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Yesterday I happened to stop by goodwill, and found myself a copy of Goldeneye for 99 cents!
As if that day wasn't already awesome enough because of this, I then get it in my car, and of course 'Secret Agent Man' is the first song to come on.

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cool story bro. I still find this game one of the best games from that area, even though after replaying it's magic has kind of "worn off" a little...

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Didn't they remake this with Daniel Craig as Bond?

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File: 1313976432921.jpg -(29.0 KiB, 300x247) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Call of Bond: Golden Warfare? Yeah, it got a remake on he Wii with Blondie McWannabebritish, plays like any modern FPS: aim with your M4A1's ACOG, throw grenades like confetti, hide behind walls to regenerate your health, one-hit-melee enemies who can't aim...

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