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Greetings, fellow dollfags. Here's how to extract the graphics and sound stuff from "Rozen Maiden Wechseln Sie Welt ab" visual novel.

0) Download and install Python 2.7 - you'll need it for some magic to happen.

1) Get yourself a game (how you do that is not really my concern, you're better off just buying it, but what do I know). You need game's files to be extracted on your PC, of course.

2) From game files' main directory, go to PS3_GAME/USRDIR/DATA folder. Here you'll find Graph.dat file. Save python script extract_graph.py from there: https://tinyurl.com/desubokudawa (you may also just copy Graph.dat file to some new empty folder, as the script will extract all stuff in the same directory, so it'll get a bit messy).

3) Run python script, it may take a while. Make sure it prints "Done extracting!" at the end - if it doesn't, come here and complain to me.

4) Now you've got a bunch of files with .gtf extension. These are some kind of texture packages or something like that. To get images, you need to convert those files to DDS format. There is a tool just for that, and it's called gtf2dds (but it seems it's Windows only). Personally I've got it from there: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/sfxt_mods/endian-tools-vfx-eff-packer-and-unpacker-and-gtf-t-t883.html (Google suggests other versions are available from other sources).

5) After converting GTF files to DDS files, you're basically done. A few popular graphic apps support this format (but some need a plugin). If you want the images in more mainstream form (like PNG files), there are also some tools for that (DDS Converter for example, but it's kinda shitty).

6) To get sound files, repeat steps 2-3 but using extract_sound.py script from https://tinyurl.com/desubokudawa and either Sound.dat or Voice.dat data files (available in same direction as Graph.dat file). This time you need to specify data file name when launching script (type "python extract_sound.py Sound.dat" or "python extract_sound.py Voice.dat" in command line, making sure you're in the same directory as data and script files, first). Again, this is best done in separate directory (with just data and script files in it), since lots of new files are going to be extracted there.

7) Extracted sound files are in MSF format, which isn't really that widely supported, so be careful while opening it - some media players will just refuse to play it, while others would play very loud garbage noises! As for me, the only player that plays them right is MPC, so if you don't have any media player that would just work with those files, you're better off trying to convert extracted sounds to some more "civilised" format first.

8) ???


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File: 1592623153388.png -(153.5 KiB, 384x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And bam, used irfanview and the image format extension to batch convert everything to png, kept the png's and dds's, the dds's work in paint.net, seems like some other programs have a hard time reading them. That should let us rebuild the sprites with the faces.

Awesome work!

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File: 1592693483825.png -(231.9 KiB, 540x571) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm slowly working on piecing the sprites back together

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File: 1605124843634.jpg -(85.7 KiB, 798x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Two updates:
1) I created a script for extracting sound stuff from the game. It's available under the same link as first script for extracting graphics - just scroll a bit to see it, as there are two python files available there now. This script is able to extract sounds from Sound.dat and Voice.dat files. Upon running it, you must specify which file you want to extract (ie. in command line type "python extract_sound.py Sound.dat" for example). As in case of the first script, you should put python file in the same directory as the data file - best if it's some new separate directory, as extraction will happen in the same folder.

2) There was a bug in the first script, and because of it one texture file (namely "RM-20.gtf") was never extracted. It's fixed now, so if you want to get that last file, you should run updated version of the script.

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king shit

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