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So Valkyria Chronicles 2 just came out on PSP about a week ago. Anyone else playing? Anyone else surprised at how it's not as horrible as everyone said it was going to be, just because it's on the PSP? :p

I've enjoyed the hell out of all the new character classes and vehicle options. I've not enjoyed the fewer amount of units you can have on the field at once, nor the lack of Japanese voices (call me a weeaboo if you want, but it's nice to have both options so everyone's happy, even if the second set of voices has to be free DLC or something). Admittedly, the English dub isn't that bad (Zeri's and Marion's voices are top tier IMO), but I played VC1 with Japanese voices, so playing this one with English ones kinda threw me off.

Pic related to one of my favorite new characters, Anisette (or Licorice if you prefer). Sorry to break it to the Edy fans, but I think Anisette is a better tsundere Shocktrooper than her sister (even without twintails), because Anisette doesn't piss herself whenever the enemy starts shooting back.

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>Picking Anisette


Also, I like Lotte for character reasons, so I'm going to build her up into a Scout Elite. Something about those glasses, pigtails, and freckles makes me want to hug her. Probably build up Mischlitt too, so I can get a fencer.

What class did you make your Avan switch to? I felt his damage and dodge was being wasted as a scout, so I made him into a shocktrooper.

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Wow, I have them in my main group too XD. Right now my Lotte's a Heavy Scout to add a bit of versatility, but I haven't had a chance to class change Mischlitt yet (my first Tech I used a lot was Alexis, and later Zombie-chan a.k.a. Isara Gunther). I'm thinking I want to make Mischlitt into a Tech Elite so I can troll enemies with mines in the Mines map and other maps with tight choke points or ladders.

As for Avan...it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with him. Started as Scout (duh), later turned him into a Sniper, then an Engineer Veteran, then a Shocktrooper Veteran, then a Gunner, then a Gunner Elite. He seems to be doing well as a Gunner Elite; since 5 is the cap for units in any one area (whereas the total unit cap is 6), I figured I may as well have one of my officers as a dedicated guard to keep both the base camp and that Command Point safe (not to mention my source of Orders, which although nerfed, still are better to have available than not). Although Heavy Gunners are tough and powerful, Gunner Elites get both a bigger magazine than regular Gunners as well as better accuracy, which means more successful intercepts on the whole.

Anisette's having fun as a Shocktrooper Elite right now, but ultimately isn't as good at that job as Zeri (pic related), since Zeri has a LOT of good to borderline unfair (to the enemy) potentials. Mind you, what do you expect from the smug, insufferable genius megane-type guy? I just had to make him my next commander once I got that option. Marion was my third.

Oh, and Marion should totally hook up with Salinas from VC1. Marion's gun fetish and Salinas' tank fetish would be perfect for each other.

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I've never played the first VC game beyond the demo, but I like this so far. And yeah I would have liked an undub version too...

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If you're a dirty pirate like me (I will actually buy this game once I find a new job though, I promise), there is an undub version you can use. I've not personally tested it though, but I will be shortly.


Pic related to a VC character who is an example of Japanese VA > English VA.

Edit: Tested the undub and it works great. Compatible with the regular version's saves too. Hell, even the file size is slightly smaller than the dub version for some reason.

Last edited 10/09/10(Fri)07:01.

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Oh yes, I am a dirty pirate and thank you.

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File: 1290741543714.jpg -(219.5 KiB, 400x680) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just picked this game up and HOOOOOLLLLY FUCK this is awesome

Also you forgot to mention spike spiegel as helmut kiruka

Sadly i have neither played the first game nor am i very far into this one, but so far its amazing, wondering when i can start making snipers though.

