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So I was browsing the XBOX Live Arcade this fine evening and came across this little 'gem'. If you have XBOX Live, you should definitely go download the demo for a quick laugh. It's in the Indie Games.
I.... am not even sure how to describe it. I do assure you, though. It IS Touhou related.

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Yukkuri game?

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Kind of... it's a labyrinth (which is in the title if you can read it), you walk around collecting your friend's gamer pictures or food from chests and beat up yukkuris for power ups.

I didn't get far cuz it was only the demo, but at the difficulty select you see three girls, one per difficulty. It's obvious that it's Sanae(Easy), Marisa(Normal), and Reimu(Hard) just with a different outfit on. You can see Reimu in the 'cover' art I posted before.

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File: 1274629217655.jpg -(71.7 KiB, 638x563) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

a touhou game?
On xbox LIVE!

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Haha this sounds hilarious. Do we have any pictures/videos/websites related to it?

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File: 1274631479726.jpg -(63.1 KiB, 600x337) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeah, I made a brief post about this awhile back which quickly sank into oblivion :|


This vid showcases some of the gameplay, and

This blog has a few pictures and linked videos worth checking out.

The premise of the game seems to be navigating a Windows Maze Screensaver-esque level, all while punching the living shit out of some Yukkuris. Each kill nets you a glowing orb to level up your skills (Strength == Red, Health == Green, Movement == Blue, and Minimap == Yellow)

In the maze, there's generally two or three treasure chests lying around. Some will have foodstuffs to restore your life, and others will show you a buddy of yours, their gamerscore, and proceed to give you extra time.

At the end of the round, you're given a ranking based off of how many enemies you killed, fuck if we figured out the second one (maybe chests picked up?), and % of the map explored. Depending on your rank, it'll reveal a certain percentage of a picture of your chosen character. Once that reaches 0%, you win! :D

By win, of course, it just shows some shitty CG pictures (non nude, all of 'em.) Of course, it then promptly tells you "GAME OVER!" I think that pissed me off more than anything. I WON, shouldn't it tell me that? D:

Regardless, it IS strangely fun, and it's only something like 80 points. If you happen to want a game to weird friends out, or that will make you shit your pants late at night (It gets SCARY at times, yukkuris jumping out at you when you're low on health), you should buy it. Or at least, yeah, try the demo ;D

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File: 1274642015394.jpg -(64.2 KiB, 600x337) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

These models look like they were stolen from 3D Custom Girl.

So does it call itself a Touhou fangame or is just ripping stuff off?

Last edited 10/05/23(Sun)22:16.

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TechArts3D allows their game engine to be used freely by other modders/developers.

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lol u must be a reimu-scrub y dont u go suck a bag of cocks becuz im busy fuking ur mom rl hxc gamers play as marisa


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It's a picture of Haruhi, numbnuts.

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Good job, bro. Way to read into it.

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