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Step right up, for Hamuleen is upon us!

After the clusterfuck last year, I have considered either not going for Hamuleen this year or not getting involved. However, thanks to the tenacious efforts of DMS, our supreme commander, getting an artist, we decided that the show shall go on this year.

So how are we gonna do it this time round?
Nominate your designs on the respective boards, and the most popular three designs will be voted by you in due course, with the winning design to be showcased during Hamuleen.

Nominations are now closed.

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Just to recap on the rules:

  • The artist has the right to veto on the designs.
  • No generic costumes. Nothing such as schoolgirl outfits, maid outfits and the like.
  • No Touhou. It's overused.

These were rules I enforced under Aphex's guidance, and a rule that shall be honoured under the name of he who started this.

For more info:

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The finalists have been decided, so vote now!

Kirakishou: >>>/bananas/>>1239
Souseiseki: >>>/boku/>>2903
Shinku: >>>/dawa/>>2268
Suiseiseki: >>>/desu/>>6312
Kanaria: >>>/kashira/>>1269
Barasuishou: >>>/otousama/>>774
Hinaichigo: >>>/unyuu/>>1160
Suigintou: >>>/yakult/>>4792

Voting has been extended till 10th September.

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Kinoshita Hideyoshi

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