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Hopeless Masquerade Reimu is now cutest Reimu.

Last edited 12/12/31(Mon)10:31.

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and coolest Reimu.

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Meanwhile, Marisa is fucking purple, yo!

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The gameplay is pretty solid, but takes a lot of getting used to. I dislike the flight mechanic immensely.

What's that? Ichirin? She's ok I guess.

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Whenever I start it I get an error code (0xc000007b), I already got d3dx9_43.dll and XINPUT_3.dll.


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Are you running in Japanese locale?

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File: 1357079350481.jpg -(97.4 KiB, 879x823) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Is the manliest cloud in the game?

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Of course, since Ichirin exists to be his hitbox.

I'm kinda lost on this problem. 0xc000007b is a generic crash so it could be anything. Can you list your system specs?

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Have you tried reinstalling DirectX?

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I tried using the OP link but the installer doesn't work, it stays at the beginning of the progress bar, then after a while an error pops up and it closes.

I can play all the other Touhou games just fine.

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If the installer in the OP doesn't work, then try downloading it from Microsoft.

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Shit runs under Linux just fine. Sweet.

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Liking it so far, can't wait for the full game.

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A bit too floaty.

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