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I am having trouble with subtitles not being included when I make a dvd. DVDFlick is quite simple, I like it, but as far as subtitles, it simply asks you for the subtitle file.
I've read about hard and soft subs, but I dont know whether they are or not.
For example right now I want to put spice And Wolf on DVD and subs dont get burnt.
Is there something very basic im overlooking, or is this a common problem for some who are just now putting their anime on disc. Perhaps you could recommend another app, or a solution that will still allow me to use DVDFlick.
Thanks for all help.

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Best bet is to only burn AVIs and MP4s

Those are hardsubbed, and should work fine.

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All MKVs are usually softsubbed, so there is a way to extract the subtitle file from the video. I use MKVtoolnix. Extract it and there you have a file when your DVD software asks for it.

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Demux the MKV. Then load them on AviSynth with VSFilter to burn the softsubs onto the video.

Save it as AVI on whatever encoder in VirtualDubMOD then burn using your favorite burning program, or try to load the .avs onto DVDFlick.

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