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Hey I just download touhou 7.5 on my computer, twice, and I have all the files and whatnot, but the stupid english translation patch won't work. Basically, I'll open up the patch, and at the startup wizard, I'll click next,and then when It asks for the place to install it, Every single file wont allow it. the next button refuses to highlight so basically I can't go on to the next step. I don't know if others have encountered the same problem or what, but if you know how to fix this, or can provide me to a link of a torrent or rar file with everything already patched and ready to go, I would be immensely greatful. thanks.

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sometimes you need to have the most up to date update patch for the game itself before you can english patch it. Also, when the directory for the patch comes up, are you choosing the file itself for the DL location or the program itself for the destination? It can be picky like that for some patches.

Edit: I also have a link for the torrent I DL'd my windows Touhou games. Almost all were prepatched if you want that link as well

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If all else fails, break the support disc.

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