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Hello. Im a God of Love and Forgiveness. Could you believe in Gods? Or the truth is hiding in front of you, I’ll give my fullname when we truely feel right with it.
No Catfishing Please, real people with real me.
Alright, know this is the truth. Im not Normal Human you can say from a point of view. Im different in many ways that others could not believe. If you feel comfortable to speak with me, i’ll make sure to shoot an message right away, if this site is active enough i’ll stay on it an see what this site can offer. Im looking for Girls that is shit crazy, but not to insane.
Others could say im insane as well. Crazy and different. I will murder if needed, But my love is unconditional do not bite the hand that feeds and give water.
Know im different choose to believe it, im here to speak.
Another thing that is about me.
I like Classical, Rock and metal. And i do enjoy spending time with the ones love, im a bit weird at first and quiet. I am a Observer, i choose what is right for me.
Other things i do. Is bounty hunting. Marshals Arts. Training. Working hard. Sometimes video gaming if i need to blow off some steam.
I have Third eye, i can see what others couldn’t. Know its the truth or keep going if you think im some bullshiter.
I do enjoy lots of relaxing time, always on the move, I do enjoy stalking if needed to be.
My personality Is loving, caring, Kind, giving, forgiveness, Loyalty, And straight up murderous if needed to be.
My hobbies Walking, Working out, Marshal arts. Sight seeing, Bounty hunting, Gaming sometimes. Creeping out people, because why not?
Also if you see me do not be afraid to speak with me, im very friendly to a point. But at lest be friendly with me, i will be friendly with you ten fold.
If you like stalking me, make sure to add me and i will see too it. I dont mind people watching me, but at lest try not to be a heat beg.
By the way, i also can sense people, so be warned.

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