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Hello Desuchan.
We are developing an english Rozen Maiden VN entitled "Alice Shoujo". It will be a romantic VN made with what we can assume will be Ren'Py. This is the discussion and announcement thread. Sit back and watch the show unfold.

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I noticed all these threads on 4chan but didn't really read them. How did you come up with this game and what's with it all of a sudden? It will be your average erogame just with the dolls, or something more original?
tl;dr: would you mind describing your project briefly?

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It would kind of be a feelsy VN (Katawa Shoujo comes to mind) Yes there will be Sex, but not to make it an Eroge.

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Get the fuck out of here.

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whats your problem

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Okay LaPlace when do we meet on desuchan's irc? I don't have much time during a week sicne I began my studies and I think I will only have time during weekend to do a little chat about your awesome game.

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just jump to Desuchan's irc anytime past like 3pm est and whisper me and you can sit in on a meeting

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Do want

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the dolls don't have genitalia is the problem

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I suggest you pay closer attention to the chapters where older Jun is putting their bodies together. You might notice something.

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so when will be released?

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Bump for update? Or at least a place where I can find updates?

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Actually, according tho peach-pit, they do...

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Yeah, I'm gonna need some sauce on that.

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Bumping here as well, since the project underwent some kind of a revival after it was abandoned, we assemble our devteam once again. More information here: http://desuchan.net/ro/res/10580.html

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