I always deploy Helmut, along with Zeri and Melissa. I also like to deploy Noel when i need some anti tank support, and Sofia when i need supplies, i will kick out this hate of men from her yet! For the most part I use scouts scouts and more scouts, and almost never use shields, or whatever you call thier class. My tank is named Epona and my squad is The Tanith.
Eventually here im oging to make Nichol a sniper, not sure if want Helmut to be a sniper, I like using him to run foreward and kick ass

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Helmut's massive HP (for a Scout) and his unlockable Soldier's Pride potential make him a better Scout than a Sniper. If you're looking for a second sniper in addition to Nichol, I recommend Melissa.

As for when you can make Snipers....most of the credits you'll need you can already get, but you'll need Certificates for tier 2 classes. You can get those in the story mission for February, as well as most missions in March onward. The only notable exceptions are classmate missions, and some of the DLC missions.

Anyone with questions about this game, ask me. I've A-ranked every mission (including the DLC ones) and have gotten 20+ medals (the only ones left involve a lot of farming, and that particular aspect of the game can fuck right off).

Oh, and after going through and beating everything, I've found my favorite Avan setup to be Scout Elite + Diversion (from the Mobile Lancer class) as a 4th potential. Most people on GameFAQs tend to use Fencer Elite + Double Action, but I find that simply too much of a one-trick pony for someone like Avan who should always be on the field and be as versatile as possible. I'll give you all a bit of a comparison between the two set-ups.

As a Scout Elite with Diversion, Avan can do these things well:

  • Take out most infantry with one volley of headshots (only notable exceptions are Fencers/Maulers). The long range allows you to stay out of Shocktrooper and Engineer counter range, making your only real rivals other Scouts.
  • Act as the eyes, spotting hidden units who would LOVE you to disregard them so they can fuck you up on their turn.
  • Defend camps; Scouts are damn near impossible to flank and have a high Evade stat, so unless the enemy starts mortaring the camp, Avan won't have to worry about much.
  • Take out small turrets or APCs (including Supply APCs, which you'll learn to, without fail, hunt down first) with a good enough rifle (the Gallian-D series or the Hervor g21 from the DLC).
  • Move incredibly far, which is useful on those "find supplies" missions or for capturing camps. Desert maps especially will need all the AP you can get. It's also great for flanking enemies in order to almost always attack from behind, dealing more damage and preventing them from dodging.
  • Use grenades, which may not sound all that special at first, but one really doesn't appreciate grenades until one needs one but doesn't have one.
  • Gun down derp enemies on their turn with interception or counters, typically Engineers or other Scouts.
  • Waltz past ANY NUMBER of enemies when Diversion activates. All of a sudden, those gatling bunkers or Heavy Gunners that would turn a Scout into swiss cheese are taking a coffee break, and you're free to run around, spot enemies, grab an unoccupied camp, get an instant surprise attack on any enemy which they CANNOT DODGE (still, head shots from behind only, please; Lanseal has standards), and essentially just make a mockery of their forces. Since Diversion will activate at the beginning of an action if it's going to activate at all, you can plan that action based on whether or not it does.

The same setup will FUBAR these things:

  • Taking out enemy V2 troops. You can disregard this if Avan has that Hervor g21 rifle.
  • Taking out anything mechanical that's sturdier than a small turret or APC (in other words, tanks and bunkers are a no-no).
  • Taking out units that are crouching or crawling (other than units that typically go down with one grenade, like Snipers or Engineers).
  • Absorbing damage. If he's in a friendly camp, crouching, he's fine; if he's out and about kicking ass, keep an eye out for things that use Scouts as chew toys (Commandos and Mortarers are good examples, as well as Fencers that are too close for comfort).

