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So... I was wondering if there is any flash game or something in the likes with yukkuri, that is, or looks like a tamagotchi or another sandbox-like torture-enabling game in the likes? A bit in the flavor of Interactive Buddy, but with a lot more weapons, reproduction, death, and possibility of having multiple yukkuris in the window to observe them reacting (Arisukkuri raping systematically others, for an example)

And if it doesn't exist, IT MUST BE MADE.

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Yukkuri games do exist, and I know that some of them involve yukkuri torture. But I don't know these ones. The only Yu-game I played was one whom design was made by Makako. A fondator of the yukkuri fandom. You can bully yukkuri in it, but not actually torture them.
Also once you reach level 4 or 5 you can slice them in two. But as Makako is from the first yu-fandom, slicing them won't kill them and they heal right after.

link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jn0ahz2dzzm

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Was sitting around with a friend, messing around with his 360, when we decided to check out indie games. One of them (much to my shock) was a Touhou Yukkuri game called "ゆっくりの迷宮". Unfortunately, I found very little out about the game after buying it and even less after BUYING it, but I did track down a video or two.


It involves traversing a Windows maze screensaver-esque world while punching the shit out of floating yukkuri heads, all while leveling up your health, power, movement, and sight (map?) levels. Was going to make a new post asking WHAT THE SHIT, but remembered this and thought it might be at least SLIGHTLY relevant to your interests. Not to mention that, being an indie game, it only costs 80 points ^^

Still, if anyone happens to know what the flying fuck, I'd love to hear what you have to say :O

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Alright , I'd really love to play this , but all it does when I run it is making my screen flash in a seizure inducing way and crash my graphics driver.
Any suggestion on how to make it run properly?
Maybe the readme is of any help?
I don't want to bother switching to Japanese language and decipher it if there is nothing interest inside.

Also , there is a yukkuri game of sorts on Newgrounds
Seems to be a waste of time , though.

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File: 1306538414678.png -(269.1 KiB, 777x607) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Has that game been completed yet? When I tried it recently (different source), the only things that changed were:
1) Health
2) food
3) shit

It seems like a cool idea, but it also seems quite unfinished.

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There are more recent versions. The most recent ones have kos and different types(these are usually just sprite changes so it's not much different). From the types I've seen, there's Marisa, Reimu, Alice, Patchouli, and YuukaChen. The kos seem to only be Marisa and Reimu, though.
Also, most recently, you can take off the hats off all types(or so I've seen).
There are a couple versions that are translated, so you can see what the little things are saying.

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Would you happen to have a link to the source (either the .exe or the actual code)? My net diving has failed me....

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I only say images for it on a booru site but I'll do some looking and see what I can find.

EDIT: http://u1.getuploader.com/yga/
That's a list of all of them (or should be) but untranslated.

Last edited 11/05/28(Sat)00:51.

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File: 1306564835189.jpg -(1.9 MiB, 1976x1425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Awesome! You officially rock.

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Just throwing this bit of entertaining info out there, but this game is STRANGELY similiar to an Adult Swim game. But this game is WAY better. :D

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