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So it's like this, its an MMO completely player ran, set in a dystopia sci-fi future. It's incredibly fun and addicting. I don't know how to explain it with out going into an incredibly long

So I'll try to make this brief. Fuck that didn't work.

You got 8 "factions" each with the intentions of dominating the entire universe as they see fit. The 8 factions are broken up into 3 categories. Corporations, Law enforcement, and clans. I'll run them over real quick

Law Enforcement Department(LED) - Police, they patrol earth, arrest criminals, guard the jail, and generally act like dicks because they are pretty much above the law. Think of cops in real life, most are corrupt, dicks with power, and a few of them are good.

Freedom Defense Corps(FDC)- The army, they answer to the senate, and go in when the LED can't handle a problem. They too, generally seem to act like dicks as due to their size, they are incredibly powerful.

The two factions above are classified as The Global Dominion. The GD act as the only form of government and are run by the senate. The senate is a group of people, elected by players, to pass bills and create laws. Not too many like the senate, just as not many people like most government.

Then you got the corporations, all they want to do is make money by either dominating the markets, or by controlling colonies for the raw materials available on them.

The corporations are,

Eurocore(EC)- They act like any other corporation from most sci-fi films, they are big, they are rich, they have a strong army, and they always have eyes on world domination. They plan to get rich by using force and do a good job at it. They're pretty nice guys, and are ran by a bunch of stoners. They are also really strict on how there members should act, if you are joining the game to just shoot people in a large city, this isn't the right faction.

Vortex Inc.(VI)- They act like a mega-corp, they focus on dominating the markets rather then fighting people. There main goal is to control the markets and get rich, they don't do much fighting as the other factions and can get boring at some times. They are alright people and are slow to anger, most of them are made up of Europeans so american time players might feel a bit lonely.

Colonization and Mining Guild (CMG)- Miners, they like to mine a lot, and are willing to fight so they have the better locations to mine at. It should be noted, this faction is currently over-run by a bunch of idiots that have no clue what they are doing, and are really close to being destroyed by the entire universe. Definitely not the best choice ATM. Usually they are a pretty okay faction, low in numbers how ever.

Then you have the clans, the clans act a lot less serious then the GD/Corps, but aren't as strong as them and lack proper structure. The clans are,

Brotherhood of Shadows(BoS)- The BoS are all about having fun, and getting rich from selling drugs((yes you can sell drugs in this game)). The BoS like to stick together in separate gangs, called "Families". They hold parties, fight the capitalist oppressors, and sometimes act like criminals. They are generally either strict left-wing extremists or criminal mobster type people. It's a real fun faction and it has a sense of community as they agree to protect each other at every turn, but it's hard to advance and make decent money.

Guardians of Mankind(Gom)- They are space hippies, there main goal is to "protect the future of mankind at all costs", they don't do a good job at it, and like to stay on there home planet of Aurelia, protecting it from harm. They don't do much, but they do make good money, and when they do goto war to save the rest of the game from destroying each other, its great fun. Can get boring, but it's fun doing peaceful protests some times.

Mercenaries of The Blood(MotB)- They are mercs, guns for hire, and they are also major anarchists. You join this faction if you think you can fight well enough to make money from it. Mercs split up into cells, and corporations hire cells to fight with them. It's really hard to make money as a merc unless you are in a good cell or get good contracts. It is how ever, very free-form and incredibly fun.

Give the game a try, its free (with restrictions), and you can pay for it if you really like it.

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it's basically a ROLEPLAY game, no hostiles to grind but a shitton of "mining" (lol automatic), the only battles you fight are either at fraction wars (rare), some jerk going on a killing spree (happens quite some time) and the ever coming back question "what the fuck am i doing here?"

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I like the sound of the clans, speially Bos and Motb

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