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This game... holy hell this game was amazing.
Best game I've played in a long time, and one of the few that I feel a real emotional attachment to the characters with, and that had a real plot and made me question.
By the end my head was spinning with the implied questions on whether or not everything is real.

Also I cried, poor Otacon (no he doesn't die)

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are we pretending to be on 2001 again?

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judging by your reaction for this one, i can only guesstimate how badly your head explodes when you finish 3 and 4.

Trust me, the questions only get worse. Konami and Square share the the same problem: the more sequels, the less the plot makes overall sense.

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in 2001?
And i got to the ps2 late, was a nintendo fanboy for most of when it was out, and only got one recently

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>crying while playing a videogame

nice1 B^j

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