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File: 1281851279333.png -(63.7 KiB, 889x534) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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>> No.7251   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sheep >
Cupcake >
Sheep <
Momiji >
Sheep >

>> No.7283   [Delete]   [Edit]

I fucking hate that game!

>> No.7285   [Delete]   [Edit]

Wait, hold on. What's the relationship between the three? Does Momiji want to eat the cupcake, or Mokousheep, or both? Is it the other way around and Mokousheep can flambe the shit out of Momoji? Or is that cupcake secretly the most badass cupcake ever and can beat both of their sorry asses?

>> No.7286   [Delete]   [Edit]


Traditionally the wolf (Momiji) eats the Sheep, who in turn eats cabbage, the wolf does not eat the cabbage.

Being this is Walfas create.swf generated garbage there is no cabbage and it was instead substituted with a cupcake.

Incidentally this puzzle assumes wolves, sheep and cabbage all weigh the same and take up the same space.

>> No.7303   [Delete]   [Edit]

Feed cupcake to sheep and sheep to Momiji. Then take Momiji across.
...am I doin it rite?

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File: 1282542797676.png -(92.6 KiB, 917x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

OP here,heres a new one.
Nice try,but Youmu has only one paddle,as you can see. It'd be hard to halt a mokousheep to eat a cupcake while rowing or attempting to stop a Wolf VS Sheep fight while crossing the river. Try it yourself with a Sheep,Cabbage,Wolf,river,boat,and one paddle,bizzysnatch.

Last edited 10/08/23(Mon)11:24.

>> No.7356   [Delete]   [Edit]


Nothing stating Youmu couldn't move the wolf and the cabbage besides arbitrary nonsensical limitations.

As for your puzzle, since you can move two at a time just move one sado and one maso each trip. WOW SO HARD.

>> No.7357   [Delete]   [Edit]

Remember,one has to go on the boat at a time and you cant have too many sados on one side.

>> No.7358   [Delete]   [Edit]


The picture says TWO can fit and the puzzle you're ripping off from Professor Layton states that as well and is instead a turn limit puzzle. But whatever, I'll play your stupid walfas create.swf game with the assumption "one has to go on the boat at a time".

By the parameters given the only first move possible is to move 1 sado over.
2 sado 3 maso - 1 sado

Let us now consider all possible moves from this point, as moving the sado back now would be pointless there are only two. Moving over 1 sado:
1 sado 3 maso - 2 sado

Continuing this train of thought moving over the third sado will result in making moving the a maso over impossible without sending some sados back, and as such is a waste of turns. Therefore only a maso can be moved over.

2 maso 1 sado - 2 sado 1 maso

However 1 sado must be moved back immediately to keep balances in check.

2 maso 2 sado - 1 sado 1 maso

Which was the other potential option from earlier. You will note that all options available have been utilized to this point. Moving anything from the left to the right will result in a side becoming unbalanced. Moving anything from the right to the left will either result in an imbalance or revert to an earlier step.

Therefore the puzzle as defined is not completable.

Last edited 10/08/24(Tue)08:14.

>> No.7359   [Delete]   [Edit]
  1. Take two sados over. Bring one back.

3 masos & 2 sados - 1 sado

2. Take two sados over again. Bring one back again.
3 masos & 1 sado - 2 sados

3. Take two masos over. Take one sado and maso back.
2 masos & 2 sados - 1 sado & 1 maso

4. Take 2 masos over again. Take one sado back.
3 sados - 3 masos

5. Take two sados over, bring one back and take the last two.

That should be it.

>> No.7360   [Delete]   [Edit]

If I can take two at a time the masters would never outnumber the servants, since I can just take one of each every time - which will result in that there will always be the exact same amount of masters and servants on both side of the river.

>> No.7362   [Delete]   [Edit]

Your not driving the boat. They are.

>> No.7363   [Delete]   [Edit]

Insolvable huh?
'Cause this guy got it.
Besides,these puzzles are older than Professor layton. I dont own a DS dumbshit.

>> No.7364   [Delete]   [Edit]


Insolvable if you assume "one has to go on the boat at a time" like >>7357 said. That is to say if only one person can be moved on the boat at any time.

Last edited 10/08/24(Tue)22:44.

>> No.7367   [Delete]   [Edit]


He mentions that because you need either a sado, maso or both to bring the boat back and forth across the river. The people on the boat can be changed freely with the people on the side of the river they're on.

Wiki up the 'Missionaries and Cannibals problem', it's practically the same thing.

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