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File: 1236876799359.png -(342.9 KiB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Touhou Project 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom.
Uploading upon a friends request.
I had to upload to Megaupload because I kept getting a 500 error here.
N00B INTRO: Touhou is the series of curtain fire (danmaku) games by a single Japanese drunk. Widely known for its exquisite patterns/colors and stellar music, enjoy one of the finest of the series from me to you.

Instructions: Arrow Keys for Movement, Esc for pause, "Z" to fire, "X" to bomb (Bro-note: use only when absolutely necessary,) Hold Shift down for focused movement (slower movement, more damaging shots.)

Note: Once unpacked, look for the icon of a blonde girl with a little "E" in the corner. The text next to it should be "th07e". This is the English version, and it should work on startup.

And finally, the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OASGOZXD

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File: 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom.rar -(387.8 MiB, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And for those of you who wish to download from here, here it is.

Last edited 09/05/31(Sun)04:41.

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File: GlovePIE029.zip -(1.6 MiB, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thanks for this Sythou.
LuMi (in the IRC chat) pointed me to a program that will allow you to remap the keyboard, too.
FPS players like me are used to using WSAD to move around, and this app will allow that.
It's called 'GlovePIE', and the website for the app is:
http://carl.kenner.googlepages.com/ (click the link to GlovePIE near the top)
I think I will get addicted to Touhou ...

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File: 078b56d7a7f9632062ece1db8165854f.jpg -(513.8 KiB, 1280x959) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Touhou 8 is superior.

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Imperishable Night is easier. I wouldn't say its all that much different from PCB in any way.

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I must ask, >>1531
Do you know where I can get more Touhou games?

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Consult the oracle ...

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