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ZUN needs to make Touhou into a series of arcade cabinets for distribution to people who still have arcade games for some reason. The only catch is that he must translate them himself. It's the only way to be sure.

The public must pay 50 cents a pop to rumble in EMBOLDEN SCARE-IT DOUBLE. Play as LAYMU, the SHRINE MIDDEN, or MALISA, ROGUE WARLOCK. Shoot the motherfucking shit out of SHEER NODE, DAS EIER STäRKSTE, followed by MEAT WITCH, CHINA, SACK OF YES, and the deadly Scare-it Double, LEMMY LA and FLAN DOLL.

Zun will code this while drinking Zun energy drink and flasks of pure alcohol. He will breathe in the pure alcohol fumes and feel his liver die a little more each day. Touhou is the slow suicide he has been longing for since his mother failed to strangle him with his own umbilical cord at birth.

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This is the best post I've read anywhere in a long time.

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