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Sup /touhou/.
How long did it take to pass your first Touhou game without continuing? And then how long did it take to pass extra stage of this game?
Just curious how long does it take to people for this.
Sort of newfag here, I started EoSD this year's September, unlocked extra stage today. Feels good man. Even though it seems it'll take very, very long time for me to learn how to defeat Flandre.

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Oh jeeze...Um started playing 2 summers ago I believe it was. My first clear with no continues was, I hate to say it, not until the following December in Imperishable Night.
I then cleared the extra stage I'd say a month or so after that.
In my early days I spend 90% of my touhou time bashing my skull into the monitor from failing at defeating Ran in Perfect Cherry Blossom extra (my download had extra unlocked).

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I 1cc'd IN first like most people, somewhere around a year and a half ago, my first extra clear was Ran, ironically her first spellcard is the one I hated the most.

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