what games would look like if they were infected by GfWL.
ideas of achievements and their gamerscore.

to start off:
The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
"Tentacle Rape" - Kill 500 Oktoroks
"Dry Bones" - Kill 200 Stalfos
"Nasty Fingers" - Get thrown out by the Dungeon Master 10 times
"Kakariko Fried Cuckoo" - hit a cuckoo until they zerg on you
"Bring that sexy back!" - transform 10 cacti with the magic powder
"What in Subrosia...?" - Glitch the game and complete it in under 3 minutes

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I'm gonna go with the obvious on this one...

Super Mario Brothers
"Boots of Steel" - Stomp 500 Goombas
"Turtle Power" - Kill 20 Koopas with the shell of another Koopa
"Warp 10 Activate" - Using warp zones, use the fastest possible way to get to the final boss
"Stars and Stripes" - During a single power star use, kill at least 10 enemies before the effect runs out
"Man Burning Plant" - Kill at least 100 enemies with a fire flower
"Golden Shower" - Collect 100000 lifetime gold coins

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