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So /v/, help me make a list of good easily portable and playable multiplayer games.
Im talking about games you can put on your flashdrive, throw onto a few computers, start up a lan game, regardless of internet connection, and have a lan party with friends

Specifically im looking for something like half life or counter strike with ai zombies, so even if its just a few people, it will still be a ton of fun

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unless you get the working pirated version of L4D(2), you're more or less out of luck.
i'm searching for games similar to the ones you're looking for and beside some short indie games with 2player coop slapped on i can't find anything...

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well I did find nazi zombies portable beta, its a source mod of quake i believe.
also I cant run l4d, stupid laptop. Im more looking at older games that are almost guarunteed to be able to run.
Also games ive got so far:
Command & conquer
Nazi Zombies portable beta
installer for zombie panic for half life

I have disks for:
civilization 3
star wars battlefront 2
dawn of war gold
half life

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as it turns out, serious sam was godlike tons of fun.
Me and three friends got it working, and played through the whole game in one night!
We played it so long we didnt get a chance to play anything else. I personally recommend this one to play with a group of friends.

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Polygon Love 2... no lan, but if you needed to... relieve your stress on another computer, you might as well do it with 500Mb of 3d hentai you keep with you on a flashdrive.

... you guys do carry porn with you or is it just me?

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7 people, playing First Encounter on hardest difficulty... damn was that a ragefest, but fucking fun :V

i have my nekkid pics on a 4gb flashdrive currently, but i don't carry it anywhere ('°~°)

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File: 1313804774726.jpg -(411.9 KiB, 800x533) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I prefer co-op multiplayer games.
Aliens vs Predator
Command & Conquer
Diablo 2
D&D: Shadows over Mystara (emu with the network patch on)

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