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Anyone else looking forward to this release?

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Actually... SOUNDS GREAT!

Still, I don't have a PSP -_-

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Otaku games are one of the main reasons why I like owning a PSP. I'm getting this.

Last edited 11/09/10(Sat)13:49.

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Downloaded this a few days ago, totally worth it. My god. I'm reccing this to people who wouldn't normally touch it as "proof that a game doesn't need flashy 3D graphics to be pants-destroying".

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it's annoying the crap out of me due to the lack of text skip function wich would be so obvious. especially how easily you can die and how lengthy the scenes are.
I always get caught by boy ghost

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Second chapter? Yeeeah, that was pissing me off for a bit too. I did find this walk-through which helped a lot.


Just working on getting Wrong End 8 to get that final ExChapter I'm missing. All in all though, I enjoyed it. Kinda want to go back and play parts again.

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thanks for the walkthrough. I might eventually try again sometime.

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