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vote for majoras mask, because holy fuck, how can final fantasy x even come close?

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Voting for FFX, just for you. <3

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there are 128 games listed and 14 or so are a mario, zelda or some other game focused around one or both of those characters... thats a little one sided for game of the decade. Yeah theres a few sequels like DMC and MGS but nintendo just reuses everything...

Thats close to 10% of the games listed where nintendo just scramble the characters objectives and made new games about each piddly quest... am i the only one who realizes this?

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It's GameFAQs, most people who frequent that site are Final Fantasy/Zelda fanboys anyway. I don't blame them, I love the Zelda franchise, but they really just overglorify these series in these competitions because there are so many fans of them on there.

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Should make this clear just in case,
i dont frequent gamefaq, i was just linked this

Also regardless of whether or not nintendo rehases a lot (which i personally love, i dont mind playing the same game over and over and over), ffx was just a shitty game.
I could tell from the first minute of the game, then i stopped playing and watched a review.

Last edited 10/12/23(Thu)12:09.

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i do frequent gamefaqs, but im not one of "those" They simply have valid release dates and good FAQS, go figure...

"first minute of the game, then i stopped"... thats a shitty attitude. i liked it, but hell its not game of the decade... Ill admit, ive given Zelda a legit try and never found my grove; which frequently happens with ANYTHING Nintendo rehashes.

If you enjoy playing the same game for twenty-or-so years to this date and beyond, all power to you, but ill never be content with any Nintendo game at this rate

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File: 1293249439360.jpg -(37.5 KiB, 591x342) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

yes i know playing only a minute of the game sounds like a pretty bad way of judging it, but its apparent from the very start that the main character is a whiny twerp and that the plot is going to be shit, It also felt more like a movie than a game from what I played.

The actuall gameplay was decent as ive been told, but the story and characters are so bad i cant continue.

And I never stop playing within the first few minutes unless its reaaaaally bad

Also this thread isnt arguing for zelda rehases, its arguing for majoras mask, which honostly was further from being a rehash than any other zelda game aside from zelda 2 and the cd-i games (and we all know how good the cd-i games are), and thats just because same graphics

Last edited 10/12/24(Fri)23:01.

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File: 1293252735499.gif -(21.7 KiB, 650x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well, yeah Tidus was a bitch, but the rest of the party was fairly interesting... Anyways yes this thread has gone astray.

Though if i had to pick a game of the decade... i'd have to go with one they left out...

Earth Defense Force 2017!! If you think otherwise, you've never played it!

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Sadly ive never played it, but if its been picked as game of the decade its probably worth a look

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