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So, Reitaisai 9 is going ahead without a hitch! Is there anything you guys are really expecting?

Some of my favorite expectations:

Excelsior - Pizuya's Cell
彩 - Withered Leaf/RD-Sounds
Lightning Discharge - CROW'SCLAW
Star Dust - IRON ATTACK!
東方幻想界 -花映塚の音- - Kitsune's Workshop
東方志奏 11th Spell -Overflow- - ~xi-on~
Lunatic Dawn - Thousand Leaves
Touhou Quartet 6 (東方四重奏6) - TAMUSIC
Light Through the Night - Kissing the Mirror
宴 -UTAGE- - Oriens
特臭幻想狂 - O-Life.JP
星霜 - Sisimai Brothers

Metal and classical guy here, some excellent stuff awaits!

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