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So, I was thinking of writing a script/scenario for a sort of "meta-VN".

The basic plot is this:

The protagonist is an avid VN player. (Not hikokomori/NEET levels, though. I'll try to keep the "everyman" image that every good VN protagonist has.) There are two heroines: One, a real life girl, who's personality I'll figure out whenever I get around to it, and a girl in one of the VNs he plays.

Just for clarification, yes, one of the heroines of this VN is actually a heroine of a VN in the VN.

The basic question I want to ask with this VN is "Is love restricted to merely the 3rd dimensions?"

Mind you, this is a very basic rough draft of my idea, and is obviously up for a LOT of changes.

But, with that basic idea in mind, would you guys play it if I ever managed to actually write it and then produce it?

Picture not really related.

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I'm sure it would be really interesting. The real girl's stance on 2D-chan is something I'd love to see explored. The inevitable "choose between them" scene would have me in tears.

Also, be sure to have plenty of references to Pygmalion.

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So, I just thought of some more ideas, and I'm basically putting them down here for archival purposes.

I was thinking that, at some point, the VN girl should become somewhat aware that she is in a VN, and that the protagonist exists in a world beyond her.

Sort of like, say there's a timeskip scene. Right after the scene is over, the VN heroine will make a comment like "What happened? It seems like you were really out of it for the past few hours."

Make it so that the protag has played the VN several times, and knows this line isn't supposed to be there.

It's basically like, the heroine sort of "notices" the time skip and the absence of the protag from the narration.

Maybe even make it so there's a sex scene with the VN heroine where in the middle she freaks out because she realizes that the person she loves isn't really there, holding her, and that instead it's some cold avatar representing him instead.

Am I making any sense?

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Some more ideas, mainly about the protagonist.

I think I want to make him a sort of misanthropic otaku character. It'll be a high school setting, just because why not.

Basically, he looks at people as annoying and complicated and full of drama and issues, and therefore prefers to only have the minimum amount of contact necessary with them. He much prefers the presence of "fake" people, the people in the 2D worlds of anime, games, VNs, etc.

He's a nice guy, who's not afraid to help people out if they need it, he just doesn't like the drama that comes with interpersonal relationships.

One girl at his school realizes his innately generous and nice personality, and tries to get close to him. IRL Heroine. The otaku protag is reluctant at first, but constant pestering by the IRL Heroine eventually gets her close to him. Let's make her a genki girl, I suppose.

The IRL Heroine should teach the protag that, yeah people are dramatic and annoying and complicated, but that's no reason to never have ties with anybody.

Anyways, I think somewhere along the line she should accidentally find out about the protag's VN Heroine, and the way he feels about her. I think the protag should freak out, worried that the IRL Heroine might make fun of him, tell other people, etc. etc. However, I think that the IRL Heroine should make some sort of speech praising the protag for providing a girl, albeit a 2D one, with true, real love, when few others would be willing to do so.

I think the "choose between them" should be something like "The Rollercoaster Ride of Real Life" vs "The Pure Joy of the 2D World". I want to figure out some way to make both options appealing to the player.

I want a speech somewhere along the way comparing the electrical impulses in the brain that make up emotions comparing the electrical impulses in the computer making the character on the screen 'simulate' emotions.

Two more things:

  1. I'm thinking of two "positive" ends for the VN Heroine

1a. Good End: Protag somehow (Through some crazy sci-fi 'POWAA OF LUUUUOOOVE' means) enters the world of the VN Heroine, and lives with her there.

1b. Best End: Once again, somehow with crazy sci-fi means, the heroine is born into the real world, and lives with the protag there.

So, what'd'ya guys think?

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Some more musings.

Perhaps what should happen with the VN Heroine if you decide to go on the IRL Heroine's route is something like this:

You give the PC in the VN a copy of your soul, or it's own soul, or something like that, so that the VN Heroine can be happy in her world with a person who has a soul like her. (Let's say that she gains a soul through the protag's love of her, or something. I dunno.)

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I am thoroughly confused.

>> No.371   [Delete]   [Edit]


What are you confused about, so that I can try to clarify it?

>> No.372   [Delete]   [Edit]

Very, very watch this, in case you haven't.

For explaining your 2D-chan's "soul". Maybe the programmer designed a simple sort of AI for the game's heroines, and one of the girls in protagonist-san's copy becomes self aware for some crazy reason.

Really cliche, I know. I'm sorry, any other comments I make would turn your game into a really crazy sci-fi story. Like transferring the protagonist's brain to a hard drive so he could be with his beloved.

I think it's best to keep things as realistic as possible. "And then he jumped into the computer screen and into the VN" kind of kills the audience's ability to relate lol.

>> No.373   [Delete]   [Edit]


Already have. =P Basically what inspired me to make this.

Thanks for the input, though.

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File: 1417369996579.jpg -(223.4 KiB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The series "The World God Only Knows" has the main character Keima Katsuragi, who starts out the story obsessed with romance games, and who is not good at interacting with real people. The story can be episodic, but it also shows his slow growth as a person. That said, what will make the protagonist of this visual novel different from Keima?

Two lesser known examples... 1) Nina from the untranslated console game "Real Rode" has a real life love interest, but quite a bit of the story is about her adventures in a fictional video game. 2) Nozomi from the currently-untranslated freeware VN "Watashi no Real wa Juujitsu Shisugiteiru" is a fangirl who spends a lot of time with romance games. However, she's stuck in the real world. ... You can read details about both of these on Hinano's Game Babbles.

I'm interested in your story, Jack. Consider the following:

  1. Write two lists. Stuff to Potentially Include in My Story, and also Stuff to Avoid. Think about themes, setting, character traits, and so on.
  1. Give yourself a deadline. For instance, if you choose to start writing tomorrow, then commit to finish writing a month later, on January 1 2015. This probably means that you won't be able to justify writing a lengthy story, lots of endings, or lots of choices. But you might have a better chance at getting it finished.
  1. Figure out when you can make time to write. Commit to following a schedule.

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