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Who here plays this fun, casual game? I can't be the only one.

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if it weren't for the fucked up community i may had enjoyed it.

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Yeah what the hell are you talking about?

The game is: Carry your fucking retarded teammates who are feeding by picking a good hero and not being fucking awful.


Well, I suppose this is kinda true, but I mean rank 30 to start doing rated is really weak shit. 30 levels of dealing with complete idiots is pretty rough.

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I think any game in the moba genre is going to have a bunch of raging and tryharding that makes it difficult to just enjoy it (what video games are for). HoN is even worse than LoL. I haven't played bloodlines or such.

On my noob account, I've been matched up with good people who usually aren't complete idiots since I did so well the first several levels. At one point I was level 16 or 17, and I got matched up with level 30s. I didn't complain (even if there's a slight disadvantage with runes/masteries there).

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