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To the tune of Jonathan Coulton's "The Presidents":

Rumia has ate her share of long pig
Cirno's really strong and made of ice
Meiling's stronger still but also useless
Patchy named her Koakuma Bryce

Sakuya cuts up to Evanesence
Remy won't drink blood unless it's blue
Flandre's not good enough for a basement
Michael Snyder seems to be a Jew

Letty is like Cirno but much better
Chen has five piercings that you can't see
Alice keeps dead children in her bedroom
The Prismrivers all perished at sea

Youmu K has soul but she's no soldier
Yuyuko died 'cause she ate superglue
Ran would die if she saw Chen's five piercings
Yukari's really old and smelly too

Wriggle has a penis and denies it
Mystia wears prescription sunglasses
Keine likes to teach the controversy
Reimu and Marisa cheat off their asses

Tewi ate a brain and lied about it
Reisen just shot herself in the thigh
Eirin can cut that off for a small fee
Kags and Mokou just won't fuckin' die

Aya Sheim's the shame of Gensokyo
Hatate ate a hat and she's just fine
Medicine wan't always named for irony
Yuka likes to make pie for her kine

Komachi processes all the dead dudes
Shiki just sends everyone to Hell
Suika doesn't count 'cause she's retarded
"Cirhossis of the liver" rings a bell

The Akis like their fall and like their liquor
Hina keeps a swear jar close at hand
Nitori's a turtle-like MacGuyver
Momiji and Sanae are in a band

Kanako just has a thing for crullers
Suwako's hat is the real Suwako
Iku Nag and Tenshi don't count either
Now where else does ZUN have left to go?

Bucket Girl and Spiderjohn are ugly
Bridgey and Drunky we've seen before
Psychic chicks like to eat out at Wendy's
But nuke crows are all that is left in store

Umbrellas and some clouds aren't worth a mention
Touhou is continuing to suck
At least we have the music and Yukkuri
... ... ...

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You forgot Captain Motherfucking Murasa Minamitsu

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