As a Fencer Elite with Double Action, Avan can do these things well:

  • Take out enemy infantry, almost always in one hit. This includes enemy V2 units. Accuracy is not an issue, nor do you have to aim at the head.
  • Occasionally get two kills (or more, depending on if the enemy is clustered together) if Double Action activates. However, it will only activate if youve already attacked or healed, so you will generally not know until most (if not all) of your AP is gone, so half the time you won't even have a target, or be able to reach one.
  • Move far, ONLY if Double Movement activates (almost as far as the Scout Elite). It will only activate once you're completely out of AP, so if you made a beeline for a distant enemy and needed that Double Movement but it decides to not activate, well....tough shit.
  • Occupy friendly camps to prevent capture. Note that I say "occupy", not "defend". A crouching Fencer Elite can take a LOT of punishment from any bullet-firing weapon, even sniper rifles.
  • Sponge damage. The shield and massive HP makes it easy to run past trigger-happy enemies, assuming that your AP doesn't get cut by suppression.

The same setup will FUBAR these things:

  • Mobility, if Double Movement decides to not activate.
  • Defending camps. Yes, he has massive defense, but he cannot intercept or counter any of the enemies, which is problematic especially in later missions where the AI almost exclusively uses human wave tactics to take your camps. Oh, and later, these human waves will typically be made of Commandos, Commandos, and COMMANDOS. Their favorite weapons are flamethrowers, flamethrowers, and FLAMETHROWERS. 3 hits with a flamethrower is enough to take out ANY crouching unit in 3 hits unless they dodge, which is a lot less likely to happen as a Fencer Elite than most any other class, other than perhaps Lancers/Mortarers.
  • Taking out anything mechanical.
  • Needing to attack anything more than a meter or two away. See that Sniper in the distance on that rooftop? He's safe. You're not.
  • Taking out dodge-happy enemies, most notably Engineers and Scouts. This setup lacks Diversion and Avan doesn't learn Feint, so you're relying on luck to one-shot your targets. Gonna try to sneak up behind them for a surprise attack? 1) You don't have the AP. 2) They're going to notice you breathing down their neck thanks to how close you have to get.
  • Doing much of ANYTHING in the desert. During Heat conditions, unless you have Sprinkler Unit support, your foot soldiers' AP is somewhere in the range of a quarter to a third of its usual amount.
  • Spotting. Hidden enemies will remain hidden, and due to the LEEROY JENKINS nature of the Tech classes (gotta make that AP count), enemies will often be able to attack Avan from behind, preventing a dodge AND making that huge-ass shield he lugs around useless.

So yeah...the Scout Elite setup is a solid-all rounder that may not wow you, but it reliably gets shit done and makes use of ALL of Avan's personal potentials (the Fencer Elite gets no benefit from the Charisma potential since swords don't use the Accuracy stat). The Fencer Elite setup relies on potentials activating at the right times. Really, if you insist on using a Fencer Elite with Double Movement that can act twice in one turn, use "Zeri" (the unlockable one). He has a built in potential, Enthusiasm, that lets him take a second action, and can instead use that 4th potential slot for Feint, which can fuck over a lot of enemies.

Pic related to an awesome Fencer/Mauler candidate. Easily the manliest character in the game.

Last edited 10/11/26(Fri)01:22.

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This might be a cheap tactic but get a few Gunners: they've got great interception (Enough to take down enemy fencers), when you make them attack they do a horizontal spray with their gun which has similarities to the flamethrowers from the first game. Oh and did I mention they unload the full 30 rounds in a straight line if they're giving support fire?

The anthem core is rather amusing to make use of to say the least.

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I was just considering making Mellissa a sniper, but i think i made her a veteran scout since i didnt have the items for sniper. And yes i knew Helmut would be no fun as a sniper, so i made him a veteran scout.

Also i tend not to use avan in general tbh, he feels so OP'd its almost not a challange. However i switched his class to fencer, so he is slowed the fuck down and naturally a sword slash probably should be a 1 hit kill to most things, so this has been fixed. I also use zeri quite frequently, along with noel for anything i need a lancer for. Ill probably make Vario my mortarer. I really want to switch Cossette back from a damned anthem corp.

also, THERES DLC?!!?!?!?!?
godamnit i cant update to get into the psp store or i lose my firmware enabler.

Last edited 10/12/04(Sat)10:19.

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