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Dear /touhou/,
I literally spent my whole week trying to find everysong by some guy name[朝比奈]. So far I i think i have every songs expect the ones from the album called 東方緑恐竜2.

IF ANYONE HAS THIS CD PLEASE UPLOAD. I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR EVERYTHING TO FIND THIS ALBUM, its not on nico, not on youtube, not on any website, not on any torrent site, not even on Japanese eBay. Can you guys please help me, i am out of leads. If you guys see it on sale anywhere please leave a link here.
info : http://dhotaru.sakura.ne.jp/event4/

Last edited 10/05/06(Thu)23:24.

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Could this be it: http://www.mediafire.com/?nmzquknjyif

EDIT: Scratch that. No it isn't. I'll keep looking around though.

Last edited 10/05/06(Thu)18:27.

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Uh, it won't let me edit my post but the only information that I can find is here: http://www16.atwiki.jp/toho/pages/2426.html

Nowhere else can I find tracks/downloads/or any other information regarding the album.

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yeah i spent a whole week looking for this too, its like a freaking ghost album. This exists thou. but whenever i search for it I only find the first one.

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BLACKΩHOLE also have 朝比奈 in there.

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