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Hey /touhou/,

Am I a cool guy now?

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yeah sure whatever

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As long as you didn't pay full price for that Meiling

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At least the Sakuya is a passable fake, by the looks of it.

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If it's a fake, then it's a good one; has full 'Team Shanghai Alice' tag and everything...ah well, even if it is fake, I got her for thirty-five USD, so I won't be raging too badly...
While we're on the subject, what would signs of a fake be??

Last edited 11/11/03(Thu)21:57.

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Signs of a fake:

>very short
>skin has a fabric-like texture
>doesn't talk
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File: 1320420005354.jpg -(16.2 KiB, 396x303) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Intriguing. However, I would like to point out that they do talk; like sometimes at late at night, they tell me to kill my wife while she sleeps, or tell me to slaughter her in the bathtub...I dunno, seems rather out of character, but yeah...

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The Sakuya is a Nendoroid Plushie, so should come with a Good Smile Company Hologram (I assume; I prefer the Gift range and don't have any Nendoroid Plushie). Real one here: http://www.goodsmile.info/product/en/2857/Nendoroid+Plus+Plushie+Series+12+Sakuya+Izayoi.html

The Meiling is a Gift FumoFumo (Angeltype) range plushie. Gift don't ship holograms with their Touhou stuff, but it should come with a Gift tag. http://toylet.net/th03709013.html for a real one.

http://honya-ch.com/2008/12/23/fumofumo-touhou-plushies-get/ has an example of some Gift Touhou tags.

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File: 1320450539414.jpg -(202.7 KiB, 797x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just posting this to cause nightmares.

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>Implying Sader isn't woe and a hundred times better than boring ass Saber.

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